4 reasons to avoid WP Twenty-Ten theme


WordPress theme Twenty-Ten looks good, it is simple and reliable, and this is why I decided to use it when I first started building my site Mountains for Everybody.  However, after some unpleasant experience with this theme, in this post I present a few reasons why you should not do the same mistake. You will realize it is best to avoid it, and take some other theme instead.

fig116 Mar. 01 22.19

Reasons to avoid Twenty-Ten theme

1. No Featured image.

Twenty-Ten theme does not react properly on “Featured image” option which many other themes allow. With this option you choose a featured image which will appear in your blog role (see the picture below). This possibility can be visually attractive and you can see it in this site if you go to Home page; you will see blog role with shortened posts and featured images. This all is missing in Twenty ten although in the description the theme it is said that it has this feature.

fig67 Feb. 16 20.47

2. Not mobile-friendly.

Twenty-Ten theme is not mobile-friendly. You can imagine how big disadvantage this is nowadays. A site which is not mobile-friendly is a dead site.  So to fix this, you will have to use some tools, like WPtouch Mobile Plugin. Now, in time you will realize that having many plugins is not good, they slow-down your site. Nevertheless, many of them are necessary and the number of plugins in your site will grow in time. So it is good to use a theme which does not require such an extra plugin.

To see this issue in more details, please see the picture below. It is obtained by using P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler). It describes how much run-time is used by various plugins. I had them 14 in that moment. You will notice that the mentioned WPtouch Mobile Plugin takes as much as the whole All-in-One SEO plugin pack (these two are in red).

I think this is a compelling evidence on why it us better to avoid Twenty Ten theme. There are many more themes within WordPress which will better serve the purpose.

Plugin Runtime

3. It looks bad on Facebook.

Here is yet another reason which is related to the number 1 above. You will want to share your posts on social media and the lack of the “Featured image” causes problems. I experienced this with my site Mountains for Everybody in the following way.

When I am in one post within the site, which I want to share, I press “share” button on my social media icon for Facebook, the post indeed appears on Facebook, but it is without featured image. In fact, by some strange reasons, it pics up a part of an affiliate banner which is on the sidebar in my site, and this banner then appears with every single post shared on Facebook.

See the picture below left to realize how inappropriate it looks. Of course it is much more attractive with a featured image. One example (for another post) is below-right. I did it manually from Facebook, and chose a photo with the post. I think the difference is obvious.

But this is not all. When other people share any post from my site, this post also appears on their Facebook pages with the same affiliate banner as you see above left. This is annoying, ugly, and it hurts my site.

4. There is problem with social media icons

I tried many and no one works properly with this theme.  Finally I am using Shareholic, but there are still issues unsolved, but I keep it to have at least something.

A quick search shows that other themes from the same group (Twenty Eleven, Twelve, etc.) suffer from at least some of the above mentioned shortcomings. My advice is to chose something better to avoid problems later.

Normally, changing a theme even for a fully-built site should not be problem. However, I tried with my site Mountains for Everybody and there are serious issues. The site contains hundreds of photos of various size and shape. So when I try a different theme this causes serious disturbances in many of the photos, and a really hard work is needed to put things in order again.

I hope you will find this test useful. You understand I am writing from my own bad experience. I still like Twenty-Ten theme because of its elegance. But it is not properly done.

Please leave your comments below. I shall be happy to read about your own experience with the theme Twenty Ten or with any  another from the same group.



  1. Hi Jovo

    This is extremely valuable information – thank you! No need to make all the mistakes ourselves, if we can learn from somebody else. I am not using social media, therefore I have never thought about how it would look there, but that is important – thank you for pointing that out.

    Hubby was extremely excited to see your plugin performance graph too. Can’t wait to test our plugins. Can we just search for “P3” in the WP Plugin repository?


    1. When I started I took that theme and nobody warned me it was already obsolete. But it looked clean and simple. I made mistake.

      As for the P3 plugin, I have been using it for years, but note it is not updated for a long time. Though it works as usual, and I keep it deactivated when not in use, so it cannot cause any harm even though it is not updated. That said, you know that a violin has not been “updated” since Stradivarius created its final shape a few centuries ago, the perfection is achieved so no need to change, it cannot be improved any more. Yes, it should be available in the WP the usual way.

  2. Hi
    You write a good post. I have search after a good theme for long time now. I have also Twenty Ten and have not find a theme I will have yet.

  3. Hi Frank, Webmaster will tell you if it is mobile friendly. Besides you can try it and see.

  4. Prince Smith says:

    Hello, Jovo. You have a very detailed site that take the time to explain what you have written. This is very important for the readers to understand what you’re promoting. I like the Graph that shows the different run times for Plugins. I have never seen this before, great information. Take care.

    1. Many thanks Prince for visiting my site and for the time to write the comment. It is great that you find the information on my site useful.

  5. Jovo, This article relates to me! Last week I was disappointed to learn it was not mobile friendly and even with WPTouch the mobile looks less than good. I went searching for a new theme and the process looks too scary. I do not have as many posts and pages as your Mountains site. I am thinking I should change theme before the site gets too big. Can you recommend a theme that looks similar to Twenty Ten with simple header and menu strip? I would appreciate your feedback.
    Thank you, SherryV Paperfacets.com

    1. Hi SherryV, great to read you comment. I would suggest you the theme which is in front of you, this one which I am using for this site, it is zeeDynamic. I love it.

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