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Learn How To Make Money Online From Home - an mage of money onlineThe Internet has drastically changed the manner how we operate in everyday life, and it has created many new ways of having an extra income. In this text you will  learn how to make money online from home, which may be  your only income or something you do parallel to your usual daily job.


[Dionisio Aguado – Rondo  Op.2 N.3]

Do you need to invest a lot?

The answer is simple: no. Here is what you have to do as a beginning:

1. You will need a computer of course.

Something special? Not really. I am using an ordinary notebook and I am perfectly fine with it.

2. You will need a website hosting provider

Learn How To Make Money Online From Home - an image of a platformThis is your platform where you will practically build your site. In this phase you might like to thoroughly search the Internet and see what is offered.

If you are a beginner you will not understand much of terminology they use to explain (or to confuse) you.

I was confused myself, did not know where to go. There were so many offers. But I was extremely lucky. You have heard perhaps about bad experiences of some of your friends who were scammed online. This is more frequent than you are perhaps willing to believe.

When you enter some sites with some great promises, you will want to read comments under their texts, to see what other people think. But please be careful, you might like to read my another text about comments. You will realize that site owners do not keep comments which are not favorable, or even worse they edit the comments they receive.

So what I suggest in this phase? I have described in this page how I started building my first site, and in yet another text I wrote a bit more about my hosting platform. 

As you will realize from these two texts, I started at Wealthy Affiliate. This is an excellent platform which gathers tens of thousands of people. In fact, my first site I have built there for free. I know that you may be suspicious about this, so if you wish:

>>try it here yourself<<

You can register for free and you may have your site very quickly. Once you have made decision to join this hosting platform, you may remain as a free (starter) member as long as you want. They give a lot for free, like:

  • two sets of free courses, containing 10 lessons each,
  • you can make 2 free websites, and they will teach you to do this through those free lessons,
  • there is much more you get there as a starter member.

So why are they doing this? They know that the stuff they give you for free is so good that at some point you will want to continue as a premium member. But this is in your own interest. Let me explain this a bit.

As I said you can build a site at Wealthy Affiliate, and it will be of the type: yoursite.siterubix.com. It will be useful to you, you will learn a lot in the process of building it. You can use this site for various non-commercial purposes.

In fact you may try it also for business purpose but Google will not like it, you will not be ranked well. You may read about ranking on Google and why it is important if you visit some pages within this site, try this one for example.

Hence, for a serious online business and to make money online, I would suggest you to have your own site, which would be of the type yoursite.com. For this professional site you may certainly use Wealthy Affiliate as a hosting provider. This is what I am doing with my two sites.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will have WordPress available, the best site building platform. There is a video of Matt Cutts, who was at Google at that time, saying that just by using WordPress you are already ahead of those who do not. So remember this fact, Google likes it, and this is important for your site ranking.

This all brings us to the next step. Remember, so far you have not invested anything.

3. Register a domain name.

At this phase you will spend a few dollars. Places where you register your domain name are called registrars. What is the point of this? Once you register your domain name, it is only yours. Nobody can have the same name anywhere in the world. I have been using Namecheap registrar, and I am very satisfied with what they offer.

The domains I registered with them were around $8-10 per year. You may search the Internet to see what you can find. Be careful, some registrars will offer you less expensive service but you might expect some up-sells in the package.

The price you pay depends on the name you choose, and on the extension (com, org, net, etc.).

Having your domain name registered, you may go back to Wealthy Affiliate and start building your own professional website. This is exciting I can guarantee you, I did it a few times. But having your own domain hosted implies a premium membership and this will be your only real investment. You may read more about it here.

Some registrars will offer you hosting service as well. Check carefully what they offer. So far you have already been at Wealthy Affiliate, and you have learned how they work and how much support you may expect: the support from the WA community is enormous. You will need it. I needed it. Compare what you find and decide what is best for you.


Can you really learn how to make money online?

So for whom is this activity really? Can you really do this, make money online from home or as an extra income parallel to your daily job or to your studies?

I would again answer in simple terms: this is for anybody. I know that you can do it. But let me be more specific.

When I started, I knew nothing about this activity. But at Wealthy Affiliate I have met so many people from every possible walk of life:

  • students
  • retired people
  • stay-at-home mums
  • working people
  • handicapped people
  • beginners in online business
  • experts.

You name it and you will find it at WA. How about me? Oh, I am a physicist, and a keen mountain climber, so I am not writing about physics in my sites.


So how to earn money on the Internet?

At this point you have your site, so now how to monetize it, what is the best way to earn money on the Internet?

There are various ways. You will make some good content on you site and you will attract visitors. For this you will have to know how to rank well on Google, you remember I mentioned this already.

a) Earn money through affiliate marketing

Learn How To Make Money Online From Home - image on money onlineHaving visitors is crucial for this type of making money online.  How it works? You promote products, visitors read, they might like what they see. They click on the link you provided and buy it, you get provision for this.

For this you will have to register as an affiliate at some companies who sell their stuff online.


1. One typical example is Amazon, you can sell Amazon products on your site. And you realize, their market is global. You know what this means, a few billion people as potential buyers.

So how to sell Amazon products? It is not so complicated, I have described it in detail in another post. All steps are given.

For example, if you click on this link it will take you to one particularly great item which you can buy on Amazon, a Bialletti coffee pot. This is a nice item as a gift for somebody who drink coffee. I described it in a separate page. If you buy it I shall get a few percents. But this is not all. If you continue searching Amazon after you initially entered through my link, whatever you buy I shall get a provision from it.


2. Another example, very different one, you have right now in front of you: I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate. There are some of their banners in this site.

I guess now you have an alarm somewhere in your mind and you ask yourself: “hey, how can I trust this man what he writes about Wealthy Affiliate, he is doing this for his own interest?”

You are right. And I am champion of simple answers, so here is yet another one: you should not. I myself would not trust anything I see on the Internet, until I test it myself.

In this case you can test it easily, it is free as I explained earlier. Try it, I gave a link above. At no place they will ask you for credit card when/if you decide to join.

But remember again the first example above, Amazon, you might have already purchased something through this global company. They are not cheating on you, this is trade like any other.


There are many other possibilities to promote. Just think about companies like Adidas (you can promote their products and get provision), or Lufthansa (you make a link to your site and let people purchase tickets, you earn provision), Booking.com (you let people make hotel reservations through the link in your site, you get provision).

You may visit my site about mountains and you will see that I am promoting such companies like Booking.com, Interhome, Casamundo. They offer accommodation, hotels, holiday flats and houses, etc. Provision depends on the company, it is in the range 4-10 percents.

As you realize, the term “product” may describe real material things, but it may imply anything else.

b) Eearn money through Google adsense

Learn How To Make Money Online From Home - google imageHave you heard about this? No. Then a few words. You have your site, and you offer Google a space on your site to put their banner.

In the moment when I am writing this text I have one on the sidebar here on the right. I do not know it will be there all the time, it depends how well it performs.

So the idea is, whenever somebody clicks on this banner you get a few cents. Small money indeed, but imagine you have a few hundreds visitors per day, or even a thousand, and a few percents of them click on the banner… I am sure you get the idea from this.

How to start with Google adsense? When you have a stable traffic you fill some form at Google, they check your site and if you are approved you get a customer code which you use to get a banner box from them. You place the box on your site. From their side they add the banner inside the box, and that is it.


c) Sell your product online

Learn How To Make Money Online From Home - an image of selling onlineYou have your own product. Then sell it online, this is the biggest market that exists. I have already mention Amazon. They may help you to sell, read more in my text here.


d) Earn money from junk mail

Did you know you can get some income from your spam mail? So do not trash it any more. There is a market research company SBK, see the link here. They write that you will ‘earn participation points that can be redeemed for gift cards from over 200 popular retailers.’ Surely this will not make you reach, I am mentioning this here just as a curiosity.

These are just a few examples on how practically to start making money online. As a short summary: you need a site, with some good content you will create traffic, you will promote products, and this will result in income.

Can this overnight? No. If you join Wealthy Affiliate, give yourself at least half a year, and you will have to work a lot. I have seen some members at WA starting reporting income after just a month or two, but I do not think this is so frequent.

Realistically, this is a longer race. Not fast enough for you? If you see at some places they offer a much faster success, I can say only good luck to you, go there an try. But something tells me, you will be back again soon, and with less money in your pocket.

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate, try it, it is free, you have nothing to loose and this can change your life.


There is a box for comments below, let me know what you think and what your experience with online money making is. I shall be happy to read.




  1. The methods you talk about are great. Wealthy Affiliate is great in helping with building a business. I have 3 websites through them. One of those sites I created for my daughter. She has always wanted to have a blog about books. I could never help her because I did not know anything about what blogs were or how to build a website. I have only been with Wealthy Affiliate for 6 weeks and have learned so much. Anyone can do the process you talk about it just takes someone open to learning how.

  2. Hey Jovo,
    I didn’t know that you can earn money through junk mail? This is a very detailed article you’ve written, quite impressed. Well done!

    I agree with you on Affiliate Marketing though, personally form me it is the best way for people to make money online because its real business and it depends on hard work and determination – Not just spamming and all those tedious stuff like surveys.

    1. Thank you Riaz, great to read your comment. You are right about affiliate marketing, I myself am very much involved in this activity. It is demanding as you rightly say.

  3. Oh awesome but will I start to earn immediately and Jovo how much am I going to make in a month. And if so how much I you making in month. Thank you and I want to work from home. Ask how I landed to your site, only I typed online jobs and that is how I came to your site and I see I will be making some dollars. I will be a millioare just in one year really Yes Jovo

    1. Hi Divican, your enthusiasm is indeed great to see. Regarding when you will start generating income, it will depend on the niche you choose. In some cases you need more time but in long terms you will have great business. In other cases you may start earning quickly, just in a few weeks, for example if you join some affiliate programs like Wealthy Affiliate or Jaaxy keyword tool.

  4. Hey Jovo! Great article. You explained the steps very simple and thorough. I also signed up at WA and I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved so far. Sure the money isn’t flowing in, but I’m working on it 😉

    Didn’t know you could earn money from spam mails. Ha, I will look into that! Thanks 🙂

  5. I’ve been looking into ways to promote other people’s products due to a failure on my part about a month or two ago ( I tried to make money off my own ebook – failed miserably! ).
    So this education module will be willing to teach me everything I need to know for free right? Is it open to any country?

    1. Hi, thank you for the comment. Regarding your question, the answer is no, you will have to go premium if you want to really enter deep into online business and marketing. I gave links where details are explained.

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