How Is Website Traffic Generated And How Essential It Is


How is website traffic generated is one of the most important things to know in an online business. I assume you know that you may pay for your ranking in search engines. This is an investment, and many will tell you this is a good way to go.

But I am not going to speak about this aspect. This text is about search engine optimization and its effects on the website traffic.

What is search engine optimization  

If you go to Wikipedia you will find the following statement:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results.

So you see, it is about ‘affecting the visibility’ of your text. In the same text you will also find the statement that the better ranked and the more frequently your text appears on the screen when people search the Internet, the more traffic you will have. One of the keywords in the text so far has been ‘ranking’, I used it in bold in the first paragraph.

In my another post you may see some graphs showing how important it is to be top ranked. Here, just a couple of numbers:

  • Posts that are on the top page in Google, all together receive more than 91% of all traffic for the given keyword. The second page in Google brings less than 5% for all posts ranked there.
  • If your post is on the position 1 in Google for a keyword, you will receive almost 1/3 of all traffic for the given keyword.
  • If you are on the second page in Google, on position 15, you will only receive miserable 0.4% of traffic.

So how do you optimize your text for search engines?

The answer is: you write it in such a way that people are able to find it when they search for something on the Internet.

You need some keyword tools. I mainly use the keyword search tool at Wealthy Affiliate, but this tool is only for premium members. It is very simple to use, and very efficient. I can show you how it serves me.

Here are some numbers showing how posts and pages from my site Mountains For Everybody are ranked:

My statistics for the site Mountains For Everybody.
My statistics for the site Mountains For Everybody.

The meaning of some of the numbers is the following:

  • 13.52 – average position for all 175 posts/pages;
  • 30 – the number of my posts/pages in the top 3 on the first page in Google;
  • 56 – the number of my texts on the first page in Google;
  • 160 – total number of my posts/pages on the top 3 pages in Google.

So I am not doing bad. How did I do this? I applied what I knew about search engine optimization. This implies a lot, apart from keywords there are other things to bear in mind. I use some 40-50 rules which are aimed at optimizing my texts for search engines. You can see them in my text on how to improve page rank.

But keyword research is indeed essential. Apart from the WA Keyword Tool, I have also been using Jaaxy. To realize how powerful this tool is, you can try it here (it will ask you to register, but no worry you can have 30 free searches).

How much traffic? How much time to see results?

It is best to learn from examples. And for these examples, I take real people, just like you and me. Some of them started their online business in the same time when I started myself. They are all members of Wealthy Affiliate, a great platform where I started and where I have a few sites hosted.

So have a look into these graphs which show daily traffic in some sites. They all also show organic traffic (you have seen the definition above), i.e., this is all the result of a good search engine optimization:

One Amazon affiliate marketer.
Daily traffic of one Amazon affiliate marketer.
One person promoting Wealthy Affiliate.
Daily traffic of one person promoting Wealthy Affiliate.
Yet another person promoting Wealthy Affiliate,
Daily traffic of yet another person promoting Wealthy Affiliate
One person with his own online business.
Daily traffic of one person with his own online business.

A few comments are in order:

  • The numbers on vertical axis are in K which means 1000. So they have thousands of visitors every day. The one on the graph 3 has more than 30000 per day in average (no, I did not make mistake, thirty thousand visitors per day).
  • I know some of these people, have been in contact with them, so I know how much income they generate. So for example, the income corresponding to the graphs 1 and 2 is in fact very similar to what the graphs show: one of them (from the graph 1) earns more than 10000 per month. The one on the graph 2 earns roughly around 3000 per month.
  • See also the time they needed to get a descent traffic and to generate income. Roughly speaking, they all needed at least half a year to see some effects of their had work. I know this both from the graphs and personally from some of them.

So how is website traffic generated, a short summary

Here are essential steps:

  • You will need a site of course. I assume you have it. If not, you can have 2 sites for free at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Learn about keywords and their meaning. This text in my site may be helpful.
  • Create high quality content and publish in your site. Apply all search engine optimization rules known to you. You will need them.
    What I mean by ‘high quality’? Remember, you write for people who search something on the Internet. Help people by helping them to find your text, and at this point, in your site, give them reliable and honest information.
    You are one of people who search the Internet, you appreciate when you find a good information. You bookmark the site where you find it, you share it perhaps with others.
    This is what visitors to your site will do if you give them what they need. In the process, you will make an income.
  • Go back to the graphs above and think what they really represent: they show somebody’s hard work. You will need a lot of good texts in your site.
    Perhaps you may target a niche with high number of searches and a lot of potential traffic, so you might not need to publish a lot. But this usually implies a highly competitive niche. This may be tough for you if you are a beginner.
  • Observe how long some of the graphs have been flat in the beginning. So be patient and keep working on your site.

Hopefully you find this text useful. If this is so, do share it with others through your favorite media.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me. I shall be happy to have some comment from you in the comment box below. Thank you.



  1. Margarita says:

    Thanks Jovo for the summary.

    Impressive graphs. I will need to achieve something close. In the first months since launching the websites I have paid so much attention to how they look and was publishing very little. Huge mistake.

    As long as you have got information that people would find useful, it can be written on a piece of scrap paper, nobody would care. The same with websites.

    1. Hi Margarita, thank you, yes I agree with you, as long as you have something good to say people will be able to appreciate it. So it is pointless to waste time on technical aspects of a site. Think about yourself when you are searching for something on the Internet. You need an information and you need it as soon as possible, you will not pay attention on technical details in the sites you are visiting.

  2. Fred Chong says:

    Hey Jovo, Thank you for your very informative post. I am reminded of the need to know how much organic traffic I need to grow for my website before it makes sense of making any money. You have shown the reader how money is earned from those traffic performance graphs. That is really enlightening. I will definitely come back to read and learn from your other useful SEO posts.

    1. Thank you Fred. It is great to realize that my text has been useful to you. I wanted to share those graphs with people, because they show what to expect and when, from experience of real people who are successful in online business.

  3. Hello, Jovo!
    Case studies are my favorite kind of articles, and you are doing an outstanding job with yours.
    I have few questions, and I would appreciate a lot your input:
    Does traffic guarantees sales? You have added some graphic pictures of traffic and the amount of time necessary to achieve it, but what else contributes to a profitable business online? What else than traffic is vital for profitability?
    I have read somewhere that when I write an article, I must focus on Customer Purchase Lifecycle. What’s your opinion/experience on that?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Christina, thank you for visiting my site, I shall try to answer your questions. No, traffic does not guarantee sales. Having traffic can only mean that you have a good SEO and this attracts visitors who search the Internet, like a good keyword, good snippet. But there is a lot related to the text itself: is it visually attractive, is it in the style which shows your desire only to sell or to help, etc. These aspects I have covered in my other articles within the site. The bounce rate shows a lot about this issue.

      As for Customer Purchase Lifecycle, this is in fact regulated by your keyword. Long tail keywords convert better, I have an article about this Conversion Benefits Of Long Tail Keywords, so please have a look. Long tail keywords imply that people are searching for something very specific, they have already decided, they are not in the phase of search what exactly to buy, they have decided and now are trying to find the best price and quality for an item.

  4. Ah, how very interesting to see the different percentages of traffic you will receive when your posts fall at the top of page one in Google vs somewhere further down in the rankings. I had no idea of the drastic difference! And thank you for posting the organic results in daily traffic from multiple sites. It does help to see real results and to understand that all of this takes time and dedication but can certainly be accomplished.

    1. Hi Carol, thanks for reading my post. Yes indeed, as you noticed from the text, if you are not on the first page in Google then you practically do not exist. This is a sad fact. As for the graphs, you understand that those are real people and their results. Though the fact is, these are very successful members of Wealthy Affiliate, so not everybody’s graph will have the same increase rate or flat-interval, but this still describes what you might expect. Thanks again and all the bets to you.

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