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An image of google in magniifier.How to improve page rank is the key question in online business. I have many of my pages ranked on Google first page. Here I describe how I managed it.

As you can imagine libraries are full of knowledge, but it remains there until somebody opens the books and read them.

In your online business it is the same. You may have a great text, but it will remain unnoticed unless you prepare it in such a way that it attracts the audience.

Remember, you yourself are the audience in your everyday life; you search the Internet, you type-in some words in Google box and get results. So you know already how it looks like. Now the question is what you should do so that people searching for topics from your post or page end up at your site.

[Mangore – Aires Andaluces]

1. Keywords

People search by typing in some words or phrases. This is what we call keywords. As you know in reality those are in fact some phrases, like ‘how to improve page rank“.  Of course you can type “page rank” but this is more general and it will give you a huge number of links.

Using the first phrase you will have less competition and better chance to rank high on Google, while still having a good traffic. This kind of long phrases are called long tail keywords or ‘long hanging fruits’. How long tail keywords really work you can read in my another post.

For the first phrase, I use keyword tool from Wealthy Affiliate and get: searches 554, and traffic 95. For the second I get: searches 3757 and traffic 639.  So I decided to use the first phrase. Put yourself in the position of somebody who is interested to know how to improve ranking. You know well you would like to be more specific, so you would do the same as I did here.

As you see, now I have a good key-phrase, I know that people are searching for it. Next is: what to do with it?

2. Title of the post

2.1. You will use the same keyword in the title, ideally in the beginning of the title.

2.2. Use H1 size for the title, or H2 if your theme does not allow H1. Note, you can do this any time even in your older posts and pages.

2.3. The title tag (or meta title) can be different as compared to the title of the post/page. This is the text you insert in the tab below, in the SEO section of the text editor. As you see, in my case it is the same as the title of the post:Image showing title tag box in SEO part of editorThe title tag should be at least 40 characters (spaces included) and not over 55-60. If it is not properly done Google will modify it and put something else. Most frequently this happens when their robots conclude that the title tag does not fit best the keyword(s) you use.

Bear in mind that the 60 character limit includes your site title as well. In other words, you will have something like this: “Post title – Site title”, and this all together should fit into the 60 characters limit. So choosing a short Site title can be an advantage.

3. Meta description

People frequently ask about it, is it important or not. The answer is yes. It is extraordinary important. Make sure you do it properly. Roughly speaking, meta description should be the first paragraph after the title. And here are a few rules to follow:

3.1. Generally you will see that it is advised to keep it below 155 characters (spaces included). This is easy to remember. Do not ignore this. But in fact you should keep it below 145 characters, see one example below:

One example of a post found on Google

Now you see that it contains the date, which effectively reduces the available number of characters which you may use. This date will appear later in your meta description, so make it ready for this.

3.2. Make sure that it contains your keyword for the current post. Like in the case of the title, the closer to the beginning the better.

3.3. Be specific, make it appealing, attract the reader. This is the first information (together with the title) which people see about your post when searching on the Internet (see examples below in the text).

3.4. When you edit your post, scroll down and type-in the meta description in the specific box provided for this purpose, see here how it looks like in WordPress editor. This is meta description for the present post which you are reading right now:

Meta description box with an example text.

If you do not edit it yourself, Google will just cut and paste some part of your text and place it under the title. This can look rather bad.

See below two perfect examples which demonstrate what I am talking about. This is an actual screen-shot of the Google page obtained after an incognito search for the key-phrase “Monte Breva”, which is a mountain in Italy.

The first is my own post about this mountain, it is on position 1 on Google first page. The second is the same mountain from another site; you should know that this second site is the best know site about mountains in the world, with thousands of pages and very detailed descriptions, simply the most important authority site on this niche that exists. And yet, my page from my relatively small site Mountains for Everybody is on the first place.

Now, look more closely the sentence below my title: it is specific, to the point. Compare this with the second site; this is what Google did to it: just copied  a few words from the beginning of the text. You may realize why I am on the first place here.

Image from Google showing my number 1 post

Observe also that there is no the date here yet, as mentioned in the item 3.1 above. So these posts are more recent.

I wish to stress that in spite of all efforts, you may see sometimes that Google ignores what you suggest as the meta description, and it takes some arbitrary part of your text for this purpose. This could be the case in the example given above. If this happens to you just do not panic. Try to modify it and perhaps it will be accepted; if not you will have to live with it.

4. Pictures

4.1. Make sure that your pictures and photos have ‘alt tag‘ containing your keyword. See below what I mean, this screen you have when you include a picture into your file. So do not forget this description which you may see here:

Image showing the box for image attributes Caption and Alt-TextBut this should not be completely the same for every picture. So, you may use keyword + ‘something else’ (in the present  ‘about images’) which is appropriate for this specific picture, and this should be OK for Google.

4.2. Make sure that your picture file contains your keyword. Note, the same applies here as in the item 4.1.; in case of many pictures the picture file name structure may be ‘keyword+something’, for each picture separately. For the picture above, the file name is “How to improve page rank – about images.jpg”.

Much more about images you can find in my another text on the image SEO best practices.

5. External links

Try to include a few out-bound links pointing out to some authority site. This is liked by Google because it shows your confidence in the quality of your own site. You may see them in this text, I have a few.

But do not put too many affiliate links in your post. This will make your site looking like yet another spam site, or a mirror site.

6. Internal links

Make internal links between your own posts and pages within the site. Google loves this; I have a couple of them in this text. The idea is to keep a visitor longer on your site. This increases probability that they come again.

Centralize your links by pointing from your post(s) to your pillar article or your promotional article. This is beneficial for several reasons:

  • your site will be looked upon favorably by Google,
  • you will get visitors potentially longer on your site,
  • you will increase traffic of your pillar article,
  • you will increase the number of internal links which will be liked by Google.

In my recent post I have described essential steps for making internal links.

7. The keyword again

You may repeat the keyword again within the concluding paragraph(s) of your post (see some variation of this rule below), but you will not make mistake if you skip this.

But in any case, forget about ‘keyword density‘, this is an obsolete concept, Google sees this as spam and you may be penalized. So instead, do as suggested in the item 8 below.

8. Think about Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

What is this about? You may read more on Wikipedia, but the idea is to use synonyms, i.e., variations of the keyword which have similar meaning. Put it simply this way: a text with an ‘appropriate keyword density’ (in the obsolete concept) looks boring. Phrases that are repeated through the text are not the best choice.

Use LSI density instead, this may increase your ranking on Google. Have a look in the paragraph below item 11 below; I use the key-phrase how to improve website ranking, and in the last-but-one paragraph I use how to improve Google ranking. You should know that both these key-phrases are exceptionally good. Using Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool, it turns out that for ‘searches’ and ‘traffic’ numbers, the former has 330; 75, and the latter 270; 46.

In any case, the best place to see more about Latent Semantic Indexing is Google itself.

9. Length

Make a proper text and a proper story, at least over 300 words. Short posts packed with links are a recipe for failure and bad ranking. The present one contains 2200 words, just to get some idea.

10. Meta tags

Do not waste your time on meta tags. Those are of no use whatsoever (see the video here). But please do not mix this with meta description.

11. Paragraphs

Do not make too long paragraphs, make your text reader-friendly. You yourself surely do not enjoy reading a text with lengthy paragraphs. It is recommended not to make paragraphs longer than 6 sentences.

12. Make lists

“People love lists”. I am just quoting Matt Cutts from Google. So make lists, they are effective. You see my list here, it looks good I believe.

13. Use keyword in URL

Make sure that the URL of your post contains keyword of the post. But do not change old existing URLs.

14. Use keyword in your Google+ account

You will surely share your newly created post on Google+. If so, make sure to use the same keyword in the description which you use there as well. And again, the closer to the beginning of the description the better.

15. Embed some video in your post

Ideally this should be your own video. But if you do not have your own, use those from YouTube that have ‘share’ button. This is completely legal and do not hesitate to use it. I am using one below. Make sure that you use videos that are relevant to your keyword and post.

16. Make sure that you answer comments

Engage with the audience. Google will like it and your visitors will like it as well. Comments are essential from many points of view. In fact I wrote a separate page about comments so please have a look, you will realize how important they are.

17. Use a mobile-friendly responsive theme

This is a must nowadays. There are many nice responsive themes available. The one I am using here is zeeDynamic and it belongs to this category.

18. Use WordPress

In the video below from Matt Cutts you will realize how much Google appreciates WordPress. Just by using it, you will make about 80-90 percent of mechanics related to search engine optimization. It makes your post crawlable and easily accessed by Google.

Final note: if you are not happy with your text, you can keep changing and improving everything in your post, except its URL.

So this is my understanding of the question how to improve page rank. I warmly recommend you to follow the rules presented here in order  to improve website ranking. If your text does not rank well in Google you can not be successful in an online business. You may see some details about statistics in my another text. Here just to say this:

  • If you are on the top position in Google you can expect more than 32% of the total traffic for the given keyword.
  • If you are on the position 10, you can expect around 2.4% only.
  • If you are on position 15 you will have 0.4%. You’d better not be there.

There are many more rules, literally over two hundred, this is a statement of Matt Cutts from Google. Of course such a list will never be made public by Google.  Therefore the list presented here is far from complete. But these are some basic rules. Follow them, they have been proved in practice, by me and by many others.

It was pointed out in the text above that having a good keyword is essential for good ranking. For this you need a good keyword tool. Try this one, you will not regret, they give 30 searches for free.

Remember there is a place to learn all what you need for a successful online business. Read more about this in several of my posts here within the site. This one is the first text I have ever written in any of my sites, as a total beginner (and you might notice it was done by a beginner, but I do not want to modify or improve it).

And here is my take on Wealthy Affiliate, try it and you will not regret it. Everything I know about online business and website building, including the tricks on how to improve Google ranking, I have learned there.

Please leave your comments below, I shall be happy to read them. Remember, you can always get in touch with me through my WA profile.

A few interesting topics relevant for search engine optimization:

Here I give a video by Matt Cutts from Google on SEO optimization:



  1. Where do you expect to land with such a competitive keyword? I think you’ve got a challenge here. Best of luck to you!

    1. I am not concerned about this particular text, this is more a reminder for myself. All described here I am applying in my another site where presently, out of 230 texts, 210 are in the top 3 pages in Google and almost 80 of them are on the page 1 in Google. Have a look there and you will see.

  2. Hi Jovo, not much to say. Very well thought out with a lot of information. A bit too much for this time of night, very tired now.

    I will be back to educate myself a bit more from time to time and perhaps we’ll run into each other on the forum.



    1. Hi Jim, thank you. These are rules which I apply myself when I write my texts. So it is great that you feel it is helpful to you. All the best.

  3. Hi Jovo

    finally I got the time to cruise around your page – and besides many known facts I learned many new details.
    – So until now I didn’t put the keyword into the metadescription. I thought, this is too much. Is it really better for SEO, for the reader it doesn’t give more info IMO.
    – I’m glad I can stop worrying about meta tags. Haven’t used it much anyway.

    My questions:
    1) Why should I repeat keyword in metadescription?
    2) Alt Text for images: do I have to connect the words wit a dash like hear-based-power?

    Thanks and greetings, STefan

    1. Hi Stefan, thank you for visiting my site. Keyword in meta description is suggested by many, including Matt Cutts form Google. This is the first text readers see on the Internet together with meta title. Here is a link to his YouTube video, you may have a look. As for Alt Text, yes please use hyphens. See more about this in my training at Wealthy Affiliate about website image optimization for SEO.

  4. Jovo,
    Very informative article. Lots of things for me to learn inside this article. I have joint down a few useful items attaching pictures using alt tag. Thanks for sharing this informative article to readers like us. I will be waiting to hear from you for more articles so that it can benefit others.

    1. I am so happy to hear it was helpful. You are most welcome. Thank you.

  5. Wow. I am impressed with this post! I have just bookmarked it as it contains plentiful of useful information! I simply love it!

    I have just learned so much from reading this post! There are so many things to consider in order to get a page well ranked on Google search result!

    I was not aware that images in blogs are important as well. Brilliant post!

    I am actually interested in learning more about Jaxxy tool that you mentioned in your article. I will find out more about that. What is your experience with Jaxxy so far?

    1. Hi Alex, many thanks for the kind words. Regarding your question about Jaaxy, I used it in one period but I am not using it at the moment. Great tool in every sense.

  6. Thank you so much for referring me to this article. I have actually been researching about this very topic and putting all the ideas that I came across together for my own use and also to try to formulate an article about this very topic. Mainly, because I couldn’t find any articles that put all the important items of information into one article. You my friend, are the first that I have located to do it.

    The information you have here, I have come across before in bits and pieces and therefore, found it difficult to make sense of it all. You have thoroughly put all the information in a step-by-step guide that even I can understand and follow! Now, I can review what I have already done and find any mistakes so I can eliminate them.

    Excellent instructional material that has been a great help to me because I could see everything that should be done in one process activity.

    I hope you don’t mind if I refer your page to others that I know are also having some struggles in this area and I will definitely put a link to your page on my site if you don’t mind.

    Thanks again for all your efforts and it is a tremendous help. I will be keeping my eye out on some of the other links you gave to some of your articles.

    1. Hi Verna, you are very kind with me. I am really happy if my texts helps you. I wrote it by collecting what I was learning at Wealthy Affiliate, so this is all my first-hand experience. I shall be happy to help if you have any further question. Best luck.

  7. Merceadez says:

    Your article was so informative. I learned a lot about why my site may not be getting page ranks in google. I never thought to add alt tag’s on to my pictures. Maybe this will help me. I agree with your key word advice. choosing key words with less competition really makes a difference in the amount of 1st page ranks.. I only have a few but I hope with taking your advice I can gain several more 1st page ranks.

    1. Thank you Merceadez, it is great that my text is useful to you. I wish you success in your online activity.

  8. Nice post! I would like to add a comment about your first point, that being the choice of keyword. Finding and using keywords that have relatively low competition is an important part, in my opinion, of getting high-ranking posts quickly upon publishing them. These are sometimes referred to as “low-hanging-fruit” keywords.

    1. Thank you Mike, I added a few words in the mentioned paragraph.

  9. Thank you for your article. I learned a lot about ranking today. I have discovered I need to go fix a few keywords on my site for better ranking in Google. How long have you been designing webpages? Your ranking in Google is great did it take you a while to get on the first page? I also need to make sure my titles contain keywords.

    1. Hi Vicky, thank you for the comment. Yes I have many pages ranked on Google top page, presently around 40 for my site about mountains, this us more than half of all texts there. This is a bit dependent on niche and mostly just SEO. See about how long tail keywords work in my another text.

  10. Wow I just learned a whole lot about ranking in google. I am now going to bookmark this site and have a look at some of my older posts. Up until now I have only been putting keywords in my title and first paragraph so I have some work to do. So glad I stumbled on this article. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Melody, great name, and a kind comment on my post, so thank you. I am happy that you find it useful. Yes there are several places where you should use your keyword and this might increase your chances for a better ranking.

  11. Hi Jovo – Quite an amazing post and website. I, like a lot of people have struggled to get ranking from Google. After reading this post I appear to have made some basic fundamental mistakes.
    Nothing too serious and can be put right.
    My job now is to correct the mistakes.
    Thanks for providing such in depth information

    1. Hi Mark. Great to read your comment. Many thanks for visiting my site. I am happy if my text was helpful.

  12. RightKarma says:

    Hi Jovo, you have a list which is very good.
    I like your idea of having a music track on the page. You may wish to alert the visitor that this is a music not related to subject but is there for his/her experience ! I just mistook it to be a podcast and waiting for a minute to start. ( I am ignorant of the track name below, which I saw later)
    Asides, this is once post where every thing is covered.
    You may wish to move Matt Cuts video, which is great on to the top! ( In that case audio can be redundant). Great post!

    1. Hi RightKarma, many thanks for the comment. I appreciate your suggestions, I shall see about it. Though I thing the video by Cutts is hardly a proper replacement for the music of Mangore.

  13. Hey Jovo
    This is a amazing site with great content. The information you provided is easy to understand and follow. I’ve read all the tips and I must say I’ve learned a lot. You have done a good job in explaining how Google works and how to get ranked. I’m going to apply the tips you provided and hope to make it to the first page within my niche. Great site!

    1. Hi Kevin, many thanks for reading my text and for the comment. I am sure these rules will help, and I sincerely hope you will achieve a great ranking with it. Best luck to you.

  14. Hi Jovo,

    This article is quite comprehensive, and yet it is easy to understand and follow. You did a very good presentation, and it is easy to grasp.

    This is very convincing, you have a proof of concept, even topping the world’s authority site. Now that’s something to reckon with!

    You mentioned something, Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool. Is this really effective? What does it do? Is this available to all? Free?

    I am into blogging, and I am quite interested on what you have done, what you are doing. I sure am keen to make this mine, so I can make my posts and articles come up to first place, page one.

    At least I know that there is a ‘clean’ way to do it.

    Hear from you soon. Thank you!

  15. Hi

    Great post, really. Very informative. Definitely helpful for beginners and not only.

    You can always share your post on many different social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest etc. not only on Google +

    And you can always add a descritpion to your images and use a keyword in a description.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you Luke. In fact I have mentioned the keyword in images and also Google+.

  16. Awesome tips on how to improve your google page rank – just what I needed after a slow going day working online!
    Thanks for this info. I’m especially impressed by the section covering the H tags in the titles etc – never realized how important they could be. Should you do this on every post?

    1. Hi Chris, regrading your question about H tags, yes you should do this in every post. Thank you.

  17. Hello again Jovo, the keywords are a problem for me. I want to write content out of what I think could help. However, when I consider that I have to have a keyword phrase first, it makes the task difficult. Sometimes, I try and try keyword phrases and then I am clueless about what to write about the keyword title. Maybe it is me. By the way, English is my second language.
    Anyway, you have a gift in teaching in a very friendly way.

    1. Thank you Martha, English is not my native either. As for the keywords in the beginning of the first paragraph, yes sometimes it makes problem to me too, so some starting sentences may look awkward. But I have seen that some experts advice that even so it is better than move it some other position in the sentence or in the paragraph. I suggest you see my text about keyword ranking. The keyword was ‘what is keyword ranking’, so I made a sentence that looks like a joke, have a look, but I think it was not a bad choice at ll.

      Thank you for kind words. I am only writing what I have passed myself not so long ago as a complete beginner.

  18. Thanks for this – really useful information for struggling bloggers ( like myself! ). I was recently told that post/article comments make a big difference in SEO and rankings.
    Is this actually true and if so how powerful do you think they are overall?
    Also, what keyword tool do you use to discover new titles/headings?

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for visiting my site and for making comment on this particular page on how to improve page rank. As for your question about post comments, I recently published an article about comments in a post. Indeed comments are important from several points of view: i) they are seen by search engines as a new content on the site, ii) you can use them to add extra links between your posts and pages, just as I am doing in this reply to you, and iii) you can even add affiliate links in your replies. As for the keyword search tool, I am using the Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate.

  19. This is really amazing information. I’ve been using Latent Semantic Indexing intuitively as a writing style but I didn’t know it actually had a name. I’m going to start using these tips soon. In fact right now I’m going to my blog sites and updating the meta descriptions.

    1. Hi Gary, great to read that you find my text useful. Meta description is the first information people see about your post and page and this is what makes it so important. Thank you for visiting my site.

  20. Great post Jovo! You mentioned all important aspects of getting top rankings in Google and to be honest I have almost nothing to add. Just I would like to say a few words regarding comments. As you exactly say we need to engage with our audience because comments are now playing a big role in getting better rankings in Google. I know exactly from my personal experience and from what I see on other sites, sites that have less content but more engagement with their audience (comments) get way more traffic from search engines and have better rankings than sites that have more content and less engagement.

    1. Thank you Rufat for visiting my site. I could not agree more regarding your remark about comments. In fact I wrote a separate page about comments alone. Comments are very important from many aspects. Many thanks. Jovo

  21. Anewcreature says:

    Just My Thinking is very “tight” You hit on some things which are all important in internet marketing and social media. I am sure you are going to add more information as time goes on.Will there be a dialog using a comment plug in on your site? Anyway keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for visiting my site and for reading the page on how to improve page rank. Yes this is a rather new site and the content will definitely increase in time. I do not plan to use comment plugin, such a dialog is already possible through these comments. Jovo

  22. Interesting post, thank you. I use a free plugin called SEO Smart Links that actual checks the keyword density, meta tags, meta description and so on and it gives you a score based how well your page SEO is set-up. I think it’s very important to take the time to ensure your SEO is done correctly for good page rank.

    1. Thank you Mark. I think the keyword density is a bit obsolete concept. As for the rest, I like to check it myself following the rules which I listed in this page How to improve page rank. This has resulted in about 44 percents of my pages in the site about mountains to be on Google first page, several of them on the position 1 on the Google first page.

  23. google analytics says:

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources
    back to your blog? My blog site is in the exact same niche as yours and my
    users would truly benefit from some of the information you provide here.

    Please let me know if this alright with you.


  24. Irene Anum says:

    i like all your posts. Learnt more about customising my wordpess website. thanks

    1. Many thanks Irene. Great that you find it useful. Jovo

  25. This information was extremely helpful. I was able to incorporate meta descriptions into my posts. I did not know the importance of them. Thank you so much.

    1. It is great to see that you find it useful. I have invested a lot of time in this post. Many thanks for visiting my site. Jovo

  26. Jewel Carol says:

    Dear Jovo

    Thank you very much for yr resourceful “justmythinking” website. i love it because it is so neat, clean and easy to navigate. 🙂

    You are right, you need to target the good keyword phrase. Many internet marketers are not able to do that and are complaining why they are not making money at all. 🙁 The biggest mistakes I think is that they target the wrong keywords or they target the “too competitive” keywords of their websites. It is so important, and we tend to forget, if we could analyze our keywords so that we could produce the right conversions and ultimately the ability to make more money from our websites. 🙂

    Once again, thank you once again for a wonderful blog post on “how to improve page rank”.

    Jewel Carol

    1. Thank you Jewel for kind words and encouragement. It is great to have such a good opinion from an experienced blogger. Jovo

  27. Hi Jovo. Your website is very very informative. It is very important as all the newcomers always think about to get their page ranked in search engine. So, your website would be the best choice for them to learn about how to do to get page ranked. Btw, I also learnt a lot from your site. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Darren, things in ranking are changing and it is important to be informed and keep improving posts. I am learning and changing my own posts all the time. Jovo

  28. Jeff Czajka says:

    Hello Jovo,

    Congratulations on beginning your second site. It’s looking good so far with great information. Keep on plugging away. It will pay off.



    1. Thank you Jeff for kind words. This is work in progress, many things to fix. Jovo

  29. Steen Rasmussen says:

    I am glad that I was reading this article. The finding good phrases that can help get context-up in the search engines is not hard as long as you persist in thinking of your readers.
    Is it we write full of good information so people are also on the page and come back for new later

    1. Thank you for your comment Steen. Yes it is essential to think from the perspective of a reader. Jovo

  30. Lots of good advice in one article. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Jovo,
    I love your site! So laid back but yet professional. The information you have provided here is invaluable:) Thanks again! Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Thank you Camille, great to hear such an opinion from somebody who already has a lot of experience in this activity. Jovo

  32. Hi Jovo
    Thank you for the info. Your website is truely awesome and very easy to follow. I like the way you explain things in plain terms – which is really necessary for newbies like me 🙂 This is going to be so helpful when I come to do my website. Have bookmarked your site. Wish you all the success with your next website.

    1. Hi Lorraine, thank you for the comment and let me know when you have your own site. Jovo

  33. I skip “not” in a comment above. I found info, which will help to build better website, more Google friendly. Regards.

    1. I realized it was a typo, I appreciate your efforts. Thanks again NemiraB.

  34. Thanks for so concentrated information. I bookmarked your post. I found some details what did know. Thank you. Nemira

    1. Thank you NemiraB, in fact myself need the list presented here when I work on my other site. It is easy to forget rules which are essential. Jovo

  35. This is really important .Specialy for a biginner like me . I wrote the information down .I hope that after following these useful steps my website will be ranked .Thank you and I wish you much of success with the new site .

    1. Thank you Lamia, those are indeed the essential steps. Jovo

  36. Hi, I wanted to let you know that I found your post on ways to improve page rank very informative. I was aware of some but not to the extent that you have in your post. I appreciate the information and I plan on using some of the ideas that you have presented.

    Thanks again,

    1. Kind words Tammy, very grateful. I did the research for myself as well. Jovo

  37. Wayne Zinn says:

    A lot of good advise and training, when you put it this way it’s not so hard to do. I liked it keep it up and will be checking back.

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