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Best keyword search tool at Wealthy Affiliate - a magnifying glassBest keyword search tool for me has been the one at Wealthy Affiliate. Presently, I have 28 pages/posts from my site about mountains on the Google 1st page, and 4 of them are in fact on the position 1!

Another 11 of my pages/posts are on the Google 2nd page, and yet another 3 are on Google 3rd page.

This all is from my site which has only around 60 pages and posts. As you see, 42 of them are on Google pages 1-3, and close to half are on Google 1st page.

All of them are based on the keywords I collected by using the keyword tool from Wealthy Affiliate, and by using the knowledge I have achieved through lessons provided there. The numbers I give here should support the statement from the first sentence.    

[Tárrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra]

But first, I would like to share with you a few thoughts about the meaning of being on Google 1st page (G-1), and about the keyword. It is not enough only to be at G-1, you need to be there with a reasonably good traffic, otherwise there will be no much use of your G-1 position.

To get to G-1 you will need to have a good keyword which will bring you there. Typically, this would be something what is called a ‘low hanging fruit’, or if you wish a ‘long-tail keyword’ (LTKW). This is a key-phrase which may have less traffic (this I shall explain below), but in the same time it has a relatively small number of competing pages on Google. So, if you apply all well-known rules for a good ranking, such a phrase (LTKW) can get you to Google-1 in just a few days.

Such a LTKW you may see even in the title of this post, the big part of it is in fact a LTKW, and the core keyword (KW) is ‘keyword search’ or even ‘keyword search tool’.

Posts are ranked by many words, so this applies to both LTKW, and KW. But the role of LTKW is essential. This is what should bring you to G-1 in the first place. Once you are there, the other elements start contributing to the ranking of your post as well. All this I have described in my another post, and I call it pull-and-push principle, the work of LTKW and KW. Your post will be climbing toward the Google first page like a caterpillar, or like a train with two engines, by the simultaneous action from the front engine (LTKW) and the back engine (KW).

How to find keyword

From the general discussions about keywords let us go now to practice:

  • how to use a SEO keyword search tool, and
  • how to find keywords

SEO keyword search tool at Wealthy Affiliate

Best keyword search tool - wa pageOnce you are at WA front page you will see the tab for Keyword Tool on the left (see the picture). There are two things to remember here:

  • This is a free tool for Premium members, and it offers unlimited number of searches.
  • This Keyword Tool at WA should not be mixed with Jaaxy, which is yet another powerful search engine available for its own premium members only, and widely used by WA members.

Here are the basic steps which I perform when I search for a keyword:

1. In the case of the present post, my core keyword is keyword search, and this is the phrase I type in the Keyword Tool. See below what I get as a result (the table is in fact much longer, I keep only two rows for the purpose of demonstration):

Best keyword search tool - start of the processAbout columns which you see here. The Searches shows an estimate of monthly searches on search engines for this keyword. As for Traffic, this number shows an estimate of traffic you may expect per day for your post based on the given keyword, for the case you get to G-1 with this keyword.

The column with Article Power essentially gives you a probability that your post will get top ranking; the bigger number (i.e., the closer to 10) the better chance you will have with the article based on this keyword to get to G-1. As you see ‘keyword search tool’ (with number 8.8) gives more chance to get to top ranking than ‘keyword search’ which has power 7.6. A similar meaning is of PPC power, it is related to paid adds, so again the bigger number the better.

Dig allows you to search a bit further, to get keywords similar to the one you have selected. It will give various long-tail versions of it, or synonyms which you may use in the text, or you may switch to one of them and use it as the keyword.

2. I want to check Competition, so I go to View Results and I get 494 and 385 competing pages. This is a lot. My chances are weak to get to G-1 with this.

Note that these numbers correspond to so called QSR (quoted search results) which you will get if you use Jaaxy tool.

3. So I try with a long-tail keyword best keyword search tool. The result is drastically different, see what I get and compare with ‘keyword search tool’:

Best keyword search tool - long tail keyword

In addition, I check Competition for this LTKW, and I find that I have 87 competing pages, so almost 9 Google pages. This still may look a lot, but I am confident that I can deal with it, using my previous experience and rules which I follow.

4. I can do some more search and I can check-in all keywords that appear (see the boxes on the left, in the beginning of each row). I can then save them into a list, which I shall use when I write my post.

See here how this list looks like for the present post; note that it is incomplete, in fact I collected many more phrases, and I show only a few here:

Best keyword search tool - final list

You will notice that even phrases like at wealthy affiliate or how to find keyword can be used as separate keywords. In fact I use them; see the title of this section and the title of the post where I use the phrase ‘at Wealthy Affiliate’ below. This is not so called key-word stuffing. No, this is a way of making my text reach, instead of repeating my starting LTKW at many places within the text (this is key-word stuffing in true sense, which Google dislikes a lot).

5. You may also click on Dig (see the last column) for each separate keyword. It will give you variants of this keyword, long-tail versions etc. It is worth doing this, do not miss it.

6. Another thing you may do is to click twice on Traffic or Searches. This will sort the keywords by the number of searches, maximum on the top.

Best keyword search tool at Wealthy Affiliate - another glass with fingertipsThe traffic for the chosen long-tail keyword looks low, but you will notice that my LTKW still contains the two core keywords from the previous search, i.e., keyword search, and  keyword search tool.

I know that they will work together with LTKW, following the pull-and-push principle which I know from earlier, and I described it in my previous post.

In other words my post will be ranked for all of them, with LTKW playing the key-role in the beginning of course. But in time, its key-role will be taken over by the other two, and my traffic will dramatically increase.

A note on my title. It does not fit into 60 characters limit (I assume you know that this limit includes both the post title and your site title). Therefore, in the SEO meta-title I used the shorter version ‘Best keyword search tool’, which satisfies the character numbers limit.

Regarding the numbers in Searches and Traffic, they hold globally, independent on a country. However, the number of pages under Competition may be dependent on the country or region, although such differences should not be drastic.

So what makes Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate the best? Here are three good reasons:

  • I tested it many times, and it turned out to be a complete success.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It provides all essential basic information which you need, and which you get in few simple steps shown here.

I hope you find this post useful. Please share you thoughts in the comment box below, I shall be happy to read them.

          I learned all this at Wealthy Affiliate, you might like to try it. The starter membership is free, read more here and see/decide yourself.



  1. It’s really generous of Wealthy Affiliate to offer a keyword tool as a feature for its members. You cannot find that anywhere else. Not Affilorama. Not Chris Farrell. No one else offers this.

    This is why I always say that WA is the best starting point for anyone looking to learn how to build an online business. It is a complete 1-stop center.

    1. I agree with you Andrew. This WA Keyword Tool is my main tool for keyword search and my posts are nicely ranked.

  2. Indeed a great post about keyword research tools.

    Keyword research is the best way to find the right opportunity to work on and earn some decent amount of income.

    It is true that without targetting the right keyword, We can’t achieve success because we don’t know that which keyword has great potential so to know this, keyword research comes into action.

    I am using Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro for my keyword research work. Thanks for sharing such a nice list of keyword research tools. 😀

    1. Thank you John, it is interesting to hear fro9m somebody who is using Long Tail Pro. I have not put my hand on it, I understand it is one-time payment and this is what makes it attractive I think. many have said good words about it. The Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate is also a great tool and I have been very successful with it.

  3. Hey Jovo,

    so do you think it is okay to put a keyword in my title which is more broad and then add several long tail keywords in my content? Do you think this is a good idea?

    You say the Keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate is for free. So I do not have to pay for it additionally?


    1. Hi Pierre, thank you for the comment. Regarding the keyword, the current teaching is that the text is built with one particular keyword in mind, regardless if it is long tail or not. My explanation of the long tail keyword in the text follows that logic. But it is certainly good to avoid keyword stuffing, and one should use many words of similar meaning instead. As for the Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate, this is free for premium members only as you may see in the text.

  4. RightKarma says:

    Hi Jovo, your article on KW tool is very informative. Yes, Jaaxy is very good.
    By the way, how do you ensure that you are ranked for only the keywords you like and that can convert? May be you use the content to do this, but are you satisfied by right audience not just traffic?
    All in All, very good article that helps new folks. Keep it up!

    1. Hi RightKarma, thanks for the comment. Regarding your question, posts are never ranked for one (key)word only. But when we focus on one keyword we put it into meta title, meta description, url, and in some other places and that is how Google sees it and where visitors find it. Not sure what you mean by right audience. People who search for my keyword are my audience and they make the traffic.

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