Enabling Comments In WordPress


Wordpress logo.Enabling comments in WordPress can be done at several places within your dashboard, at least at 4 or 5 of them. These include:

  • Settings,
  • Screen Options,
  • Quick Edit, and
  • SEO part in the Editor.

The steps are easy and they are described below.

[J. S. Bach –  Chaconne, BWV 1004 (1,2)]

1. Enabling comments in Settings

This is an action which you will do only once in the beginning, when you set up your settings. You should go to your dashboard and then into Settings, and then Discussion. There, you allow comments as shown on the picture below.

This is part of Settings, Discussion where you enable comments.
This is part of Settings, Discussion where you enable comments.

2. Enable comments in Screen Options

When you are in your editor, or in admin/dashboard area in general, in the right-up corner you will see Screen Options box. Click on it, and you will have possibility to check in various things that can appear on the screen.

These is what you have in Screen Options.
This is what you have in Screen Options.

You check-in Discussion box as shown in the picture above. Most likely this you will have to do only once.

3. Quick Edit

Qucik edit If you go to dashboard and click on Pages you will get them all listed. Go to any of them and it opens some menu. Here on the right is what I see in one of my pages from the site about mountains.

If I click on Quick Edit, I get what is shown in the picture below. You can see the box Allow Comments, this is what you should have as well:

Inside Quick Edit
The menu in Quick Edit where you can allow comments.

4. Allow comments in editor

Allow Comments box in SEO part in Editor.
The part of the screen below the text in Editor, where you allow comments.

When you are in the Editor, scroll dawn to SEO area, i.e., All-in-One tab (note, it may be closed, in that case just click on it).  You can see it here on the right. Allow comments as I did here.

5. How to disable comments in WordPress

If you for some reason want to disable comments, then the steps are logical: you will do just the opposite of what is described in the previous text.

If after all these steps aimed at enabling comments in WordPress you still do not see your comment box under your post or page, then this might be the theme issue. In this case I suggest the following:

I hope this text was useful to you. Please leave some comment in the box below (yes I do have comment box, I followed the steps above).

The present text is about enabling comments in your posts and pages. You can read more about true benefits of comments if you follow this link to another page within this site. I have blogged about it also at Wealthy Affiliate, you may have a look here.

I have many more texts about WordPress within this site. You may check the WordPress category, where you will find some rather practical and useful stuff. Thank you for reading.

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