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How To Publish A Post In WordPress - an image with the word blogIn this text I present a few steps on how to publish a post in WordPress. The motivation to do this came after somebody asked a question about it recently at Wealthy Affiliate where I have my sites hosted and where we have a platform for asking for help of any kind. I realized that it might be necessary to explain some steps for beginners in detail.

So I shall assume you are in your WordPress editor, either in Visual or Text mode. You have you text for a new page ready, and you want it published. Here are some essential steps:

How To Publish A Post In WordPress - menu on the right in WP editor1. On the right of the editor you will notice the button ‘Publish’. So it is self-evident what you have to do. After pressing the button the Status of the text is changed and it says Published, as you may see here on the right.

2. In fact the published text does not appear in the menu yet. So in the next step, I have to include it in the menu.

On the left side of the screen you may see the option Appearance. Click on it and you will get a sub-menu, so choose Menus and click on it again. You will get what is presented in the next picture below on the left. You see that my page with the title of this article is on the top.

Now I check this item in and press ‘Add to menu’. Next I inspect the menu on the right-side of the screen and I find my new page appearing in the list on the bottom, you see it below on the right:

How To Publish A Post In WordPress - the items obtained after pressing Appearance and Menus

How To Publish A Post In WordPress - the new item added to the menu








3. Next, I drag and drop this menu tab to desired position in my menu. In the present case I want it as a part of the sub-menu under my page about WordPress. So you have found it there as I wanted.

4. In some situations you may want to password-protect your page? Fine, to do this please see the procedure described in this page.

5. What if you are writing a post instead of page?

How To Publish A Post In WordPress - an image with menu from editorIn this case when you press ‘Publish’ the job is done. It will appear in your blog-roll. But in some cases you might want it to appear in the main menu as well (a post can appear at several places, that is why posts are so popular). You may want it there as a separate item or as an item in a sub-menu. The procedure and logic of this is described in detail in my another text within this site.

Here just to stress that the procedure is similar to the one described in the step 2 above. You see the item, ‘Posts’ in the picture above? Press on it, and you will find your new post in the list; click and add to menu and repeat the procedure as for the page.

6. How to stick a post?

New post normally appears on the top of your blog-roll. So when you write next one, the previous is pushed to the second place. But you might want to keep some specific post on the top permanently or for a while. This is easily done.

In the picture below-left you see the menu in the editor on the right-side of your screen. In the ‘Visibility’ option, when you click on ‘Edit’ it will offer you possibility to stick the post, you see it on the right after I had checked the option in. Now press OK, and you will stick your post on the top of your blog-roll.

How To Publish A Post In WordPress - how to stick post, menu on the right

How To Publish A Post In WordPress - how to stick post, menu on the right after opening visibility






7. If you want to publish your texts in some strict time intervals, you have an option to make a schedule. In the picture above-left you see the option ‘Publish Immediately’ and ‘Edit’. When you click on ‘Edit’, it will offer to add a date.

In such a way you can make a schedule for your post to be published in any specific moment. If you have several texts ready for publishing you can do the same for each of them.

There is no harm of such a regular schedule, and many so called experts will advise you to do this because ‘Google loves it’. In fact this is yet another myth. This really does not matter. See below the video of Matt Cutts, a top-ranking Google official (at that time), who speaks about this issue.

I hope you find this text useful. Please leave your comments in the box below. I shall be happy to answer any question.

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  1. Great content!

    Your article provides sufficient information on how to publish a post using word press. Well, I think we all know that word press has been used by many people for the content in their websites. It may also be the most recommended site to write.
    However, beginners might have some hard time at doing it because of how complicated it might seem. Thank you so much for having the initiative to share what you have learned about it.

  2. Hi its Alwxey.
    Nice post on wordpress and how to actually add your content to your website. I thought I knew everything but surpisingly enough I learned something for myself as well. Its a lot easier to understand how to actually do it with all that imagery so thanks for that!

    1. Thank you Alexey, I added this text hoping that it might be useful to some people. All the best to you.

  3. I have been trying to create a website and from my understanding is that WordPress is the most popular platform.

    I am glad I came across your website since I needed to find information about ways of creating a post. As I scrolled down your page I found related texts that I found interesting. I am going to start with:

    How to build a website. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are most welcome Juan, great that my text was useful to you. All the best.

  4. Oh wow I had no idea what a sticky post was before reading this post. Thanks a ton for explaining this. I could definitely use it for my new site. I didn’t even know you could schedule posts to be posted and updated at different time intervals. I’m learning so many great things today, thanks to you. This should definitely help me post more consistently. These are some really great WordPress tips and am glad I came across your site. Thanks!

    1. Hi Pete, great to hear fork you, and I am happy that the text on how to publish a post in WordPress was useful.

  5. Hello there

    I’m glad to be here again, as a newbie in everything online, I’m struggling with many aspects of website building, was looking for some tips on WordPress when l got to your site.
    You have explained everything so well and into detail, so easy to understand that even for anyone not having a lot of experience in WordPress,it should be easy to follow.
    Your post has helped in many ways but schedule my post was always a worry,now l will be able to do it with confidence thanks so much.
    Cheers Roamy

    1. Thank you Roamy, very kind of you for making comment on my text. This is not so difficult issue and yet people have problems with it, that is why I put it in the file.

  6. Hi Jovo,
    Nice flow of thoughts right there on how to publish a post using WordPress. Anyone following those steps would not get lost on the way.
    Would you consider even other aspects like layout an design, how to insert a logo in the header of a WordPress site, etc. Those are just thoughts, though. It’s just-my-thinking for I reckon you’ve chosen a nice niche.

    1. Thank you Boniface, great to read your comment. I might think about suggestions you put forward, thank you.

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