How to build a website – faster than making a bread


How to build a website - lego constructionI am a scientist, I do use computer for everyday work and everyday life (just like many of you reading this text). But until a few days ago, I knew absolutely nothing about how to build a website and start an online business.

Nevertheless, I have a passion for a few things which I would like to write about, so I have decided to make a site. It really looked impossible with my (lack of any!) knowledge.

But here I am, a few days later, writing these lines. I did it, it sounds incredible to myself but it is so. I did it with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

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So in this text I shall give answers on the following questions.

  1. How to build a website?
  2. Are those initial steps really so hard?

A short answer to the first question is: it is easy.  As for the second question, the answer is: no. But no need to take these statements as granted,  see the following lines, do some short search on the Internet,  and then make your own judgment.


Recipe for building a website

How to build a website - image of a recipeYou can compare  this with making a bread. But you do not know how to make a bread, do not you? No problem, here is what you need for a bread:

  • water
  • flour
  • salt
  • yeast

Now you will say: man, this is far from any bread yet! Absolutely right. You need a good recipe.


Now about the ingredients for a website.

How to build a website - image of the earth netWhat you need is the following:

  1. A computer (you already have it).
  2. An internet connection (the same, you have it).
  3. Preferably a free website host. But is there such a thing indeed? Yes, you will find it below. In fact there are many possibilities, though I am talking about a unique one.
  4. Mostly likely you will need some free help and guidance. And yes, both are  available, see below.
  5. When you decide to start a real business online it may be good to have your own internet domain, which you may register at NameChep company.

But will it work? Oh yes, this because you have: both ingredients and the best possible recipe, although you are still not aware of it, but read further.


What I actually did?

I am used to search the Internet for scientific purpose, so in a way I had some experience, but this time the topic was far from my comfort zone. I put a few key-words into Google and came to an article about how to build a website and start some online business, which looked sincere and convincing.

This turned out to be the text of an affiliate member of  the Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I read his text and decided to register.

The registration  was free so I thought,  OK the worst that can happen is perhaps  to start receiving some spam mails and cookies. It was a real surprise when I first entered the site; the screen was full of some faces and messages, chatting was on one side of the screen, questions were asked on the central part. My goodness me, it looked like a true workshop.

I realized it was as I read in the article;  a free training was offered. It turned out to be a free series of video lectures under the category Get Started Here, with some additional tasks, altogether 10 lectures,  each on different topics explaining  how to build a website and start some online business.

But this was not all; there was an additional series of 10 lectures which lead you to becoming an affiliate of WA. Here are a few more details about the free courses which they offer.



Videos in the starting a few lectures last roughly speaking:

  • 1 video –  28 min,
  • 2 video- 9 min,
  • 3 video –  14 min,
  • 4 video- 23 min., etc.

Already in the lecture 4 you will make your site. So this is about 75 minutes from start till you have a site created yourself. There are some tasks and additional videos for you to practice and to get some more information, but you realize already this can all be done in  just  a few hours.

So after creating your initial site in a few hours, you can continue through lectures working on your site, learning terminology and adding content. But lectures are  not only on the technical aspect of building a site. They also include step-by-step guide  on how to start an online business as well.

Now, get back to our bread recipe mentioned above.  Those who know how to make a ciabata bread will tell you that you have to keep the dough  for about 18 hours before you set it into oven. Compare this with 75 minutes needed to have your site created yourself. Still not convinced? Try with the site as explained above and then go to YouTube and find some video for bread making and you will see.


Then why it took me a few days?

Yes, it took me a few days, not a few hours, but I was speaking about me, not about you. I was slow and reluctant, and I was reading lectures a few times, and went through all of them before getting back to the lecture 4 and created my first site. This was a great moment for me. At one step I pressed the button and there was a message on the screen:


A few second later my site was there, with the title I invented and with pages I chose.

What I noticed was that even rare opponents of WA where praising the element of “community” at WA.  This is what you cannot be aware of for the time being, but you will realize it once you join WA. Somebody is always there if you are in trouble or want to ask something.

I asked for help many times. Not many of my questions were so smart (I could have removed them afterwards, but I did not), yet nobody was laughing at me. Instead I was getting help, sometimes in just a couple of minutes. A few lectures later, I was able to help others myself, and this is what I am doing right now. But the process of learning continues.

Last night I was working on my site till 5 am, and again  I was asking questions. Believe it or not, people were responding. This is because there is always somebody present,  in some time zone.  So I was not alone, I was making progress.


So is it really as it looks after all?

In short, yes it is. In fact even better. A few facts to show this. You may remain a free member indefinitely. You get a possibility for two free sites for yourself at the WA site, free training  through the mentioned  10 lectures and additional 10 lectures for WA Affiliate boot-camp if you wish to go through this, and many other things.

But you may also upgrade to premium membership and get far more, an incredible amount of material and support which includes another 4 levels each containing 10 lectures, and another 5 levels of WA-Affiliate courses each with 10 lectures and a lot more, in total 110 lectures of material.


Summary of my practical steps

  • I joined (WA) and  registered for free.
  • I passed both free courses, 20 lectures in total.
  • Made a free internet site at WA as a host.
  • After gaining confidence, I then registered an internet domain at NameCheap and built my own internet site at WA as a host. This was the best option for me; reliable registrar company, good price for the domain, only $10.87 per year,   and this includes one year gratis WhoisGuard, a service which you have to pay at other companies.
  • Soon after that I registered yet another domain name and made one more site at WA.
  • I signed up as a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, which is by far the best service for the domain hosting available on the Internet. This opened  access to 90 additional lectures in the two programs they provide, and to an enormous amount of other video and text lectures, with 24/7 help by hundreds of people who are always around, working on their own sites and helping others.
  • I am presently developing  my two sites which I have already created. You may see my fully developed site Mountains for Everybody.


This was about my start at Wealthy Affiliate and on how to build a website. If you decide to follow my steps, in a few days from now drop-in and in the Comment section below write your impressions. Let others know  that you managed. And if you need help and guidance at any time, you can always contact me through my page at WA.

And do not forget, you can start building your site right now and right here. Do not believe? Of course you do not, but see here yourself, fill in the name of your site and build it now (it is free):



  1. Build a Website says:

    My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

    1. Many thanks for the kind words. Yes, in the post I described my own experience. Best regards.

  2. Tony Omary says:

    Hi Jovo,

    I like your tittle. Very eye catching. Building a website faster than making a bread. I feel that toasting a bread would make it easier as it is. it will be ” Build your website faster than toasting a bread.” I also used the platform to build my website within wealthy affiliate. The process was fast and enjoyable.

    1. Hi Tony, great to read your comment, many thanks. My title describes a real situation which I have had when I started building my site. Making a ciabata bred takes more time indeed.

  3. Hello, Jovo. I enjoyed reading your article.
    For someone like me who doesn’t have much time to cook, your recipe for building a website sounds simple enough. If I can learn to build a website like yours, the time put in would be worth it as I can see the results quite tangibly.
    I would definitely be visiting your site again to find out more.

    1. Hi Sue, many thanks for visiting my site and for the comment on my post. This was written soon after I joined Wealthy Affiliate, and I was very impressed with all support I was receiving then, and it is the same now. Jovo

  4. I like how you broke down the steps of how you went through the process and how your experienced the start of building your website.

    1. Thank you Sarah, those were my steps indeed. Glad that you liked it.

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