How to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress


How to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress - image of a movie tapeIn this post I describe essential steps on how to embed YouTube video in WordPress. This includes:

  • embedding video in the text
  • embedding video in the sidebar.

Having videos in your post or page is one of many factors for improving ranking of your site. Some of most important of these factors I have presented in my recent post.

How to Embed YouTube Video – Practical Steps

I shall describe the process by using one YouTube video which I actually embedded into my site on mountain climbing.

1. So when I choose one video, I check it it has this under the video window:

How to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress -initial information

2. You see the sign ‘Share‘ under the title. If I click on it, I see this:

How to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress - share link

So now I can copy the given link and use it as an hyperlink in my text. The procedure of adding hyperlinks in posts and pages is described in my another post.

Another option is to embed the link into your text.

3. Hence, I click onto ‘Embed‘ button and this gives the following:

How to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress - embed link

4. Under the picture above you see ‘Video size‘ tab. You can choose the size in the menu. When you click it shows this:

How to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress - video size
When you choose the size which you want, you will notice that the iframe link above the picture in the item 3 is changed. There are some other options to choose but this you may ignore.

5. Now you will copy the link and then paste into your text. To do this, in your editor go into Text (or html) mode and paste the code where you want it to be positioned.

6. This is all you have to do, save the page and the result is in front of you, this is how it looks in my site:

How to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress - final shape

Should you embed or link video?

One can also simply add a link instead of embedding YouTube video in WordPress. But in my opinion it is better to embed the video simply because this keeps visitors longer at your site. The time for watching is added to the time visitor stays at your site, which is not bad for ranking after all.

And there should be no problem of slowing down your site because the embedded video is not uploaded until it is clicked on. On the other hand, adding link will imply visitors leaving your site when they want to watch it.

Embed video in sidebar

The procedure of adding a video into sidebar consists of two steps. I shall describe it by using a YouTube video.

a: Making a code for video

For this I make a new post (or page) and give it any name. It will not be published. I use it only to make a code but I shall save it in case I want to make changes.

Then in Text mode I paste the video code which I have copied following the ’embed’ procedure described in the text above. Here is how it looks like:

How to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress - making code for video in Text mode

Note, if you do not plan to add any text in the widget, you may skip this step completely and paste the video code directly into Text widget. Simple editing can also be done within the Text widget itself, see the next step.

b: Preparing a sidebar widget

Now I add a new Text widget into sidebar at any position I want. Then I copy and paste the code from the picture above. Below on the left you can see the Text widget with the code. This is all. I now save the widget, refresh the page and I have my video in the sidebar, you may see it on the right below:In the picture left above you may see that the box width is 640. You may change it to much smaller value using ‘custom size’ in the item 4 above.

Sidebars are usually narrow to play a video properly, but you can expand it to full screen mode and it will work perfectly.

I hope you find this post useful. Please leave some comment below, I shall be happy to read it and to answer any question you might have.

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Below I give a video which I have found on YouTube video. It is about how to embed YouTube video.



  1. Really good guide on how to embed a youtube video on wordpress.

    I’ve followed your instructions and have a video on my post, but I’m trying to center the video. I highlight the video and click center on the wordpress toolbar and it centers the video, but when view the post the video is not centered.

    Do you have any idea what the problem is/how to center an embedded youtube video?

    1. Hi Brok. I think it should be centered automatically, perhaps this is related to theme. If it is not centered, then try perhaps from Text mode by setting the usual ‘center’ command before and after the video code. Cannot give the command because system does not accept it.

  2. Looking good! you really know your stuff, I found your and its looking good, I willl be coming back, to check out your latest articles, keep writiting as good as you do and remember that the better content the better you can make people com visit your site, keep it up!

    1. Hi dannyboy, thanks a lot, your words sounds like a music to my ears. Happy blogging.

  3. Hi Jovo,

    Thanks for a very detailed How to article on embedding YouTube videos in your WordPress site. This is a great tutorial with both descriptive screen shots of the process and a great video. When embedding YouTube videos, I also like that you can also check the start at box and choose where you want to start the video. If you do not want to start it at the beginning but want it to start 10 seconds into the video you can do that; very handy.

    Do you embed videos in every post you write or just some and do you find that the videos help rank your pages?

    I see that you are using the Wealthy Affiliate program. Do you learn techniques like how to create YouTube videos in the Wealthy Affiliate training? Once again, thanks for a great YouTube tutorial.

    1. Hi Val, many thanks for the comment. I am adding videos in most of my texts. They provide additional information for visitors. Indeed, I am at Wealthy Affiliate, I have my two sites hosted there and I have learned everything at Wealthy Affiliate. You may see here how I started building my first site.

  4. Very informational thanks! My wife could do with this tutorial. She’s trying to start a wordpress blog and is always asking me stuff like this. It’s great that simple yet informative tutorials like this exist for free. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Absolutely love your theme. It merges well with your colour scheme and your content 🙂

    1. Hi Raymond, great to read your comment. It is great if you find the text useful. As for the theme I am using, I must say am also happy with it.

  5. Juba HADJAL says:

    Hello there !
    I was looking for this training and I must say that you explained the process in an excellent way! I thank you for that I’m going to bookmark your website so that I can come back to it later.
    I want to add a video to my website. Thank you for your precious help

    Looking forward to networking with you.

    You friend Youba

    1. Hi Juba, many thanks for visiting my site and for the comment. It is great that you find my text useful.

  6. Jovo, I find you post instructive. I however, find it distracting and sometimes annoying if for every few sentence I have to click on a link to learn what you previously posted. I hope you may find it within yourself to reduce the number of necessary back links. Anyway today, I learnt that have videos on my site can help create an authority figure in my niche. Who doesn’t want to be called an authority or who doesn’t want ranking on google.

    1. Thank you Emmanuel, I appreciate your comment and accept what you are saying about too many links. Valid remark. I shall pay attention to this. Many thanks.

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