How To Sell Stuff Online With Amazon


how to sell stuff online with amazon - logo of amazon companyIn this text you will learn how to sell stuff online with Amazon by using Amazon Product Ads program.

It is easy to understand the advantages of selling online, bearing in mind the fact that there are more than two  billion of potential shoppers online. Compare this with selling your stuff in a shop.

Nowadays selling online has become enormously simple. Here are a few prerequisites:

1. You will need a website

If you do not have one yet, I would warmly recommend you to have a look into my another page where I described how to build a website from scratch. You will see how I did it without any previous knowledge. My steps were as follows:

    • I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a starter (free) member. There, you may have two websites for free and you may follow 2 different courses, each containing 10 lessons.
    • I built my first free site in just a couple of days. Such free sites at Wealthy Affiliate are of the type “”). In fact I was rather slow, you can make the basic structure of your site in just a few minutes. You do not believe of course, why would you. But, try it here right now, no worry nobody will ask for your Pay Pal account or credit card. Here it is, see yourself:

  • This will be good enough for a start, and it is free. Later on you will decide to  your own site, which would have the name of the type  “”.
  • So to have a site of my own, I registered a domain at a registrar and with this I built my first site.  You will do the same steps, to register a site at Namecheap you will not spend more than $8-10 for a yearly fee.
  • You will need a site hosting platform and you may choose, there are many available. I have decided to have it at Wealthy Affiliate. They provide a tremendous amount of training. As for the price, please consult the link given above. Hosting your own site is not free of course.

With this you have done your first stage toward a successful online business. Next is to practically sell your stuff online.


2. Start selling things online

how to sell stuff online with amazon - yet another logo of amazon companyOne possibility: you may try to advertize your products on your site and sell directly. For this you realize that you need a lot of traffic. But at this stage your site is new, not many content, not well ranked on search engines, so the traffic will be minimal.

There is a shortcut: you can sell online with Amazon.  This is called Amazon Product Ads. Let me explain how this works.

a) You make a catalog and Amazon makes adds.

b) You inform Amazon about your budget for sell (that is, how much you are willing to pay for advertisement) and they advertize your stuff.

c) Shoppers searching Amazon will see your adds, they click on adds and in that way they come to your site. So you sell directly from your site, but it is Amazon which funnels potential shoppers to you. You only pay Amazon when/if visitors end up on your site. This is called cost-per-click.

More details about this great Amazon Product Ads program you may read in my another post, where you will also find direct links to their site.

Do you have any questions or you need some more information? There is a comment box below, I shall be ready to answer and to respond to any comment you might have.




  1. Always wondered how these people made so much money from Amazon products – I’ve bought a lot there but I haven’t really ever looked into selling their products. A mate of mine is well into drop shipping at the moment – and doing quite well through it…what are your thought on this format?

    1. Hi Chris, me too know some people doing this kind of online business. I have not tried myself so cannot say much. I only know that some are indeed successful with it.

  2. goldiebrown78 says:

    Hi Jovo!

    This was a great post! I knew about Amazon’s affiliate program, but always wondered about the ads.

    Now are these the ads at the bottom of each search results page within Amazon? I clicked on them recently and it took me to other websites so I’m guessing that’s them?

    I’m glad I read your post! I’m thinking I might just have to give this a try since my website is still so new.



    1. Hi Jess, thank you for the comment. So the procedure is quite simplistic and selling with Amazon implies a potentially huge amount of customers, the best place to do such things for sure.

  3. John Rico says:

    HI Jovo! I am really curious on how to sell stuff online. At first I thought that it is as complicated as it seems but you made it into simple steps which made me understand it better now. Is the amazon product ads free when you sign up in amazon? Can I use as many products as I want?

    1. Hi John, there is cost per click rate, you pay only when customers click through to your website. You may see more details in my another text.

  4. Hi Jovo – good informative site. Amazon is a top place to sell your products. You can even use them a s a drop-shipper, by having all your goods shipped to them. They do all the work, is storage and shipping. You just pay them their fees and keep the profit
    Amazon is a great way to advertise your products

    1. Hi Mark, many thanks for the comment and for the information about drop-shipping. This is indeed very interesting.

  5. Alejandro Alameda says:

    Interesting… I thought Amazon was completely free then again, I’ve never been to the site before. I’ve got to check out. Do have provide funds for the campaigns? Also I like your page. It’s short simple and sweet, The best kind of writing without the massive clutter but I wish the into was more personalized and engaging.

    1. Hi Alejando, thanks for the comment. Not sure what you ask about funds, you are supposed to pay them not vice versa. But they give some bonuses for people who start campaigns with them, I mentioned this in my another post.

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