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Page Rank And Links Per Page - an image of a person with a rankThe issue of page rank and links per page appears form time to time in discussions on the Internet mainly in relation to the question on how many links per page would be too many and how they affect page rank. These issues are discussed here.

Links in the text I have discussed in my another page within the site. Therefore I shall not make a lengthy introduction here about links. They add extra information to the text and contribute to the visitor’s good experience with your post/page. They are also a rather effective tool for reducing bounce rate.

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Can there be too many links per page?

Page Rank And Links Per Page - image of a linkIf we speak about how Google see this issue, then the answer is rather easy: practically no, formally yes. But let me be a bit more specific. Long ago Google introduced the limit of 100 links per post/page, yet this was mainly the matter of memory and bandwidth limits.

Technology has been improving rapidly, and memory issues are practically not there any longer. The limit of 100 links per page still holds, however if you exceed it you should have no problems.

I know at least one example of somebody having over 150 links in a post, and this same post is in fact ranked within top 10 on Google. You will see on the Internet that such pages or posts are sometimes called “link farms”.

There is a nice article by Matt Cutts from Google (though as you may know he left Google recently) addressing this issue. The article is from 2009 but the situation has not be changed. In the article he gives a link to Google Webmaster guidelines where you will read that regarding the number of links these are recommendations only, aimed at improving users experience, and not strict rules. He says, “think of this more as a rule of thumb.”

The logic behind recommendations is obvious. Indeed it can be irritating reading the text where every second word is yet another link. The bottom line is, use links tastefully and to improve the quality of the text, to add extra information where it is necessary, just as you yourself would like to see it when you read somebody’s text. See what Matt Cutts write about reasons for keeping “the limit”:

Page Rank And Links Per Page - a segment from Matt Cutts blog- reason for keeping the limit

Page Rank And Links

The issue of the number of links per page leads us to the question of page rank. So let us see how they are related. I would like to show you yet another paragraph from the mentioned blog of Matt Cutts:

Page Rank And Links Per Page - Matt Cutts on oage rank and links

There is a sentence here that needs some more explanation, the one with “…you are dividing the PageRank…between hundreds of link…”. To fully understand its meaning it would be good to have a look into this video of Matt Cutts (yes, him again):

The video is not recent but this is irrelevant. You may go to 6th minute where he discusses the page rank. You will learn that page rank is determined by the number of inbound links and the number of outbound links.

In simple words, it is better to have more inbound links (those pointing from outside to your post or page) than outbound links (those pointing form your post/page).

But on the other hand, there are many other factors that contribute to your post/page rank. In fact there are at least 200 of them which Google uses. Of course they will not give you the exact list but there exist rather good estimates about what such a list may contain.

In my own list I am usually focused on some 20-25 rules, which I outlined in my another page.  So imagine for example that your post contains  a great collection of links which brings a lot of traffic to your site, as in the example of 150 links which I mentioned in the text above. This can not be bad for the post.

About terminology

You have seen the term ‘page rank’ Cutts writes as PageRank. The reason being that this does not mean ‘page’, this is from the name Larry Page, one of founders of Google. This is trademark of Google and the algorithm is patented.

The current situation of PageRank code used by Google is not completely clear. In October 2014 John Mueller from Google stated that the algorithm will “probably” not be updated in the future. See this YouTube video (at 20:30) with his statement about it.

There are some alternatives to PageRank, like Page Authority developed by Moz, Trust Flow by Majectic, and Ahrefs algorithm. But these may be rather irrelevant since the actual status of a post or page depends only on how Google ranks it.

But the discussion on page rank and links presented here in the text is about what Google algorithm is using on daily bases when they establish the ranking of your post and page. So whether Google’s code PageRank is updated or not is not so important here (they were updating it only a few times per year anyhow); the information about your posts and pages which they provide is indeed calculated almost daily and it is accurate.

A bit more on internal links and page rank

In my another page I have described how links pointing from your highly ranked post/page, pass the juice to those that are not performing well. This all is the part of a rather complicated procedure of how Google crawlers go through your page.

They will follow the links you provided for them, and in such a way a fraction of the starting page rank is passed to the page to which the link is pointing. This is how the crawlers are designed to work.

By knowing this, it is clear then that you can have the relative ranking of our pages and posts under control. If you have a good page which ranks high on Google, you can add a link from this page to some other within the site, which is ranked low. In such a way a part of authority is passed from the successful page to the less successful one. Adding many outbound links pointing to your other pages/posts will reduce the effect.

I hope this clarifies the statement from the page of Matt Cutts given above. From this point of view, having 100 links or 135 does not really matter, as he says himself. The transferred page rank is negligible in either case.

What is the best number of links per page

Short answer is: there exists no such a prescribed number. If you put too many, visitors may see your page as spammy. Make it reasonable, use them when they are needed. Put yourself in the visitor’s position and you will come to the best number.

Please leave some comments in the box below, I love to read them, and I shall be happy to answer any question.

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  1. Great article on page rank and links per page. I’ve never even thought about the fact that there could be TOO MUCH links within an article lol. I usually put about 5-10 internal and 3-5 external links to all my blog posts. This has been working great for me and I aggree on all points you made within this article of ranking better on search engines. Thanks a lot for writing this out. All the best to you my friend 🙂

    1. Hi Jesse, great to see your comment and to realize that you are doing fine at your side. I collected all I have learned at Wealthy Affiliate about page rank and links per page, it has been a process of learning so I am writing my own experience. Best luck.

  2. Wow even 100 links sounds like way more than I would ever use for a page of my website. I like to use internal links to bring some traffic to other posts/pages in my site which is helpful to users.
    I’ve read some of your other pages as well and would like to mention that you’re a very talented writer. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Gina, thank you for kind words. You are right in using internal links, they also reduce bounce rate, and help in ranking of posts and pages that are not ranked well, you link them to those that are ranked high.

  3. This is some good information here. I watched the video too and there was lots of nuggets of information in there. Im currently really trying to soak up all things seo and blogging these days so its good that sites and posts and videos like those exsist. I get excited to watch stuff i haven’t seen/ Cool site.

    1. Many thanks Chris. Great that you like my text. Best luck.

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