Pinterest Upcoming Policy Changes


In case you missed, Pinterest has announced upcoming policy changes regarding Pinterest community and advertising guidelines in order to expand existing prohibitions against misinformation and conspiracy theories.

More specifically this is about prohibitions against false or misleading climate change information. The new Pinterest Guidelines will take effect on 5 April 2022. They write:

“In our Community Guidelines, Pinterest already prohibits the use of our platform to share misinformation or disinformation content… We are now broadening the scope of those prohibitions to explicitly include climate-related mis/disinformation as well.”

So they are going to prohibit climate-related disinformation. This sounds great but there is a problem in it. Who is supposed to be the judge on their side? This question is far from trivial.

As you probably know, there are many who deny climate change. There are also many who claim the climate change is obvious. When you read/listen what they are saying, you realize that there are strong and hardly deniable facts on both sides.

I could give you here the names of several Nobel laureates and professors from the best known Universities, and this for both opposing views. These are serious scientists that have spent lives in exact science, and they know the matter better than anybody else.

Yet, as I said, they are on both sides. In other words, even though they are supposed to operate with facts, they cannot agree. Why this is so? Because the issue is far from trivial.

They cannot agree even about the basic fact, that the temperature has increased at all in the past century. The reason is simple: the modelling and measurements uncertainty is larger than the proposed temperature increase.

Now, imagine the situation at the Pinterest side. They have some admin person, most likely with zero expertise in climatology and exact sciences. But no worry, he or she is going to decide for all of us what mis/disinformation is.

Well done Pinterest. Now we are certain that we shall have correct information presented in your site. What a relief. But Pinterest is not the only one, see what Google is going to do with texts about Ukraine war.

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