How To Rank On The First Page In Google In 2 Days


How To Rank On The First Page In Google - picture with word blogging and seoIn this text I describe how to rank on the first page in Google in just 2 days. This is not an abstract story which describes the procedure following some theoretical principles. It is a demonstration of my own recent experience, a very practical example which may be useful and instructive for readers.

I published a text on how to stay on Google first page where I suggested several ways on how to maintain and preserve your position once you get ranked on the top page on Google. The text was ranked on the first page on Google already 48 hours after it was published.  Here is what I did.

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1. Choose an interesting topic

There are a lot of texts on how to get to the first page on Google, but it turns out that the situation is completely different if you want to know more on how to remain top ranked on Google or in general. I did some research, and also asked at my hosting platform Wealthy Affiliate. This is a huge hosting community with many thousands of members, but there was no text available, no training or something similar published.

So I was thinking about the topic for a couple of months before I wrote the text down. This was just my point of view, nothing collected from the Internet.

2. Take care the competition is low

In this particular case, numbers were indeed on my side. I used Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate, and it showed this result for searches and traffic:

How To Rank On The First Page In Google - the picture showing the keyword with searches and traffic.

As you see, not a lot of traffic indeed, but you should know this is just the beginning. Your text is in fact always ranked by many (key)words and phrases. This is easily checked in Webmaster Tool (Search Console). So bear in mind, the numbers will add-up even if the starting traffic looks so small, and you may easily get to 100 or more.

The competition was low, only 22 competing pages as you can see from the picture below, obtained by using the Keyword Tool:

How To Rank On The First Page In Google - competion for the chosen keyword

These were clear indicators that I could rank good and reach the top page on Google relatively easy.

3. Strictly apply SEO rules

How To Rank On The First Page In Google - picture showing SEO word and a keybordThis is something most of us do. I use the rules listed in my separate page here within the site, around 25 of them.

It is no secret that Google has more than 200 of them. They would not give us the list of course but some people have made some lists and, more or less, all the rules are presently known.

4. Get some comments

This might not be so easy to achieve for many of you, in particular in such a short time interval. But there is a nice Comment Thread available at Wealthy Affiliate where members can write relevant comments on posts of others. This is not a simple exchange of comments between people, the thread is much more advanced.

So I made comments on some sites and requested some through the system for my newly published page, and received 3 comments. The page was already moved from Google page 3 to page 2, and with the addition of the comments I realized today it was on the first page of Google.

5. Use Fetch as Google in Webmaster to index the text

When I published the text, I used the privilege of having such a nice tool as Search Console (know earlier as Webmaster Tools). So it was indexed instantly, and literally within one minute after the text was published it was actually available on the Internet. This is not usually so fast, but it happens. I was delighted with such a speed and the same day I blogged about it at Wealthy Affiliate.

How To Rank On The First Page In Google - picture showing my page on Google page 1. My text is now on the position 8 on Google page 1.  You can see it in the picture given here on the right. By the way, you will notice that I am in front of Neil Patel’s post which is more than 3 years old. Quite remarkable.

So, published on Sep. 13, and today is Sept. 15th, in 48 hours the text was on the top page. You may see my another blog at Wealthy Affiliate where I happily reported about it, which will confirm the dates mentioned here.

Here is an addition a few weeks later. I published yet another page in my site about mountains. I followed the same rules described in the present text, except for the comments, and checked after one hour, and my page was on Google page 1, position 4. I reported about this event in a blog at Wealthy Affiliate, have a look. I could have changed the words “2 days” in the title with “1 hour” but I decided to keep it as it is.

I hope you find the text useful. I shall be happy to read your comments and questions so do not hesitate to leave them in the box below.

You can always contact me at my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate where my sites are hosted. This might change your life, for better. Try it and get in touch with me.




  1. This is one of the best and powerful articles. When I got started my website by the name of faith nutrition, I often used keywords with low competition but that time I didn’t know that’s a good sign and I try it and got a good ranked. Now I know why I get good ranking in google just within few days and now I can teach others too thanks for writing this article.

  2. john waldie says:

    I love what you’ve chosen for a name of your site just my thinking. It implies that you are only suggesting, not telling people what is what has that is pretty awesome.

    I’ve read a lot of these sites and I do believe I found a favorite. How long you been at this by the way? You really seem to know what you’re doing. I like your use of links pictures and your paragraphing is very acceptable. I wish you the best and have a successful future.

    1. Hi John, kind words from you. I am writing about things which I passed myself in my training at Wealthy Affiliate. In this particular text on how to rank on the first page in Google in 2 days, I again describe my own experience. So this is firt-hand knowledge all the time. I hope other readers like it just as you do. Thank you.

  3. christian wijaya says:

    HI Jovo, Nice and interesting article. I think it is easy to follow. I think you described well. I learned a lot about use fetch as google in webmaster tool and I saw your results are very great. I want my site to be indexed on google Rank 1, but I have never succeeded, so I want to try your step. Thanks

    1. Hi Christian. Fetch as Google worked simply perfect that time. But it is not always so, I know for sure in some other case it took one week.

  4. just my thinking what a great page name I think you have done a wonderful job on promoting WA and have shown how easy it is to get started with word press as the best website tool on the market most people like myself had no clue about them until joining Wealthy Affiliates

    1. Hi Frederic, great to see your comment, although it is not much about the actual page, do not you think?

  5. Dave Sweney says:

    Thanks Jovo for your interesting and thorough article of your own experience on how to get ranked on the first page of Google within two days. I found it interesting, easy to follow, and the other info you link to is helpful as well.

    The process to attain this ranking is not rocket science by any means, but if the steps you mention are not followed, the valuable information you work so hard to place on your blogs will not get the credit they deserve, and no page one ranking.

    You mention Welathy Affiliate several times in your post. I am a member there as well (I assume you are since you reference using the tools and etc. from that site) and I can attest on the efficacy of their program.

    Appreciate your insight and the effort to put this together for us visitors, we need more starightforward explainer content on the internet…There often seems to be a lot of garbage out there…This is quite the opposite!

    1. Hi Dave, thank you for such a great comment. It is not rocket science, I agree with you. In fact it would be easier for me if it was rocket science, this is nearly my profession, I am a physicist. The reason for saying this is that I have failed many times with some of my posts. They are nowhere to be found on Google. So this remains a puzzle for me. I use the same SEO rules for every text, and yet some are total failures.

  6. Franchesca says:

    I think this is a really good post, there are many blog posts of SEO but they do not say much, of course they say some that are good but in general they almost do not say something that affect rankings in a considerable way, also there are other things that I did not know, then I am going to do them, thank you for the info.

    1. Hi Franchesca, many thanks for the comment. Interesting email id, in fact I understand the meaning of ‘uzivaj u zivotu’; this is ‘enjoy the life’ for those who do not understand the language.

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