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If you have a small site, it may be difficult to have many sales for a decent affiliate income. This is why you might want to focus on high pay affiliate programs with fewer sales but with a much higher income. Keep reading.

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Note that I am not necessarily talking about high commission affiliate programs, those are welcome of course, but my point here is different. You can have some high commission company but with inexpensive products, so you have to generate lots of sales for a good income.

The same is if you go for Amazon and other similar big online sellers. As you probably know, their commission is small. I am an affiliate of Amazon (8 of their stores), Walmart, and many others. This is in the outdoor niche, so at Amazon the commission is only 3% and at Walmart 2%.

I guess you will ask why I am so stupid to promote companies with such low commission rates. Well, this was not so when I started years ago. For example, on Amazon the commission was dependent on the number of sales, so it was quite easy to get to 8-10% or so.

But they were changing the rules several times, so indeed, I was forced to diversify. Now, I am an affiliate of more than 40 brands both individually and through affiliate networks like Awin, Impact, Share-a-Sale, AvantLink, etc.

However, from what I have seen in the past, no serious outdoor brand or seller will give a high commission. You can count on 5-12% at best. This is what you have at REI, Moosejaw, Osprey, Backcountry, Klymit, Therm-a-Rest, Salomon, Sea to Summit, etc.

The point is, in any case, you have to have lots of sales. If your strategy is based on organic traffic and search engine optimization, this implies that you have to have lots of content on your sites. So, how much of it? Well, as of the moment of writing this text, my biggest site has 1100 posts, the second largest 650, and the third largest 600. So you get the idea.

This is about big numbers, and the mathematics is roughly as follows. You have to be ranked in search engines, your posts appear in SERPs, and this is described as impressions. Now, if your title and snippet are attractive enough, people will click on your link and they will come to your site.

To get some idea about numbers, if you have 100 visitors daily, roughly 10% of them will click on your link in the post and they will go to Amazon or to some other place. Out of those that you directed to the seller, you can be happy if 10% of them buy a product. So all in all, from 100 visitors you might have 1 sale. This is just a rough estimate but it is not far from reality.

If you promote inexpensive things, say with the average value of $100, you will earn only $3 per day. Now you understand what I mean by saying that you need big numbers. You need time to create such big sites. To get some idea about the numbers and sales from well-developed sites, see what my sites generated on Amazon last June:

These are huge numbers and to get there you need years of work on your sites.

Another approach: high ticket affiliate marketing programs

If you have a few tens of posts on your site, it may be difficult even to be noticed by Google. Though Google is not the only player, there are more like Bing & Yahoo for example.

In any case, if you are able to rank, and if by chance somebody follows your SERP snippet, and if he/she comes to your site, and if he/she follows the link, and if…

Indeed, so many IFs. With any of them, the probability of a sale is reduced. But if (yeah, yet another if) this is about a high pay affiliate program, even one sale per month may be enough. This single sale may bring far more than my 4649 sales on Amazon shown in the screenshot above.

Is this too good to be true? I do not think so. Is this really possible? The answer is yes. Keep reading.

Examples of the highest paying affiliate programs

I shall give two examples, and you will realize both of them are in the same niche, so have a look:

Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program

Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program.

Augusta sells IRA gold, more precisely this is about buying IRS-approved gold and silver within a tax-advantaged Individual Retirement Account (IRA). So you can promote Augusta and generate sales.

  • The commission they give is 6%. Doesn’t look too much? Well, wait and see. They claim that their top affiliates average more than $100K/month. From the information I received from their CEO, it appears that they currently average just over $566000 per IRA trade for affiliates. Yes, you see the number of zeros correctly.
  • Now do the math, 6% on $566000 gives $33960. Do you remember what I said above? One sale per month may be enough to have a great income. Here is an example they gave me for one of the affiliates, to show so that you understand the numbers:

  • So the numbers of leads and sales are small, but see the commission generated in one month.
  • There is more. You earn also $150 per each lead. As you realize, this alone is also far from negligible.

Note that they have a lower limit of $50000 for IRA gold investment, so all sales here are high tickets sales. You can find out more about the Augusta Affiliate program by following this link. There is a form to fill in, and you will be asked to give your site traffic.

It is advisable to have some stable traffic in the site because they might not approve just anybody. But when you fill in the form, let me know in the comment box below, perhaps I may be able to help a bit so that your application is approved.

GoldCo affiliate program


The GoldCo is also one of the best known Gold IRA companies. So when/if they approve you, this is an extraordinary opportunity to earn great commissions. Here is their payout scheme:

  • You have 6% commission on all sales.
  • There is also a pay per lead $100 commission.

Their payment methods are:

  • PayPal.
  • ACH / Direct Deposit Banking Details.
  • Transfer Wise for international transfer.

IRA investments through this company are from $50000 and up, so even in the case of a minimum sale you have a $3000 commission. A $1 million sale will bring you $60000, so you see how effective this can be even with just a few sales per year.

>>  Click here to sign up for the GoldCo Affiliate Program <<

Here too the same advise applies, so let me know if/when you apply and I shall try from my side to have your application approved.

Final thoughts

So this is what I had to say about some very lucrative high pay affiliate programs. I shall probably add some more later, so this is why you might want to bookmark this text and check it again.

It is not surprising that I am suggesting those related to gold investment. Since 1971, the US dollar has lost around 98% of its purchasing power. On the other hand, the value of gold is actually growing all the time, its value has increased by around a factor 4.5 in the past 20 years. So investing in gold is a natural choice.

This is why promoting companies that sell gold totally makes sense to me, I am convinced this is the right thing to do. So if you share these views, there is no doubt you will do this successfully.

Good luck if you decide to go that way. Let me know what you think, there is a comment box below.


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