Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms for Beginners


Here you have a few thoughts about best affiliate marketing platforms for beginners and some ideas of how to use them to generate income through your new site.

In my previous text I have outlined some basic thinking about choosing a niche for a new blog site. As mentioned, you do not have to promote or to sell anything. But if you decide to go into affiliate marketing and to promote some physical or digital products, you might want to know about some important affiliate platforms and online sellers.

Amazon associates 

Starting with Amazon should be the easiest way, and you can read more about this in yet another of my texts. But regardless of which affiliate program this is, it is a good idea to do some research to understand your potential for income. For this, there are at least two important elements to consider:

  1. Commission rate.
  2. Cost of products.

In the mentioned text I already pointed out that Amazon’s commission rate was very low. Though it is fair to say that this is dependent on niche, their commission rate list has some niches that are in the range 10-12%, and this is far from small. But those are very competitive niches.

If you are in the outdoor niche, the commission is only 3%. If typical price of products is around $100, this would mean you can earn only $3 per one sale. So going for low-cost products means far less generated income per product.

But there is more to this. People easier decide to buy low-cost items, so you can generate far more sales than with high-price products. Also, when a visitor follows your link and goes to Amazon, whatever he or she buys will generate income to you. So this does not have to be the product you promote. As you probably know from your own experience, when you get to Amazon you tend to search around through various departments (niches). Amazon is a master of up-sales. Sales done that way also generate commissions.

Brands’ affiliate networks 

If you have ever visited Amazon, you realize that they sell products of other brands, and Amazon itself has a very limited number of its own products.

Some of these brands have their own separate affiliate programs, and those are usually maintained by some affiliate platforms. So what are the best affiliate marketing platforms for beginners, for physical products? There are many of them, but do not rush, try first to build a stable traffic, say one hundred of visitors per day or so.

I would point AvantLink, Awin, ShareASale, Rakuten, ImpactRadius, these are networks that I use myself. For example, on AvantLink you will see quite a number of outdoor brands, like Osprey and Klymit with 10% commission rate. Something similar is within the Awin affiliate network. Their products are also massively available on Amazon, but there you will have only 3% commission.

Other big online sellers

The mentioned AvantLink has quite a number of big online sellers, so this is not only about specific brands. If you take outdoor equipment, you will see, and Moosejaw, with the commission of 10% and 9% respectively. These numbers are as of the moment of writing this text.

The point is, there are many options, it does not have to be Amazon at all, or Amazon alone. You can place several different buy offers in your product review, like the call action button with a drop-down menu shown in the picture. When a visitor hover over the Buy Here button, a drop-down menu will appear with options which you have added there, see how this may look:

Call to action with a drop-down menu.
Call to action with a drop-down menu.

Digital affiliate marketing programs for beginners

So far the focus has been on physical products, but there are also many affiliate programs for digital products. Quite generally, commission rates for digital products are much higher.

You have them at Clickbank which is one of the best platforms for such type of products. This is a reliable affiliate network and commissions can be huge. But ask yourself, why would any brand be willing to give so much to their affiliates? So it may be necessary to do some work in choosing products and brands from such platforms. Some can be quite dodgy.

I mentioned AvantLink above related to my affiliate status with many of their physical products merchants. But AvanLink itself has its own affiliate program. If a merchant follows the link and signs a contract with AvanLink, this brings a check of $100. As you see, this is in the group of digital affiliate marketing programs. So if you are a merchant, do earn me the check by following this link, and thank you in advance.

The best known example from this type of digital products for me is the affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate. This is a site hosting and teaching platform where I started years ago, and where I still keep my sites. So if you are an absolute beginner and have no idea of how to start and what to promote, you might want to check Wealthy Affiliate and their own affiliate program.

Note also that at the same place you have a powerful search tool for affiliate programs. So follow the link and then check under Promote which you will see in the menu.

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have questions, there is a comment box below.


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