How To Sell Amazon Products On My Website


If you are asking yourself about how to sell Amazon products on your website, this text is what you need. You will find some basic steps described here and tips which will show you how to become successful in promoting Amazon products as an affiliate.

Why would you want to promote Amazon products?

Online shopping was invented in 1979, and this is a huge business nowadays. Amazon itself is the largest internet based online shop in the US, and one of the largest in the world. It has separate branches for many other countries: United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Japan, China, India and Mexico.

So selling Amazon products on your website means selling globally.

One example of what you can achieve within one year by selling Amazon products on your site.
One example of what you can achieve within one year by selling Amazon products on your site.

Can you be successful with it? Yes you can, but be ready for some hard work which in the end pays of. Want to see some great stories about Amazon affiliate selling?

Here is one example, a young man who is only 20, and who started his online business by promoting Amazon products a little more than one year ago.

In fact he joined the same site hosting platform where I am now, just 4 days after myself. Within one year he was making profit of more than $10000 per month, see the picture on the right from his blog at Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a true story, you can read more about it in the link above, but please do continue with this text first.

How to sell Amazon products on your website – practical steps

Here are a few practical steps which may help you when you start.

1. Choosing a niche

Ideally, you would sell something what you like to write about, something what you are interested in. This is important because you will be writing a lot. The more product reviews you have in your site the more traffic you may expect.

Do you have enough knowledge about the chosen products? Ideally you will have the product at hand, so you describe it from your own experience. But if you do not, you will read about it and learn. Where to find material? Here are a few very good sources:

  • Amazon itself.
  • Product page at the site of the company which produces it.
  • YouTube.
  • Wikipedia.

These are just a few most important sources.

Amazon has a lot of stuff about products they sell. See for example what you may find about Thermos Stainless Steel King 16 Ounce Food Jar cranberry which I described in a product review in my site Mountains for Everybody. So have a look, you will get some idea how this should be done.

Product site in the site of the company which produces it. In the example given above, some valuable information is available in the site of the Thermos company. You will be able to find sites of the producers for the majority of products.

A lot of information you will find on YouTube. There are videos about everything there. Almost all of them have ’embed’ option. This means you can use it freely and embed in your site.

No need to say much about Wikipedia. You know well that you can find everything there as well.

This all will help you to write a high quality product review. Remember, the main purpose of your text is helping people to find the information they need. You will make income in the process, more about this below.

2. Google trends

You will be busy with your site for many years, and hopefully you will be making a descent income with it. It is therefore important to chose a niche which is either evergreen or with an increasing trend. Google will help you with this, see how.

In the graph below you may see trend for search in Google for two items: coconut oil (red), and Sony walkman (blue line):

Google trends for Sony walkman (blue line) and coconut oil (red line).
Google trends for Sony walkman (blue line) and coconut oil (red line).

As you see both products are OK, but Sony Walkman searches have been declining in the past a few years, though it is still popular. In January 2016 you have around 4 people searching for it daily, while for the coconut oil this number is 100. The trend for both items is obvious.

You can check for any other niche, just go to Google Trends and type your search phrase in the search bar there. Try ‘Sony discman’ for example and you will have a clear decline in the trend. You would not want to build your site focused on this niche.

3. Choosing a product that sells

As I said above, Amazon is a global company. Every item they sell has customers. But indeed some products are more popular than others. Some are new and attractive, hence they sell better.

How to know about this? Amazon will help you in this with the information they give with their products. They give reviews of customers. See these two examples, both from my site about mountains:

Rating of Thermos Stainless Steel King 40 ounce beverage bottle by Amazon customers.
Rating of Thermos Stainless Steel King 40 ounce beverage bottle by Amazon customers.
Amazon customers reviews and rating of MSR water filter.
Amazon customers rating of MSR water filter.

So as you see, there are many Amazon customers who were writing reports about these products. Imagine how many more purchased them without writing reviews. So these are definitely items worth writing about.

In the example of Sony walkman given above in the step 2, Amazon tells you that there are over 100 reviews for one of their models. But see the trend discussed above; most of those reviews are from some previous times.

4. Building a site

So far you have decided what to sell. Now let us see how to sell Amazon products. You need a website. If you are a complete beginner, this may sound like a daunting task for you. It looked like that to myself some 15 months ago. But here I am, with several sites, yet I started as a complete beginner.

Regardless if you are beginner or not, you can have a site built in a few days. All my sites are hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, this is where I started by following some courses.

They have made the procedure very simple. There is a site builder available. By simply putting your domain name you can have the basic structure of the site built instantly. They claim you will have it in 30 seconds, and there is a video showing this.

I have built my first site in a few days as a complete beginner.

What you need to do

  • If you have your domain registered somewhere, you can transfer it to Wealthy Affiliate in a few easy steps. They have made it automatic.
  • Then just follow the lessons and build your site(s) in the process. You can start and follow the first 10 lessons in the level 1 for free. They will only ask you to register first.
  • You can build a site withing Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix platform. If you have some appropriate name for a domain, you can simply type it in the tab below and build a site immediately. Do not worry, a) this is free, b) if you are not happy with the site domain name you can remove it in one click. Try it now:

5. Writing content

In this stage you will be following lessons at Wealthy Affiliate (if you need them as a beginner) and build your site by writing product reviews and creating traffic.

6. Applying for affiliate status at Amazon 

After having some initial traffic, you will apply for an affiliate status with Amazon. They will inspect your site and say OK (typically this is so). More details about this stage you may find in my another text.

How much time before you start selling Amazon products

There is no way to be sure about this. Roughly speaking I would say to give yourself about half a year time to build enough traffic and to have some sells. This all depends on niche and on you. But sells will come, be patient and build your site.

In my another post I gave some details about how is website traffic generated, so have a look to get some idea about possible time span, traffic and income.


I hope this texts describes well enough the procedure on how to sell Amazon products on your website. More or less, these are all steps that I passed myself. So, you need the following:

  • niche
  • website
  • affiliate status with Amazon
  • a lot of hard work in creating content.

I know some who have managed to make $5000 or $10000 per month within one year. You can be one of them. It all starts here.

If you find this text useful, please share it with others in your favorite social media. Icons for some of them are available below.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me through my Wealthy Affiliate profile page.

I shall be happy to have some comment from you, drop it in the comment box below. thank you for reading this text.



  1. Hi Jovo, nice post!

    Many people make money with Amazon affiliate program. It is a great opportunity.

    Your guide is simple and easy to follow. I have tried before and it worked well for me.

    The hard part was to be patient in the beginning until start getting traffic.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. jeffrey16201 says:

    I agree Amazon has the products to promote and as far as I know is trusted by the majority of consumers online. It takes time to build any business no matter what product you choose to promote, but is it not true Amazon is paying lower commissions than most other programs today? With this lower commission is Amazon still the best program to be promoting, can a person earn a income from Amazon alone?

    1. Hi Jeffrey, you can compare with Cabella’s which pays 3% only. I am in outdoor equipment, and the Amazon rate is fixed to 5.5%. I also promote some outdoor equipment brands that sell things on Amazon as well, through their sites they give a higher rate but it is never over 10%. It may be different in other niches but I cannot say much about this.

  3. says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Amazon Associates program and just a few days ago, it’s been my “anniversary” since I’ve gotten the first cheque from them 🙂

    I totally agree with having a site up and ready before you apply to the program. I’ve known people gotten rejected because they didn’t have a site yet.

    I’d love to see them add PayPal as a payment option though, it’s all this program needs lol

    Great post 🙂

    Chris Lee

    1. Hi Chris, thank you, great to hear from you. It is right what you say about Pay Pal. I am from EU and they use checks for us, very inconvenient in every sense.

  4. As the owner of a fledgeling website, I am learning everything there is to know about utilizing Amazon and affiliate marketing. It is a fascinating world and I am really enjoying the process! There is so much to learn, I’m glad that you are helping on this front too! I hope others will benefit from your website and shared knowledge! Cheers!

    1. Hi Bri, thanks a lot, much appreciated. All the best to you.

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