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how to add PDF to blog - picture of an attachmentIn this page it is shown how to add PDF to blog. This may be necessary in many situations in order to provide some additional details related to your text. In such cases this is a good way to add value to the post or page, and in the same time to keep the flow of your main story uninterrupted.

The PDF itself is not directly within the post or page, but it is added to the media directory of your site, and it can be open through a simple click to a hyperlink in the text. Here I explain basic steps.

[Bach: Prelude 1 in C Major BWV 846 from the Well-Tempered Clavier]

The best way to understand the procedure is to follow an example from my another site  where I was describing Anaga mountains Tenerife, and I attached two PDF forms to the page. Those were forms needed to fill in if you want to visit some particular protected areas in that region. By doing this I kept my story flowing without interruption, and in the same time readers are informed about permissions and the appropriate forms are made available.

Practical steps to embed PDF to blog

1. It is good to have your attachment file ready while you are  writing your text. I keep saying ‘PDF’ just as an example, but this can be any other kind of document of course, like:

  • some map
  • MS Word document
  • picture gallery, etc.

The procedure will be the same  for any of these attachments.

2. You are now at some point in your text where you would like to add the PDF attachment. So go to ‘Add media’ which you see in the editor, and click on ‘Upload files’ and continue with ‘Select files’.

3. Search for the prepared file in your directories in the computer and upload it. The file will appear in your media library, and on the right you will see the information about the file, which in my case looks like this:

Image showing how to upload a file.
4. In the tab URL you see the link, so just copy it. You have done with this. Do NOT press ‘Insert into post’, just close the window at this point.

5. Now in your post/page text do the usual procedure for adding the hyperlink. I assume you are familiar with it, otherwise please follow the given link to my another page within this site. In the window which appears in front of you:

The image of the hyperlink box.
just paste the link from the step 4. Save as usual, and you have your attachment ready for visitors. Go to my page and scroll down to the point where the link to the form is available, to see how it appears when you click on it.

So these are basic steps you need to know on how to add PDF to blog or to WordPress post. I hope you find this text useful. Please leave some comment below, I shall be happy to read it.

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  1. Jennell Ylons says:

    Simply amazing article! I am sure there are many people who are faced with the same problems I recently had. I couldn’t find an online service for merging PDF files.

  2. Hi Jovo,
    Very helpful post on adding a pdf to a blog – and I’m sure a lot of people can benefit – because it seems so simple but it’s not obvious in the wordpress platform. It’s not natural to think it should be uploaded in media – but indeed that’s how you do it.
    Great post and thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Maria. Indeed the procedure is so simple but not so self-evident and it may be difficult for beginners, that is why I decided to write this short text.

  3. Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Jovo,
    Wow I’ve been thing on how to add PDF for months now and suddenly I came to your blog. I didn’t know its that easy, adding to media and uploading,I thought that is only for images.

    A lot of other blogs make complicated ways on how to add PDF but I have to ask, do you know how to make the PDF ask for email? It way be away cooler to get my readers’ emails.

    1. Hi Riaz, thank you. I am not sure about what you ask, so I am sorry cannot answer.

  4. Hello Jovo,

    Wow, so simple once you see it this way. Thank you. I never even thought about adding forms or lists within my posts. The idea of the reader to access this without leaving your post is pure genius. I can tell you know your way around WordPress. I have a question, and I feel you may be able to assist. My post summary page removes my pictures. Would you have tips on how I can keep my images showing on my post summary list?

    1. Hi Paul, many thanks. Regarding your question, this is about the blog roll as I understand. This can be the theme issue. Here is what I do and you can see it in my sites: add a picture in the first paragraph on the right. This is good for several reasons, see my training at Wealthy Affiliate about this. After that press ‘add more’. The text above the line ‘add more’ together with the added picture will appear as an excerpt in your blog roll. This works for me in both of my sites.

  5. Hillbilly Vapor says:

    Hey Jovo, This was was a very helpful and informative page.
    Thank for being so helpful.
    Do you have a page on adding items to sidebar?

    Hillbilly Vapor

  6. Hillbilly Vapor says:

    Hey Jovo,
    Very nice page. I really like your top header picture, I have been trying to find the perfect one for my site. Do you have a page on how to add to the side bar? or is that have to do with your theme?
    Hillbilly Vapor

  7. Hi Jovo
    This post is just what I needed! lol wow I never thought it’d be so easy to add a pdf to my posts… I have been postponing the moment thinking I’d pull my hair out, but your tutorial is really clear and easy to follow !! Thanks !
    Do you know by any chance how I can add a product catalog to a post??
    Cheers =)

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for the comment. It is a pleasure to see that you find my text useful. Regarding the question about the product catalog, I would say that the procedure is the same. The catalog is a file of any kind which you will add in the same way, first add it to the media library and then link it within the text in the usual way as described in the text.

  8. This how to add pdf tutorial has come at just the right time for me – thanks so much for posting it!
    I had the idea a few weeks ago but to be honest I didn’t really think it was going to be this easy!
    Do you have any similar tutorials on creating eBooks on this site? I’m also struggling with that!

    1. Hi Chris, thank you for reading my text. As for eBooks, writing it is the same as writing any post, the only difference is you will use some more common editor like MSWord. Then attaching it to the post is the same as I explained in the text. But you might want to protect it? In this case see my another text addressing this issue.

  9. Great article.

    I love the step by step approach, also I hadn’t thought about imbedding a PDF or a Word doc within a blog post, this is a great idea for content that you have already created and want to share in a different format.

    The instructions are very thought out and well presented with great images to boot, well done.

    1. Thank you Aiden for so kind words. In fact anything can be added to a blog, whatever you normally include in media library. The procedure is always the same.

  10. Great and informative tips can help. I have been using Worrdpress a year ago, and now I know it can be done for upload the pdf file through add-media function from it. I hope this help when my visitors want to download my hellpful material on my website. Thanks a lot!

  11. Thank you for this information. I have added images to my websites before but never documents and I had wondered how to go about it. I have never had to do it before and haven’t had the need but recently I was wondering if it would be a nice idea to be able to let my users download information on certain subjects from my website. I didn’t bother looking into it because I didn’t know how to attach a doc!

    1. Hi Lynne, great to read your comment. I am happy if my text helps you a bit. As you have seen attaching a document is rather easy. Good luck.

  12. Hi Jovo,
    First of all right at the beginning of this article you got my full attention with the link to the Bach prelude heard on piano, one of his most famous works. I have a masters’ degree in music and Bach is right up my alley.

    Now getting to the main topic of this article, I must say that you did a thorough job in explaining to the readers how to go about the procedure of adding PDF files to their articles. You did a nice job of detailing how it would be done and most importantly in a manner in which it was easy to understand to the person reading it.

    I also loved link near the top of the page to both show an example of how this is done, but in the second article itself which showed the sheer beauty of the mountain range in Tenrife. I went to Switzerland, Germany, Austria and part of France/Italy on a 15 day bus trip in Aug. of 1994 for a vacation. The gorgeous mountain scenery depicted in photos that you attached onto the article reminded me of the beauty of the Swiss Alps that we saw on my trip – even as it appeared in summer.

    Again the manner in which you wrote out that second page is sure to capture the attention of any readers looking to travel to that area of the world. You wouldn’t happen to be a travel agent on the side? That article would surely draw in readers looking to visit that area!

    A great job sir that you did in writing out that article. Added to that you also did a great job in promoting WA as an online business opportunity!

    1. Hi Jeff, saying thank you sounds trivial for such a comment. This is probably the best I have ever received in my sites. And regarding your question, no I am not a travel agent, I am just a passionate mountain climber, physicist, and in love with classical music and Bach as you. Many thanks. You made my day.

  13. I stumbled across this article after carrying out a search on how to offer an eBook on your site. My question here relates to this subject.
    You explain how to ‘attach’ a PDF file here to your blog but would the same process be as easy if you were trying to attach an eBook.
    Sorry if this seems a trivial question but I’m relatively new to this and I’ve already made mistakes!
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for visiting my site. I have not attached any eBook so far but do not see any principal difference or particular problem. Only what I see as a possible obstacle is the size of the file, and I think it is around 10 MB. I myself attach music to my posts and pages and the file size appears sometimes as a problem. So just try and you will see if the file size is below the acceptable limit or not.

  14. Thank you, Jovo!
    I just used these simple steps and successfully added a pdf to one of my reviews. I had the exact situation you described – I wanted to give the reader more information, but I didn’t want to disrupt the flow of the review.
    One tip for anyone else who tries it – make sure your pdf is actually ready! I had to repeat this process 3 times as each time I clicked on the link to make sure the pdf would load from the post, I saw another thing I wanted to edit in the pdf. This may sound obvious, but sometimes my ideas zoom ahead of my actions! Does that make any sense? 😀

    1. Hi Robin, great that this text on how to add PDF into blog helped. I am going to visit your site to see how this all looks like.

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