Conversion Benefits Of Long Tail Keywords


In this text I shall not be speaking about ranking benefits of long tail keywords, this time it is about something else: the relation between long tail keywords and conversion. So this is about sales.

Long tail keyword conversion

It took me quite some time to realize the true value and the meaning of the long tail keyword. This is about customer purchase cycle and where/when you are supposed to offer them your product. In simple terms, a potential customer passes through the following phases:

  • research (i),
  • decision (ii),
  • action (iii).

Imagine that you have a post of the type ‘best keyword research tools’. This will be of interest for your reader that are in the phase (i). The reader is interested in such products, and this is the initial phase. In the decision phase (ii), he or she has decided and want to see more about one particular item in the list, so assume this is your product review about ‘Jaaxy Keyword Tool‘. By the way, this is the research tool that I am using every day. So this is the phase (iii), and your visitor is ready to buy.

Note that the term ‘long tail’ has nothing to do with ‘long tailed’, I have seen some use the phrase ‘long tailed keywords’ which is completely inappropriate. This is not necessarily about the actual physical length (the number of words) in a search phrase. The words ‘Jaaxy’ and ‘Jaaxy Keyword Tool’ are not long, but they are very specific and this is the point. For example the phrase ‘keyword tool’ is shorter than the phrase ‘Jaaxy Keyword Tool’, but the latter is a long tail keyword while the former is not.

But let me go back to what we all know: long tail keyword is the best way to achieve top ranking? Now ask yourself: for what? Just to be first on Google? Of course not, this is about promotion of products and selling. A reader who is searching about keyword tools in general is not yet ready to buy.

You detailed review about one specific product is the place where you will make a sale. In other words, the post with the title ‘best keyword research tools’ is a part of your funnel strategy. Take the post which you are reading right now as yet another example, this is my funnel post used to drive the traffic to the excellent Jaaxy Keyword Tool that I promote.

Long tail keywords traffic

Lists posts of the type ‘best keyword research tools’ may be main generators of your traffic. On the other hand we all know that a long tail keyword usually implies low traffic. But now I ask the following:

  • Wouldn’t you rather have a low traffic of dedicated visitors, who are ready to buy what you are offering them, than an undecided crowd that is still searching the Internet?

If your post is with the keyword ‘how to heat a camping tent’ or ‘best tents for extreme cold weather’ you might have far more traffic if you are properly ranked. But those are visitors who will not buy anything. They are not ready yet. They are in phase (i). So, if you understand now that the long tail keyword is your right choice, you are on the right path.

Ranking for many keywords

There is one more point to mention here: your targeted keyword is not the only one which will bring you the traffic. You can read more about this in my post about long tail keywords.

It is good to bear in mind the following facts:

  • With every post you publish, you are potentially ranked for many keywords. Some of them come through comments, some of them are picked-up by Google.
  • By adding tags to WordPress posts, you will both increase your chances for better ranking and for extra traffic.
  • In the end the numbers will add up. The estimated traffic by the targeted keyword, even if it was supposed to be only 5-10 per day, can easily grow to 50-100.

To summarize, conversion benefits of long tail keywords are twofold: with respect to good ranking, and with respect to conversion. These are truly great reasons to use them. In my separate text you can read more about what to look for in keywords. If you rank well with a post, you might want also to read my text on how to stay on the top position in Google.

Let me know if you think I was talking nonsense, there is a comment box below. Thank you for reading.


19 thoughts on “Conversion Benefits Of Long Tail Keywords”

  1. Without traffic and conversions, we cannot make sales and earn money online.

    Many marketers do not understand the importance of long tail keywords and they keep focusing on high volume keywords with too much competition.

    They usually do not get enough traffic at all and they give up after a while or they say “SEO is dead” before looking for another way to promote their products.

    I wish many people read this article.

  2. I have never read about long tail keywords from this perspective before.

    I always knew they were better to target for traffic but it makes so much sense that they are also in the buying mode.

    I just started experiencing a break through in rankings with one my sites but the niche is hard to sell so I have started another site with actual physical products. I’m constantly targeting new long tail keywords hoping for a breakthrough on that site as well.

    • Hi Jeremy, great to hear from you. Yes this is really interesting how long tail keywords relate with conversion. I heard about this for the first time at Wealthy Affiliate, somebody mentioned it in a blog. It makes sense and it is logical.

  3. Very good article I never thought of using long tail key words not because I wasn’t Intrested more because I didn’t have a understanding on how to. I now have an angle to approach and how to do it effectively. Thanks to your article. I was always taught that short targeted keywords was the way to go. But after reading what you have here and the benefits from having long tailed key words. I need to give this method a go. Wish me luck.

    • Hey, thank you, great to hear from you. Problem with short keywords is that you will never rank, too competitive. So we have no choice but to go for long tail keywords. And as you have realized, people who use them are determined, and they have already made up their minds, so this is why these keywords convert better. All the best to you.

  4. Some great advice on Long Tail Keywords here. I agree with you that it is far easier to rank for the long tail ones and most of the short ones are way too much competition to consider using anyway.

    No post should be published without a bit of good keyword research being done.

    • You are right Michel, there is no point of writing anything without keyword search because people will not find your text.

  5. As a beginner this has been the most valuable thing I have read since joining WA. I have a basic understanding of how to use LTKW but this just totally blew my mind thank you very much! I am hitting a brick wall with my website as of right now sadly. I chose to do a “Journey” from the day my husband lost his job to the day I found Wealthy Affiliate, and forward. However, now I am stuck. I do not know rather I can change the subject or if I should stick to the same thing. I’ve talked about myself, and done like you have in this post, giving advice that I’ve learned. It just seems like..what now? If I stay on the topic of Working from home I don’t want to bore my readers..but if I change the subject what is your opinion on doing that? Thank you for your feedback and great work on this post!

    • Hi Tiffany, thank you for kind words. As for your questions, perhaps you might start a direction of affiliate marketing. This would be a practical demonstration of working at home, so you may connect it with your previous posts by showing how you do it. This can be within the same site or in a different site, or as a subdomain.

  6. You are spot on with the statements that you make in this article. Long tail keywords are the way to go because they are easy to rank for and their conversion rate is fairly high.

    Product related keywords are one of the ways how I make money. When people search for products then they are much more likely to buy from you.

    • Thank you Viljoen, great to hear that you are actually making money by using long tail keywords. I could not agree more with what you are saying.

  7. You can not imagine how valuable this information is for me as a beginner .
    Your article is an invaluable resource to me which I have just bookmarked to help me move forward with my online business, and Thank You for sharing the benefits of long tail keywords. Thanks a lot!

    • Thank you Sara for your words. I am truly happy that my texts are useful to you.

  8. I have read many SEO articles and have also heard that long tail keywords can help get higher search engine rankings and traffic, providing they are low in competition and are actually phrases that do generate traffic, otherwise I see no point!

    The customer purchase cycle sounds intriguing, and I will definitely check out your link for more insight in to this 😀

    Your article is an invaluable resource to me which I have just bookmarked to help me move forward with my online business, and Thank You for sharing the 3 benefits of long tail keywords…


    • Thank you Neil, it is great to read your comment. I hope the text will help you in your online business. Best luck.

  9. Ok so you just completely opened my eyes to what long tail keywords are and there benefit. Beyond that you now have me thinking which ones I could use. This was an extremely helpful article for me.

    Not only have you explained how they can convert but you have also given an abundance of articles to provide insight as to how to go about creating them.

    Bravo!!!! This is going to be helpful for so many people!

    • Many thanks Melody, great to read your comment. It makes me happy that the text helped you understanding conversion benefits of long tail keywords.

  10. When I started trying to make money online, I didn’t understand the importance of long tail keywords. I washed about two years of my life chasing after impossible to rank for keywords. It was stupid.

    For all the reasons you point out in your article, the benefits of long tail keywords cannot be overstated.

    • Hi Gary, I could not agree more, you are surely right. Many thanks for the comment.


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