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How To Check Website Keyword Ranking - an image of many wordsHow to check website keyword ranking is obviously an important question for every blogger and the Internet marketer. This you may realize if you perform a search for this specific keyword which I made in bold here.

The Jaaxy keyword research tool (which is undoubtedly the best tool of that kind that exists) gives me 105 searches per day for it.

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I wish to stress that your post or page can be ranked for many different words, in fact tens of words in the same time, and I shall give some examples in the text below. So although you may build a text around a specific keyword or key-phrase, it is good to bear in mind what Google terms as a ‘good user experience’: providing a useful information for visitors and make the text attractive.

This means that instead of repeating the same keyword throughout the text, use synonyms and make the text reach. This is also known as latent semantic indexing, you may read more about it in my another page.

Ideally you would like that the highest ranking for a certain post/page is for the specific keyword you have chosen for it. In most cases this is indeed so, but as I said, ranking is by many words and it can happen that the post/page is better ranked for a word or phrase which you did not even think about.

Practical Steps And Tools To Check Site Keyword Position

1. Go Incognito Chrome

Incognito tab in Chrome browserIf you are not ready for any investment into tools, you will be just fine with what you already have on your computer: incognito search in any of the browser you are using. This is thus a free tool.

Here on the right you see the three-bars tab which you will find in the Chrome browser on Button for new incognito window Chromeyour computer. When you click on it, you get an option to search incognito: see it on the picture right. When you enter you will have  Google available for an incognito search. For the present case this means that Google will not give you results dependent on your previous search history. You switch to incognito mode also by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N buttons on the keyboard.

If you perform a usual non-incognito search for your desired keyword you will be delighted to see your page or post on the top of the list. Many beginners make such a mistake. The reality is usually far from that.

So back to incognito search. Now add the particular keyword you used for certain text and Google with give you an accurate list of sites where this keyword is used. If you are lucky, you will see your own page somewhere.

If you do not see your post/page nowhere then this is it, you will have to wait or you might decide to improve your text following some rules for good ranking.

2. Mozilla Firefox Incognito Mode

Image showing mozilla-3-tab-barThe same three-bar tab is available in Mozilla browser, and in the same up-right corner. You may see it here on the right. The procedure is very similar.

If you cannot see the button then just press Ctrl+Shift+P together and you will be in the incognito mode.

I use both, from Chrome and from Google.  Sometimes they show differences but usually those are not essential.

Similar incognito searches are available also in other search engines, like Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari.

3. Check Ranking Through Google Webmaster Tool (Google Search Console)

Menu in Webmaster ToolThis is again a free tool. To use it, go to Search Traffic when you are in Google Webmaster Tool (now known under its new name as Google Search Console). Then click on Search Analytics, see the menu here on the right. This will open a window which will be on the right from this menu.

Below the title ‘Search Analytics’ you will see option ‘Search Quieries‘.  When you click on it you will get a lot of data related to your site.

Here below I give an example for one of my sites about mountains. In the last column you may see the average positions for some of my keywords (of course these correspond to my separate pages and posts).

As you see only one of them, Stelvio pass,  is outside of the Google first page at position 23, so it is on the third Google page. This is a signal to me to try to do something with it to improve its position. The other one, on position 12 (bishorn) is not the actual keyword I was using for that page (the keyword was ‘climbing bishorn’). But as you see I am ranked for this word as well.

How To Check Website Keyword Ranking - example of ranking from Google Webmaster Tool

Below I give yet another example on how I am ranked for two words from the same post as I mentioned earlier. The first could be called long tail keyword ‘climbing Breithorn Zermatt’. This was my actual chosen keyword, and with it I am on the first page of Google, average position 4.2.

The second is the core-keyword ‘Breithorn Zermatt’, which is currently on the second page of Google (position 13):

Example of ranking for two words

A bit later, in the text I shall say more about ranking by many keywords.

4. Jaaxy keyword research tool

Jaaxy is definitely the most powerful tool which you may use to check website keyword ranking. But this tool is not free. However, to really see how it works you may try it directly here below, just type in some keyword which is of interest to you. Note, you will be asked to register, but the registration is free, just try it.

When you register you will have 30 searches for free. If you use them wisely you may end up with a great number of the best possible keywords to write a large number of pages and posts. In the picture below you see how Jaaxy main page looks like:

Image showing Jaaxy menuYou will notice my current remaining free searches. One of them I used to find a perfect keyword for the page you reading right now.

What you also may see in the menu is Affiliate Program of Jaaxy. Bear this in mind, this is one of  most profitable programs of that kind, and this comes as no surprise in view of such a great product.

If you scroll down to the end of the page you will see a YouTube video which shows how easy it is to check site keyword ranking with Jaaxy.

5. Other Site Keyword Ranking Tools Available Online

There is a number of free position checkers on the Internet. You may try some of these:

  1. Keyword Rank Checker
  2. What Page of Search am I on
  3. All-in-One SEO Checker
  4. What is my SERP
  5. Wincher
  6. Serplab.

My advice is to compare these with Chrome and Mozilla incognito (or Jaaxy of course of you have an access) in order to see if they are reliable.

Ranking by many keywords

As I mentioned earlier your post or page will be ranked by many words. Here, I am going to show you how you can check it.

Menu with top pages to show ranking for many keywordsa) Go to Google Webmaster Tool, Search Traffic, Search Analytics (and then open Search Queries). You will see the option Top pages (shown on the right).

b) When you click on it you will get the list of your pages.

c) If I click on any of the pages it will show me the list of (key)words for which my post has been ranked. These may be my own words from the text, and also the words of other Example of ranking for many keywordspeople used in Comments section.

On the right you see one of my pages ‘Climbing Breithorn Zermatt’, and the list of words for which it is ranked. You have seen this case in one of pictures shown above.

On the picture you may see my targeted keyword ‘climbing Breithorn Zermatt’, but you see many more in the list. In fact this list can become enormously lengthy. The longer the better, this all will contribute to the better ranking of your site.

From this you realize potential importance of comments in your site: they obviously bring fresh content to the post/page, and with it they add new words for ranking.

Regarding the issue of keyword ranking, I would like to let you see this video of Matt Cutts from Google. In fact I came across of it after I published this page, so I added it because it supports what I am writing within this page.

He points out repeatedly that instead for focusing on a single keyword one should think about all possible phrases that can bring people to your website. See what he says:


Final remarks. If you are not ranking well for some posts or pages, check them again, see if you have followed the rules for best ranking. If this is not the case, make improvement. Continue adding content, this will bring more traffic and authority to your site and your ranking will improve in time.

You might like to see the following pages relevant to the keywords issue:

I hope you find this text useful and interesting. Please leave some comments in the comment box below. I shall be happy to read them and to answer any question you might have.

Here is a YouTube video explaining some essential features of Jaaxy. At 4:50 minutes you will see how you can use this great tool to determine your site ranking for a specific keyword:



  1. Thank you for opening my eyes on how to use keywords correctly. I never knew I could rank for keyword terms used in comments and the Jaaxy Platform looks like a great tool I should be using.
    How much does Jaaxy cost and have they got discounts for Yearly Memberships?
    Thanks, Jeff.

  2. It is important that when you are building a website, you wan to know what keywords are ranked for so that you know how to improve your ranking better. For those who are new to building website, you might want to know if you are working towards a right direction. It really will help you greatly if you know what your website is lacking of and how to improve it to rank better.

    1. Hi Steve, yes I agree with what you are saying. Thank you.

  3. Great post. I didn’t even know about the incognito search option until I read it in your article, so I definitely learned something new today.

    I typically use Jaaxy’s Site Rank feature to see where my pages stand in terms of rankings. I like how Jaaxy quickly searches the first 20 pages of the search results for any keyword you plug in. It really saves a lot of time.

    Thanks for sharing this

    1. Hi Ian, thank you for the comment. Yes, I know that Jaaxy is very efficient but this is not a free tool. So I use some other techniques describe din the post.

  4. The bizarre thing is, when I check my results on the site What Page of Search am I on, I sometimes get a different result than I do when checking in Incognito in Chrome. I think this is because I use the UK version of Google, whereas that website uses the American version. It’s strange though, because it shouldn’t make any difference except for local results.

    Have you ever experienced any discrepancies like this?

    1. Hi Marcus. Yes I always see differences between the tool you mentioned and incognito searches. I rely only on the latter, and on Jaaxy when I have chance to use it of course. Thank you for the comment.

  5. Hi, Jovo, is a blessing that I fall on this website. I can see clearly why you are successful with your online business. This is the area that trouble me the most. The good thing is when I click on rules for google ranking? BAM! got hit in the face with yet another mind-boggling part of my business. How to improve page rank.

    You bring such great value to your audience. How to check website keyword ranking has never come across to me in such detailed and precise format, the way you bring it across in this article. I commend you for such great value, and anyone coming onboard with you are going to be well trained and directed along the right path.


    1. Very kind words Bishop. I am grateful and humbled. It is great that you find my text useful, I am writing from my own experience after building two sites.

  6. Hey Jovo
    Awesome article you just taught me something about Google Webmaster Tools, how to check your ranking. Like you said I also ranked for words that were not even my main keyword, amazing. I was scratching my head saying I didn’t write an article about this. Thanks for the article, I book marked it and will use it for reference.

    1. Thank you Randy for visiting mys site and for the comment. I appreciate kind words and hope it will be useful to you in future.

  7. Jovo, thank you for this informative post on available programs to check website keyword ranking. I have recently started using Jaaxy after months of trying to use Google’s free option. I can’t tell you how much time I saved myself by using Jaaxy. It is a must have for a serious online marketing professional!

    1. Hi Allan, I could not agree more with what you are saying about Jaaxy. The tool is unmatched with any other. Thanks for the comment.

  8. That’s really interesting, I’m actually a Jaaxy user but before today I was completely unaware of this incognito mode ( and I’m a Google Chrome user! ).
    Great article – keeping track of your pages position is vital if you want to improve on your keyword research 🙂
    Tell me, what do you think about the ranking mechanism inside the jaaxy tool – accurate?

    1. Hi Chris, you are the lucky one if you are a permanent user of Jaaxy. Regarding your question, yes Jaaxy is very accurate, in fact the best. Thank you for the comment.

  9. Yunier Gonzalez says:

    You really hit the nail on the head with this article! Many people just check their rankings by Googling their keywords but this is the wrong way to do it as all your history is still there.

    The incognito tab works wonder but how you went on about Jaaxy I just smiled because i check all my keywords by there and it works wonders !

    1. Hi Yunier, thank you. You are thus the lucky one who has Jaaxy at hand. You simply cannot get it wrong if you use that great tool. But as you rightly say, simple incognito search also gives very accurate basic information about website keyword ranking.

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