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Sites usually have a page called ‘About me’, ‘About this site’, or something similar. You expect to see it here as well, so here are a few words. But it is not really about me, it is about you. Why would you like to hear about me in the first place? You do not know me, so why would you care?

What you want to see is: why you should read what I present here, how important it is for you, what do you get from it. So let me answer to this directly: you will read about  necessary and essential details for building a site and for starting an online business. And you will read it from somebody who passed all steps from the very beginning, without any previous experience and knowledge. This is a first-hand experience.

I do not pretend to be an expert in this field, in physics perhaps but not here. However, I shall present steps which I did, and you will realize that the information I provide here is what you need if you plan to build a website and to start an online business.

So here I am, already in the fourth paragraph, and I would try to present myself a bit. My name is Jovo. Not so long ago I decided to build my own site and to write about things I like. But I had no idea how to do this. I have read many stories about people who were cheated on the Internet, spent years trying something, without any result. I must say my case is different, so on this sense I am privileged.

When I started looking for a platform and a host for my site, the first and only place I tried was a success story. You may read about it within this site. And you may see the results both here and in my more developed site about mountains; this second one is the true reason for starting thinking about a site.

So I built my site following a course. It was a process of learning and building the site in the same time. I have passed every single step from the very beginning, no plugins which would make a website for me. I did it myself, but with a lot of help of other people that are using the same host for their sites.

I would like to say a bit more about this last sentence. You will find many platforms for making sites, and even courses and tutorials. But this will not be enough, you will need help of others who are struggling just like you, or are just a few steps ahead. They know what you need, and they will be able to explain it to you in a manner you are able to understand.

Such a help is essential, and you will not manage without it. So when you look for a host for you, try the one which encourages such an interaction between members and makes it possible, through questions-answers and/or chat window. This is what I had, and I know it is essential.

A few more details about me:

  • I am a theoretical physicist, with PhD in plasma physics theory and about 27 years of experience.
  • My passions are mountain climbing (you know this already) and classical music. I used to collect CDs, have them around 1000.
  • Favorite composers: Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Schubert, Brahms, in the given order. Though, I am a bit undecided about the order of the first two.
  • Married, a proud father of two daughters who are currently working at a university and doing their theses.
  • More about me you might read ‘between lines’ in my two sites.

Jovo, the founder of justmythinking.com




  1. Hi Jovo
    Thank you for an interesting read. It looks like we enjoy the same kind of music.
    Wishing you all of the very best!

  2. Prince Smith says:

    Hello, Jova. I enjoyed reading About this site page. Very good information about yourself and your credentials. Take care.

    1. Many thanks Prince, kind words indeed. Best luck to you.

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