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If you go to Discover in Google Search Console you might be terrified to see hundreds of posts that are crawled but not indexed. So what is crawled currently not indexed in Google Search Console really?

Let me start with a screenshot for one of my sites showing my 420 pages with this dangerous message:

My 420 excluded pages.
My 420 excluded pages.

Naturally, it is hard to see something like. Here is what you can find in Google about this:

This is what Support Google tells you about Crawled - currently not indexed.
This is what Support Google tells you about Crawled – currently not indexed.

Obviously, I did not become more clever after reading this. So I watched some YouTube videos and my knowledge did not improve. It is amazing to see people making such videos which do not explain the reasons for which they are made. I was even thinking of adding one here as a joke, but this might eventually drive traffic to a totally useless video, so I gave up.

Then I focused on the list of these “crawled – currently not indexed” posts (or pages, as Search Console describes them). I noticed that many of the items are some images. I decided that this is nothing to worry about.

But quite a number of them were actual posts from my site. Even more disturbing was the fact that some of them were my very important posts of the type “Best XY”. Such posts normally drive most of the traffic to the site.

I found several of them in the list and wanted to check them in Google. I found out what I expected to see: These posts were ranked number 1 in Google incognito search.

But again, Google Search Console was telling me they were not indexed. Sounds like a contradiction to me. So I checked this about indexing, note that this is easy, you have the URL Inspection button in the same line with the URL from the list, see the picture below. In other words, there can be no mistake due to copying and pasting the URL.

This URL Inspection button is on the right in the same line as the "excluded" URL.
This URL Inspection button is on the right in the same line as the “excluded” URL.

Here is what this gives, so this is the result for the post which Search Console is telling me that it is “Crawled – currently not indexed“:

The post is in fact indexed.
The post is in fact indexed.

Next logical step would be to go to the sitemap and see if the URL is there. So can you guess? Of course, I found the post in the sitemap, but see the picture above.

To add one more thing, there are indeed posts that appear as “crawled – currently not indexed”, and it seems that there is nothing one can do about this.

But you have seen the rest, and saying that I am confused would be an understatement. So what on Earth is going on here? I definitely have no answer.

To summarize this crawled currently not indexed in Google Search Console issue, just in case you missed something:

  1. I have posts that Google Search Console puts in the list of posts that are “excluded” in its Coverage option, i.e., not indexed. For some posts this is indeed so.
  2. But I find some of these “excluded” posts ranked as number 1 in Google.
  3. When I use the URL Inspection tool, it gives me that such posts are actually indexed, but not submitted to sitemap.
  4. However, when I check the posts in the sitemap, I actually find them in the sitemap.

So I am not able to understand what Google is doing here. It seems safe to ignore all those “excluded” pages, but I would love to understand what is happening. Anybody knows?

In the past I did not really pay attention to this Coverage feature in Google Search Console. This all started after I was reading a discussion in a blog at the site hosting and online marketing teaching platform. This is a place where I have this site hosted. This was a very useful blog so I warmly suggest that you try to read it, you will be requested to register but no worry there is nothing to pay.

When I asked a question at the same platform about a related issue, I got a cool reply from one member “We need to trust that Google knows what it’s doing …”. Well, I am not convinced that this is so.

In any case, I had a few sleepless nights because of these things. The result is as described in the text above, if you know more about this whole issue, let me know, there is a comment box below.


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