Best Ways to Make Money by Traveling


If you travel frequently or you simply love to travel and want to make this your way of living, you will want to read here on best ways to make money by traveling.

Did you ever think of how travelers earn money? There are many of them around that travel and still have a full-time income generated from such a way of living. There are several different ways to make money while traveling, and in this text I shall describe a few that include:

  • Blogging.
  • Vlogging.
  • This includes promoting places where you stay while you travel, equipment, etc.

Blogging and earning while traveling

So this is about writing texts about places you visit. You can directly type or you can use a voice recorder, the one you normally have in the computer is good enough.

To earn, you will need a site, you publish your texts so that people can find them on the Internet and read. When you generate some decent traffic, you can apply to Google Ads and you will be earning without doing anything else. Normally, you do not earn much with Google Ads, but this is good enough for the beginning. Note also that you can combine this with the other ways mentioned above.

In time, your texts may attract more and more visitors, and when you are above a certain threshold, you can apply for Mediavine ads. This alone can generate a full-time income.

How I know? Well, I have Mediavine ads in three of my sites. The screenshot below shows how much these three sites generated in June 2021. On the left you see the dates when I started with Mediavine ads in these sites, so these are well-established sites, and do not expect something like this quickly. But the point is to show you that this is indeed possible.

My Mediavine ads income in June 2021.
My Mediavine ads income in June 2021.

All in all, this is a very passive way of earning. You do not sell anything, you just write about things that interest you and about things that you notice on your trips. The ads are integrated by Mediavine, so you do nothing from your side.


This is about creating videos while you travel. You need a YouTube account so that you can upload your videos there. After you reach a certain number of followers and hours of views, YouTube will start adding adds into your videos, and you will be earning.

This is again a passive way of earning income, and if you have no problems in being in front of camera, almost certainly you will start earning. Having your videos on YouTube, you can have links there pointing to the previously described site. This will increase the site’s traffic and this will generate more revenue through the ads on the site.

Promoting hotels and other places where you stay

I guess you have already had an opportunity to make online reservation through They are present globally, and they offer hotels, houses, furnished apartments, and a few other things. Have you seen the top picture above? This is Bora-Bora in French Polynesia, and yes you can book accommodation through, see it here.

Now, did you know that they have an affiliate program? If you are not familiar with this terminology, this means you promote their services in your texts published in the site. So you add links to, and this can be on anything from their offer, and when people follow your link and make reservation, you get commission.

I have booked my own accommodations many times through, so I know that what they offer is indeed true and it fairly accurately describes what you finally get. Therefore, I can with confidence suggest their service.

But how much you can earn with this? Well, I can tell you this is substantial. They have a system where you start from 25%. See what they write about this:

Affiliate commissions through
Affiliate commissions through

By the way (this is unrelated to the mentioned affiliate earning), did you know that has a loyalty program? They call it Genius Loyalty Program. This means that you as an ordinary traveler can save substantially when you order accommodation through their service.

Imagine you are on a trip to a place A, then to a place B, and then to a place C. So make the first reservation (to the place A) and then separate reservations to the places B and C. Such multiple reservations will get you to different Genius Levels, and eventually you will start saving money. So follow the link above and see more about this.

Earning from all three methods combined

As the title suggests, you can earn in all these ways at the same time, I mean combined. Here is how this may look:

  1. You publish a text in the site about some accommodation with links to Your readers follow the link and make an order so you earn your commission.
  2. Note that your texts still have ads mentioned above, so some visitors will follow ads and you can earn that way too. You can earn only by impressions, i.e., because ads are shown between paragraphs of your text.
  3. Your mentioned video(s) on YouTube can be about the place you promote in the text in your site. So put a link there and drive visitors from your YouTube channel to your site. This will increase site’s traffic and this will affect the income generated in the items 1 and 2 above.
  4. This is not all. Your YouTube video will be generating income through the ads that YouTube inserts into your video.

What you need to start

  • You need a site, and for the beginning this will be completely enough. When you build it and see some decent traffic, start thinking about its monetization.
  • You can start completely differently, from a YouTube channel. This can be good enough on its own, but it is best to combine it with a site as described earlier.
  • It may be good to add your links to various social media. In my separate text you can read about the best social media platform for a business.

You may think that building a site is complicated, right? It does not have to be. You can build it yourself even without any previous knowledge. There are site hosting platforms around where they use site builders, so the process is automated and you can have a basic site’s structure in half an hour. However, your real work starts from that point, it is about writing texts.

So check here, this is a site hosting and site building platform where I started a number of years ago, and I am still there. They offer a number of lessons for free. Beware, these lessons are truly useful and I strongly suggest that you go through them, why not, they are really free and easy to follow. But to build a real online business, sooner or later you will have to upgrade to premium membership so that you have a full access to what they offer.

But there is no need to rush, you can stay a free member forever. So take your time and feel the atmosphere, go through the mentioned free lessons to see if you can follow, and only after that decide what you will do.

If you feel you cannot build the site yourself, I can build you a site, so let me know. I can even maintain your site at a reasonable price, but writing texts will be your part. However, it may be better that you try to learn how to do things yourself, then you do not have to pay anybody and you will not depend on anybody. Trying costs nothing, as mentioned, 10 lessons which they offer are free, so register now and start going through them instantly.

So this is what I wanted to say about best ways to make money by traveling. Perhaps you are thinking about why you should trust me. You do not have to, this is all about trying things that might work for you and change your life. But why am I doing this, am I wasting my time?

This depends on you, here is why:

i) I am an affiliate of Booking,com, and I earn the way described in the text above. So go and book a hotel through my links and earn me my 25% commission as described above (and at no additional cost to you).

ii) I host my sites at the hosting platform mentioned previously. I have learned everything about online business at this place. Now, they too have an affiliate program, so their links here in the text are my affiliate links. If you go there and eventually become a premium member, I shall earn my commission (again, at no additional cost to you). Fair enough?

iii) I can build you a site at a fair price. You can host it at the same place where I host my sites, or I can move it for you wherever you want.

And, remember, if you remain with tour site at the same hosting platform, I am also there to help you, and I think I am qualified enough. It may be hard to start an online business, and it takes time. Don’t trust anybody who promises a fast income stream, when you see something like this you can be sure they are going to scam you one way or another.

So this was about travelling in general. But what if you are a backpacker and want to read more specifically about earning while backpacking? If so, please check my text on how to make money while backpacking. Let me know if you have questions, there is a comment box below. Thank you for reading.


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