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get Amazon affiliate linkAmazon affiliate program is very popular among internet marketers. If you are a beginner, it may be a real nightmare if you want to include Amazon affiliate links into your site. Of course, once you learn it, it is very simple. When I first did it, one good soul from Wealthy Affiliate was guiding me for almost two hours. In this post I shall present practical steps on how to get Amazon affiliate link to your site.

What you need to do?

1.  Have a site, and have some content in it.

This is important for two reasons:

First, Amazon may reject you when you apply for an affiliate membership, if your site is minor and with little traffic.

Second, when you get your membership, you will have 6 months to do some sale, otherwise they will cancel your membership. So it more likely you will avoid trouble of that kind if you have a fully developed site with a good traffic.

If you do not have a site, but you have some good idea about niche, I suggest you to join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to build a site in a few hours. In a few weeks time, with some persistent and hard work, you will have a completely built site, with enough material to apply for, and with a high probability to get an Amazon affiliate link. This is what I did myself with my first site which you may see here.

2.  Next step is to apply for affiliate membership.

This is a simple step. Just google  Amazon affiliate links and apply for it. You will get response very soon. You will be given your PIN number and ID. With this you will be able to log in and from this moment you will have your own affiliate page which will look like this:

Get Amazon Affiliate Link

3.  Choosing items

There are several things you can do now, see the picture above. These include:

  • Look for links of products
  • Look for banners
  • Chose widgets
  • Make you own aStore.

Links of products. As an affiliate you may choose anything what is on Amazon. Surely, you will search for products from your niche. In my case this is mountain climbing, so here below I searched for crampons, and I get many options. See the picture below which shows just a small segment:

Get Amazon Affiliate Link

On the right you see “Get link”. When you click you get several possibilities (text and image, text only, image only, add to widget), see the picture below which shows what I get when I choose ‘text only’.

get Amazon affiliate link

This link you will copy into your post to make a hyper-link in the text. For this you click on ‘chain’ tab in the editor and this will open the window shown in the picture on the right.get Amazon affiliate link Note the following: if you are in ‘Visual mode’, the link must begin with http://, if you are in ‘Text edit’ mode just copy the link as it is above. This will create a hyper-link to the chosen Amazon product.

The procedure is the same if you want to make the link for a picture in your post, which you have created by using a screen shot. You make the picture clickable, with the link to Amazon again.

Banners: In your associate page (the first picture above), you see the tab for banners. You can chose from a large variety of them, staying within your niche of course. Below is one example (note, I made it clickable so it will lead you directly to Amazon):

You will copy the link under the banner picture on the Amazon site,  and paste it into your post, or in the sidebar widget. Your banner will be ready for visitors. As you see I copied it here in text.

Widgets: The procedure is completely the same as with banners. The picture below is a screen shot of the Amazon widget page. All you have to do is to click onto ‘Add to your page’, this will open the link and you can choose some options, copy the link in the same way as in the case of banners:

get Amazon affiliate link

 aStore: This is yet another great possibility for you as an Amazon affiliate. You may see one example of aStore on my another site.  You will see that you may put many types of items, just like in any other store.

So, this was my short introduction into Amazon affiliate links. Some more useful details about how to add banners into sidebar widgets you may read in my another post. This all will be completely enough and you will be able to get Amazon affiliate link and make it working in your site. You will need to know a few basic things, like widgets, sidebar, editing in WordPress, etc., which you may learn here.

Please leave your comments bellow. I shall be happy to reply to any question you might have.



  1. Hi I’m a member of WA as well and I have a question about this topic. So, I am starting to add content to my website where I talk about products that are on Amazon and other sites. Since I just started and I don’t have any affiliates yet, what do I do to add the images of the products?? I was just adding the product images from Amazon and the other online stores where the products are….am I breaking any law? lol

    1. Hi Barbara, this is a question very frequently asked within the Wealthy Affiliate community. So far I have not seen any completely clear answer. I can give only my own point of view.

      Yes you are breaking the low by using images if you are not an affiliate. I do not see any way around it. You cannot apply for an affiliate status if you do not have enough traffic (they will reject you), and you cannot have traffic unless you create content, and you cannot create a proper content without images. So this is a vicious circle.

      One possible way is: use images and add links without your affiliate links. So you will be driving traffic to their products for free. I doubt they would object this.

      Another possibility: contact them and ask (perhaps mention the above suggested option). Sorry if this is not enough help.

      How have I done this? I started by writing about mountaineering tours, to gain traffic and credibility. Only much later I applied for affiliate status.

  2. Hi Jovo, I think you have a good site. It is very informative. You give a lot of free information.
    You should do some training video’s on Wealth Affiliate. Best Wishes Vera

    1. Hi Vera, many thanks for the kind words. Your suggestion sounds interesting.

  3. Johnson Ariko says:

    Thanks for the information, it was most helpful. Gratitude!!!

    1. You are most welcome, great to hear this from you. Thank you.

  4. Recently I have been looking for a tutorial for amazon link and here I found your blog which is really informative for me.You really explain it well, I will just going to apply all those steps that you have mentioned. Thank for writing this blog. Today all we lack is legit and powerful information that’s why most people give up on their dreams but thank you for giving best information.

    1. Thank you Adeel, great to read your kind words. Best luck.

  5. Anh Nguyen says:

    Now I know how to find affiliate links on Amazon. I have some books I recommend on my blog and though I might as well find affiliate links for them but I was a little lazy. Reading your post helped so thanks for that.

    I am wondering though, because the commission rate of Amazon is so low, is it really profitable to be their affiliate?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I think nobody gives away high percentage of their goods for no reason. If you find such offers be careful. This might mean they are desperate, cannot sell. I am sure Amazon sells well so they give you less, take it or leave it.

  6. This is great Jovo! Thanks for taking the time to create this tutorial for us!

    1. Many thanks Edu, it is a pleasure to see your comment.

  7. TheDopestMatrix says:

    Yes! Its really important you have your own website first because I m pretty sure you have to own one before you even apply! Also, I’ve noticed that Amazon does better with certain niches over others. Since I deal with MMJ and it’s still illegal in a lot of places, it’s not like they’re going to sell it over the internet (Even though that’s actually not always the case).
    So I’ve reverted to focusing on helping more people first then maybe start another website more for promoting things on amazon. Thanks so much for reviewing them, its a great company honestly!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Hi TheDopestMatrix, thank you the comment and for reading my article. You are right, working with Amazon was very smooth for me as well.

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