Amazon Product Ads – way to sell to millions of shoppers


Amazon Product Ads is an advertising program which gives you opportunity to offer your products literally to millions of Amazon visitors and shoppers. Those of them who click your ads on Amazon, are directed to your website for a purchase.

There are no monthly fees. This is a pay-per-click advertising program established by the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. You only upload your product and set your budget, and you have nothing further to do.

Why you should use this opportunity

Several great reasons are listed here:

  • Amazon has a high click-through rate
  • Its conversion rate is in the range 10-20%
  • It has far above 40 millions customers every month
  • Amazon is second only to Google shopping.

Who should use Amazon Product Ads

Amazon Product Ads-vertical bannerThis is a program for online retailers who sell products in the following categories:

  • Toys
  • Baby
  • Sports
  • Computers
  • Office
  • Electronics
  • Health and Beauty
  • Home
  • Pet Supplies
  • Home Improvement
  • Musical Instruments.

What you need to provide to your shoppers

  • You will have an e-commerce site with a secure checkout. If you do not have one, you may build it in a few hours. See here how I did it. You will need a host for your site; no problem register here, this is where I built my sites.
  • Your products will have a detail page URL on your website.
  • Shoppers will be given possibility to add a product to their shopping cart from your page.
  • You shall give: your business name, contact information, billing address, a US-based credit card, and a US-based phone number, when you register for Amazon Product Ads.

How much this costs you

There are no monthly fees, no minimum spend requirements. You are charged only when a shopper clicks through to your website from

This program uses a cost per click bidding model taking into account the price and product category. To keep control on spending, advertisers set their daily budget.

Promotion for new advertisers

  • Amazon Product Ads currently offers $75 worth of free clicks to new advertisers. 
  • Further, advertisers who sign up for a new account and get their first customer click on a live ad will also get the next $75 worth of clicks to their website for free.

See here how it works, and for more details just click on the picture:

amazon product ads - how it works

As you see the procedure is simple. If you have something to sell, then this is the solution for you.

Amazon Product Ads - call for action

See here some YouTube video with great details that can help you:



  1. Simon Crowe in Asia says:

    Your post really has me thinking. I’m dead against Google Adsense as a way to monetise your websites but I think for some niches like sport, Amazon product ads could be a great to way tos end traffic to Amazon and let them do the rest.

    As an Amazon associate already i can see this would be easy to implement. Thanks for highlighting this!

  2. Jovo, did I read correctly? Are you saying I can get traffic right from Amazon unto my website? So Amazon has something to rival google’s adwords.Do you however think it is more effective than Adwords? I find it rather sad that I has to be limited to only US citizens. I may have to rely on adwords all the same.

    1. Hi Emmanuel, yes you are reading correctly, this is what Amazon offers you. I think this is a powerful rival to Google. You certainly choose what is best to you, but this is not necessarily limited to US citizens only.

  3. Wow I had no idea Amazon had a PPC program in place! Well now that I think of it, no wonder they have all those external ads under each product so makes sense. Anyway this looks like such a great way to begin advertising given how targeted each ad is. I’m going to add this to my PPC regimen. Thank you!

    1. Hi Pete, great to read your comment. Yes, this Amazon program is a great opportunity for people who want to sell online.

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