How to Add Videos to WordPress Sidebar


An image showing a video or movie installation.In this text you will learn how to add videos to WordPress sidebar. This may be your promotional video, YouTube video, Vimeo, or whatever else. The procedure is very similar to adding a banner or a photo. I wish to stress that you do not need any plugin for this.

I shall describe the procedure by using a YouTube video as an example. The specific steps are as follows:

  • Selecting an appropriate YouTube video and taking its code.
  • Preparing a Text widget for the sidebar.

1. Selecting a YouTube video

Image with the word YouTube.Most of videos on YouTube have ‘share’ option. So those are free to share, and the authors of the videos are informed when you share their stuff.

  • So now I am in YouTube, and I have found a video on building a site in 30 seconds. You may not believe it but you may have a basic structure of your site in just a few clicks.
  • Next I click on ‘Share’ and this opens some extra options, and one of them is ‘Embed‘. If I click on it, and it offers me a code for the video:Picture of a video with share code
  • But before I copy the code, I click on ‘Show More‘ button which you see in the picture above. This opens extra possibilities to choose the size of the video box as you can see below.Choosing custom size. My plan is to put the video in the sidebar, which is usually narrow.It depends on theme, and for the present site I can take the custom width 250. You will notice that the height is set automatically. This also automatically changes the previously given code. So now I copy the code and continue to the next step.

2. Making Text widget

Text widget with video code.

  • Next, I go to Appearance, Widgets, and grab a Text widget box from ‘Available Widgets’ and add it to Main Sidebar tabs on the right, at any position I want.
  • I open the newly added Text widget and paste the code prepared in the step 1 above. The text widget looks like this on the right.
  • With this the job is done. I save the widget, refresh the screen, and continue to Visit Site in the upper-left corner.
  • My video is ready and it looks like the picture below:Finished video in the sidebar






The video box in the sidebar is indeed small, but this is not a problem as it can be enlarged to full screen.

So this is all, I hope it is useful to you. I shall be happy to read some comment below.

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