How And Why To Hide Page In WordPress


How to hide wordpress page: image with word wThere are situations when you want to hide page in WordPress. In the present text I shall not speak about password protected pages or private pages, which you can easily make within your editor.

Instead, I shall speak about hiding page in WordPress or about hidden web pages in general, when they contain too many affiliate links. You do not want search engines to see such pages because this may hurt your site.

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WordPress landing pages

Hidden web pages are typically related to WordPress landing pages. The latter are an important part of a pay per click campaign (PPC).  Why do you use them in this case? The answer is simple:

  • they usually contain many affiliate links
  • they may contain duplicate content from your ordinary pages
  • they are not prepared following SEO rules.

You can have many of such landing pages, therefore it is better that they are not indexed.

But it is good to know that a landing page used in a PPC campaign can be any ordinary page which you have built by following the usual SEO rules, and which is therefore normally ranked even if it contains a number of affiliate links.

Hidden page associated with an ordinary page

First to explain what I mean by ‘associated’. This means the following:

  • You have published a normal page following SEO rules where you present a series of affiliate products but without any affiliate links. Such a page have all chances to be ranked high and this is what you want to use.
  • At some appropriate point(s) within this normal page you make an internal link to another hidden page. This hidden page you have prepared in the manner you like, the important is that it contain direct affiliate links for products. It is not related to any keyword and this is what makes it different from a normal landing page.

How to make a hidden web page – practical steps

  1. You make a page whose only purpose is to contain affiliate links. This makes it different from a landing page which can be a complete duplicate of your normal page but with added links.
  2. In the SEO part of the editor you make sure to check-in these Robot items seen in the picture below left (nofollow, noindex, etc.).
  3. Leave empty Exclude pages tab, see the image below right. Note, this is the reason why you create hidden page and not a hidden post. This is due to the plugin ‘Exclude pages from navigation’ which you normally have in the system, it does not affect posts which go to blog roll on your home page.
  4. In your page you now add your affiliate links. One possibility is to use Table features within Text mode. It may look like this:

    <td width=”33%”>
    <td width=”33%”>
    <td width=”33%”>

    As you see this is a table with 3 columns. All you have to do is to put iframes from your affiliate site in the place of iframe-1, iftame-2, iframe-3. You may add another table after this one etc. Here is one example from my site:
    Example of a table with 3 columns.

  5. In the corresponding ordinary page I add link to this hidden one.
  6. Hide-Page-In-WordPress-menueWith this the job is done, save and publish. Note, I do not add this page to menu, but if I go to Appearance, Menus, I can see the page there as shown here on the right.


So these are basics of what you need to know if you want to hide page in WordPress. I have launched this idea within Wealthy Affiliate community. You may see my blog there and reaction of other members.

In this text I have been focused mainly on the hidden page attached to a normal page. Regarding the mentioned landing pages and PPC procedure, you can learn all you need if you go to these lessons at Wealthy Affiliate. If you have any plans to do a successful PPC campaign, I warmly recommend you to follow these lessons. There is a lot to learn and I assure you, you will need all this knowledge for a successful action.

As you realize, hiding page in WordPress is not complicated and having such hidden web pages can be very useful. Try them at your side and see if it works for you. Thank you for reading, and please leave some comments in the box below.




  1. Creating hidden pages in WordPress is a great tip for those of us who want to have a landing page for our Pay Per Click advertising.

    I have learned from past experience to check the SEO robot blocks first so that the page is not indexed or followed. I do this before adding any content to the page.

    Also, many WordPress themes allow pages to be made without columns. I found this very useful for my landing pages. Visitors are not distracted by the typical stuff you see in right or left hand columns.

    1. Thank you Glen. Yes you are right, I have heard about hidden pages for the first time in lessons at Wealthy Affiliate and this was about PPC of course.

      Indeed I have one site with such a home page without columns, useful feature, but not all theme have it. All the best.

  2. Very interesting. I had heard of these hidden pages for affiliate links in order to avoid getting punished by google for rankings but had not read a thorough explanation. Very informative, thanks for the explanation! I have always wondered how many pages should have affiliate links on your site, as filling every page with links is likely to negatively impact your SEO, however I am interested to know what % of your pages should have affiliate links.

    1. Hi Cole, thank you for visiting my site and for the kind words. I am not sure if I have affiliate links on every page, but in case, I do not have pages filled with them. I also do not think Google will mind at all, this is a myth. All they care about is a quality content.

  3. I was wondering how I could create a page just for affiliate links without it affecting my rankings. This is a great Idea, my only concern is that Google will somehow find out affiliate sites are doing this and penalize us for doing so. Do you think that is a possibility in the future?

    1. Hi Jason, there is nothing illegal in this hiding of pages, this is all part of the WordPress standard package. So do not be concerned about it.

  4. Hello,
    This is a great idea to use a hidden page for affiliate links. It makes since to have a normal landing page that does all the convincing, but without any links so you will rank higher with google and then have that page lead off to another page where someone can make a purchases.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Welcome Gloria, glad to hear that you find my text useful. All the best to you.

  5. Deanna Martin says:

    Very well written website. So much detail. Plus it is clear and clean. No clutter. Keep up the good work and much success to you. You have a talent for this. Deanna

  6. Tasos Perte Tzortzis says:

    Hey there Jovo , nice explanation on this process.I will refer to this article as guide very soon as I am preparing a few landing pages.

    If I understood correctly we are going to set the Robots to No-follow and the exclude pages unchecked.But this way the page won’t get indexed inside our menu.Is that what we are looking for?

    Are you using PPC for any of your campaigns?…What the results have been?

    1. Hi Tasos, thank you for visiting my site. Yes, those 4 robots are set to no. You are right it will not be indexed, it is not meant to, there is no text there, only products. I am not using any PPC, so cannot say anything about this aspect. Presently I am only experimenting the way I described in the text.

  7. Hey Jovo,
    I love the internet, I have been trying to find this information for some time and as luck would have it I landed here on this page.

    Interestingly I already had the SEO Editor installed on my site and I used it to hide my “privacy page” but never thought of using it for other pages.

    Thanks for the great post.

    1. Hi Josh, thank you for the comment. Me too have done something similar with the privacy page, but only now I am starting using these features elsewhere.

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