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Where to buy website domainIn this text you will learn:

  • how to buy domain name cheap,
  • where to register it, and
  • how to build a site for free.

If you are not a beginner then you probably think that you know how to buy domain names cheap, and you have a number of them registered already. The same is with me, I have them registered at several places. But see what I write below and compare with what you know.

On the other hand, if you are a complete beginner then you most certainly feel lost. Trust me when I say that I know the feeling, that is how I felt when I registered my first domain at GoDaddy. Then I registered my second domain at Namecheap. You will read here what I think the best choice is for you.

What was my experience

Why I switched from the first registrar to the second?

Well, more or less, they all look similar when you search and see the data they offer, side by side. But I have problem with GoDaddy that they have some up-sells all the time. So from the number you start, say $13 or so per year, you easily get to far more, see below.

With Namecheap this is a bit different, my experience with them is really good. In fact, a few months ago I registered yet another domain with them, and I made a spelling error. Stupid, I know, but such things happen even to more clever people than me, I am just a physicist.

So I noticed my mistake and contacted them. This was 72 hours after I registered the domain, but they were able to modify the url and I was happy. In fact, I was so impressed that I wrote a post in this site about the same episode.

What you actually pay to domain registrars

In the title above I use the word ‘cheap’; not the best word I assume, more suitable would be to say ‘inexpensive’. My bad English, sorry, I am not a native English speaker. But more importantly, the used phrase is a good keyword, this is why you were able to find this text on the Internet. Now, what this word cheap means?

Some possible domain extensions.
Some possible domain extensions.

There are domains you can buy for one dollar, like those with ‘xyz’ extension. In fact there are many types of domain extensions, see some in the picture on the right.

But I have in mind those that will give you better chances with search engines. These are domains with extensions com, org, and net. They are more expensive, but still the price is reasonable if you are lucky enough.

But it is not only about registering a domain. You pay some other things like

  • identity protection,
  • email,
  • then renewal price is sometimes different from the starting price (see below), etc.

So it becomes expensive in the end. You will most likely have several domains registered, and this all adds up.

Therefore it makes sense to start with a reasonable price for the domain name alone, and to try to avoid all those extras. Domain registrars are business companies, they want to take from you as much as they can, but you know this already.

The best place to register a domain name

When I say ‘the best’ I really mean this. There is a new player in the game. This is Wealthy Affiliate. But let me be clear, they are not new in the online business at all. They have been around for more than a decade. This is a huge site-hosting platform.

Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.
Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

More than half a million of people have passed through Wealthy Affiliate (WA) in the past 10 years. Of course they are not all there now, nevertheless there are tens of thousands of people in the community.

You are suspicious about the number? No need to be, see the picture of the guy here on the right. This is one of the two WA owners, and you see the number of his followers within WA.

When I say new player I mean that some time ago they introduced one new service for their members, and in fact for anybody else. You can read about this here. So now:

  • you can register domain at Wealthy affiliate,
  • you can host your site in the same place,
  • you can follow the best possible courses for building your site and for starting an online business,
  • you can have 2 sites for free.

As you see this is all now under the same roof, you have support for all these activities at one place.

Pity this was not available when I started. Imagine my own present situation, I have domain names registered at several places, and sites are hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. This means several different accounts and paying bills, a mess.

So if you plan to build a site, do not make mistake, build it at WA and have all your business at one place. Register your domain at WA, there are good reasons for that, see some below.

Comparison with other domain registrars

I am going to show you a comparison table with some basic data about what WA offers and what several other well known registrars offer, and then you decide yourself. Have a look:

Comparison of Wealthy Affiliate domains with a few other registrars.
Comparison of Wealthy Affiliate domains with a few other registrars.

What I pay now to Namecheap is practically the same as what you see at WA. The reason is that I do not buy email from Namecheap, I have it included with my site hosting at WA and I do not need it from my registrar. So I pay only Domain Cost + Privacy Protection, and this is 10.87+2.88. Otherwise I would have to pay more, in total $28.75/year.

For my other site registered at GoDaddy, I pay the same two items, but it comes to 14.99+7.99. You see the difference already. At WA this is $13.99.

I am sure now that in future I am going to register domains at WA only.

What you should do

I suggest you to have a look around. Do not rush, be careful and read between lines what all those registrars offer. What starts with a few dollars can easily go to a few tens of dollars, as you see in the examples above.

Problem is that if you are a beginner, you will not understand all terminology they use. Let me know if I can help, there is a comment box below. You may consider the following:

  • If you are a beginner and think that building a site is difficult, you are wrong. I started as a complete beginner in 2014, see my profile page at WA (you will be asked to register first). And I built my sites simply by following lessons. You can buy your domain at WA and host your site there.
  • If you already have a domain registered elsewhere, you can bring it to WA and build a site there.
  • If you do not want to spend any money and just want to try and see how this all works, you can do this for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

They have a free starter program where you can follow two sets of lessons, each with 10 units, easy to follow. And in the process you will learn how to build a site, and you will build two sites for free.

Such free sites which they give are of the type: As you see it has extension ‘‘. Even with a site of this type you can do a lot in online business. If you think to have a site as a hobby then this is for you.

But the domain names which I was talking about are without such an extension. You see the  domain of this site which you are visiting right now, it is

So this is something you will need if/when you are ready to do a real online business. It is good to have such professional domains for many reasons, you will learn about it at WA.

To be more specific, here are two options for you:

Option 1

If you want to register your domain at Wealthy Affiliate, please follow this link.

When you have done with this you will be able register at Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member and start building your online business right away. Premium membership is not free of course, you will find details in my post about WA.

So do not mix two different things: domain registration is one, and domain hosting is another.

Domain registration is what is shown in the comparison table above. You have to pay this regardless where you register your domain. When you register your domain, it is your own as long as you pay the registration fee. Nobody can take it from you.

Domain hosting, for such professional sites, is also something that you will pay regardless where your site is hosted. I think WA is the right place.

Option 2

You may start a free site, with the siterubix extension as explained above. Now, to realize how simple it is to really make a site, you can try it here below. Just type in some domain name which you would like to have. You will get an answer if it is available (not taken by somebody) or not. If not, try something else, you will find some.

So try it now, you will have a basic structure of your siterubix-site in seconds. This is a site builder which will do the job for you:

So with this I conclude this text on how to buy domain name cheap. I hope you enjoyed the text and it was useful to you, and if this is so please share it with others.

I shall be happy to have some comment from you, there is a comment box below.

One more thing: have a pleasant day!



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