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Post Comment in WordPress And How To Benefit From It


Post Comment in WordPress - a red image of comment symbolPost Comment in WordPress is a tool which adds extra value to your posts. It also gives you a chance to direct visitors to your other post and pages, which then may reduce the bounce rate for this specific post/page, and the way to do this is explained here.

Moreover, you may use post comments to direct visitors to your affiliate links and to further monetize the post or the page.

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In principle, comments are a chance to get engaged with visitors and to present yourself a bit more than what they can find in your usual ‘About me’ page. Do not ever miss to respond to comment. You do not know if the visitor will come again or not, but if (s)he does come again, (s)he will like to see your reply and might be willing to come again. Try not to contradict, at least not rudely. If you disagree with something be polite.

Editing post comment on your site

There may be a number of reasons for you to edit post comments, like:

  • To correct grammar mistakes and punctuation.
  • To remove or modify inappropriate words.
  • To add links to your affiliates.

The first two reasons are obvious, you want your post together with comments to look good, with a proper grammar and a descent language. But you may want to add links as well, and here I described how to do it and where:

1. Adding affiliate links into post comments:

You may use a post comment as an opportunity to further monetize your post or page. See below two examples, the parts of two comments on my post about Bialetti coffee maker:

Post Comment in WordPress - one examplePost Comment in WordPress - another example of link in comment

In both examples the words that are in red are in fact linked to my affiliate. I did not change the text of the comment, I only introduced hyperlinks to the existing phrases. The visitors reading the comment can eventually click on it and make the purchase. So this is not done in an aggressive manner, just a tasteful plain hyperlink in the text.

But this may be controversial, and it is up to you. If you feel uneasy about doing this then focus on what you can do with your reply to a comment. See below about it.

2. Adding affiliate links in your reply

I did similar in my replies, see one example below where again the link goes directly to Amazon:

Post Comment in WordPress - my reply with added link

3. Blog comments SEO – adding internal links in your reply

There are several good reasons to do this:

  • Google likes it.
  • You will keep your visitors longer on your site, good for the site ranking.
  • You will rather effectively reduce bounce rate for your site.
  • You can even additionally monetize this if you direct the visitors to some selling page or post.
Post Comment in WordPress - internal link example
Example where I added internal links in my reply to a comment.

See here on the right one example from my another site. I had a comment and I was able to help and to make an engaging reply, so the visitor responded and I replied again etc.

What you see here is not the complete conversation. But you may notice that in one of my replies I added links to other pages on my site.

So in this particular case I got several additional comments instead of only one, I also added internal links, and the visitor actually vent to the pages I suggested.

The main point is: you really provide a useful information, and you help the people. In longer terms this might be even more beneficial. This visitor has obviously bookmarked my site, and he will visit it again, he might share it, etc.

Comments as a new content at your post or page

Every time somebody add a comment to your post or page, this is a new content for Google. The same is with your replies. In time, your initially relatively small post/page may grow enormously, and this will increase its ranking.

Post Comment in WordPress - an image of comment symbolHere is one example. In my another site, I have a page about Marmolada mountain in Italian Alps. It had around 1200 words. So far I had only one comment, with detailed questions about climbing route over glacier, in total 266 words.

I replied the best I could to help the people, and my reply had almost the same number of words. This all increased the size of my page for 44 percent. And this was a completely new content on my site.

So, this was beneficial from various points of view. Have a look.

New keywords added through post comment

Post Comment in WordPress - example of keywords added through comments
Example of keywords added to my post through comments.

With the new text added through comments you get a great number of possible new keywords and phrases which you may be ranked for.

Yes, you read it correctly: your post or page is ranked by many keywords, not only the one targeted as your single keyword for this particular post/page. This I have described in my another page within this site, so please have a look.

As one obvious example of these extra keywords you may have a look at the picture here on the right. This is from Google Webmaster Tool (see details elsewhere), and it shows various keywords which my post about Mount Fuji, from my another site, is ranked for.

The list is not complete, but you already see that apart from my targeted keyword ‘climbing Mount Fuji’, the post is ranked for various variations of this phrase, and for many other phrases. Many of them appeared in my post through comments. I have blogged about it also at Wealthy Affiliate, you may see the blog here.

It is simply that people search for various (key)words and phrases related to Mount Fuji, and they are directed to my post because these keywords and phrases appear there.

Your comments at somebody’s site

So far this was about post comment at your site. But how to behave when you add a comment at somebody’s site?

Comment URL – adding it or not?

When you enter the comment section at some site, and you want to leave a comment there, you are asked for some data; name, email, site name, url. For this step it is good to bear in mind the following:

a) Regarding the so called back-links strategy, leaving your site’s URL will have no effect whatsoever. Google has accepted nofollow principle and this has also been used within many blog tools, including WordPress. There is a peace of code which tells search engines  not to follow the URL which you leave when you make a comment at some site.

b) On the other hand, if you do leave your URL, the visitors of that site might follow it and you might get some extra traffic. So do not hesitate to leave the url.

c) Take care to leave comments (and URLs) only on sites that are relevant to your own site. Otherwise, somebody who follows your link left there, can leave your site immediately after realizing it is in a totally different niche. This can only add to the bounce rate of your site, and this is not what you want.

I hope you find this text about post comment in WordPress useful. Please leave some comments in the box below. You may read more about search engine optimization in the following posts:

I wish to thank you for visiting my site. As a kind of reward, perhaps you might like to try this – the best keyword research tool on the market.

Try it you will not regret it, you have 30 searches for free:



  1. This is super awesome write. I learned exactly what I needed to know about commenting on WordPress sites for benefits

    Thanks for share

  2. Greate article Jovo! I really appreciate you for it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow this so amazing post thanks for the useful and helpful post.

  4. This is a great little post about post comment the program that helps you keep your comments clean! You’ve done an excellent job of laying out what makes a page rank and how to get better rankings in general!

    This is a priceless post and I hope that it helps others as much as it has helped open my eyes to what comments mean to you and your visitors. Thanks again and good luck!

  5. Firstly, I gotta say that I enjoyed the Mozart Concerto while reading your post on Post comments and how to benefit. So relaxing. Getting back to the topic at hand. I like the write up on increasing time on page and decreasing bounce rate by encouraging comments and interacting with readers. Lastly, I really love the idea of putting in relevant and helpful affliate links for further engagement and monetization when responding to comments.

    1. Thank you Tiffany, great to read you comment. I am happy that you like my choice of music. If so then come again, deal?

  6. Hi Jovo,
    What a great article and review on comments and how to use hem and incorporate them on a website.
    I too love to engage with visitors of my website, but in my relies so far I still hesitate to put a link of another page into the comment.
    I can see now, that this is certainly possible without being aggressive etc.
    Thank you for pointing it out, this will certainly give me a boost next time by doing it the way you just have written about.
    Good thinking!!!

    1. Thank you Sylvia for reading my text and for the comment. I myself usually make links in my replies and in comments occasionally, trying not to overdo this. It can indeed be done in a non-aggressive manner and it can help a bit.

  7. Hello, this is a nice clean site 🙂

    It is great that you start of with a video and then expand and clarify in your article. I am often editing comments on my site (I just think a lot of people are lazy).

    And putting affiliate links into your text I think is quite a clever and neat way of promoting something. I hate all these pictures on some sites that keep changing and distracting me.

    I don’t mind internal links because sometimes I do miss pages in a website and these links do help. So too do external links. It doesn’t always happen but I have clicked a few in my time.

    Nice info, thanks

    1. Hi Dillon, thanks for the comment. Indeed adding links to reply to comments may be useful to readers to get some extra info from the site, or even to direct visitors to affiliate site. Glad that you liked the page.

  8. This is a great trick on making full use of comments on blogs, thanks for sharing. I agree with the use of adding links on comments, very professional and doesn’t look spammy. In fact, I personally use to direct my comment readers to my reviews of other posts. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Riaz for visiting my site and for the comment.Indeed, one can additionally benefit from comments, as I describe in the text.

  9. Ha, I’m commenting on your page about comments 🙂

    I really enjoyed this post: I knew comments were a great way to engage with people, but I had not realized that you could also put affiliate links and so on in them too.

    Thank you for this new information, I’ll stop by your site again.

    1. Thank you for visiting my site and for reading the page Post comment and how to benefit from it. Indeed post comment is a way to additionally engage with visitors and to deliver extra message. This all can also add to a better page ranking.

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