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Shareaholic WordPress plugin - an image with social media iconsShareaholic WordPress plugin is a popular social media plugin. But after checking in Google  Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tool), my advice is to avoid this plugin.

If you are using this WordPress tool, I suggest you to go to Search Console in Google and check from your side. You will be unpleasantly surprised.

See below what I have found out on my 2 sites where Shareaholic plugin is used.  The first picture is what I obtain from Search Console after checking for my site about mountains:

Shareaholic WordPress plugin - blocked resources in my site on mountains, from Google Search Console
Blocked resources, information obtained after using Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool).

It reports that I have 70 pages with blocked resources. Then I checked the site which you are visiting right now, and the situation was not much better. See what I obtained after checking in the same place:

Shareaholic WordPress plugin - blocked resources for my site which you are reading
Blocked resources for my site which you are reading.

In both cases Google reports that the blocked resources are related to Shareaholic. Shareaholic WordPress plugin - Google Search Console where you can checkTo check from your side, go to Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool), you may see the menu here on the right. Now go to Google Index, and then to Blocked Resources, and you will be shocked, sorry to say this.

In the previous pictures given above you may see ‘Learn more’. So indeed I wanted to learn more, and below you may see what makes problem for Google: Shareaholic WordPress plugin - what Google says about blocked resources





Being very concerned with what I discovered here, I searched the Internet and what I have found was even more shocking. I suggest you to have a look into this article, and then please see this one as well. It appears that Shareaholic has been hijacking links in sites.

The same author has also published this open letter. As you may read in the concluding paragraphs, it appears that as a result of this action Shareaholic has changed something in the configuration of the plugin.

Shareaholic WordPress plugin - an image with computer and social iconsHowever, this seems not to be addressing the problem which I am facing right now after the discovery of the blocked resources caused by Shareaholic plugin. It is obviously making a lot of damage to my sites.

I asked within Wealthy Affiliate community where I have my sites hosted, and some people who have been using this plugin checked at their sites.

Can you guess what they discovered? Yes, you can, I am sure about it. You have found the same at your side if you have been unlucky enough to use this tool.

So to summarize, the full extent of damage which Shareaholic plugin has been causing to my sites in the past months will obviously remain unclear to me.  But in view of what I have found myself, and in view of the reports of others, which I gave above, I am going to remove Shareaholic WordPress plugin from my sites as soon as possible.

I have been reading that deactivating this plugin it is not so simple because this may leave many links on my pages broken. That is why I am saying ‘as soon as possible’, I do not want to cause even more damage to my sites. So do not be surprised if by any chance you are reading these lines while Shareaholic plugin is still used within the site.

But I have already made some essential steps (or at least I am thinking that they are essential), and here is what I suggest you to do if you are in the same situation:

  • Go into Settings of Shareaholic plugin, and into the part Monetization, and disable Affiliate links.
  • Disable Post Share Adds.
  • In ‘Configure Additional Features’, disable Analytics.
  • Visit this site again for updates. This because after alarming the Wealthy Affiliate community I expect to have some help and we might soon have more clear instructions on what to do.
  • If you have NOT been using this tool so far, then I can only say again: avoid using Shareaholic WordPress plugin!



  1. jerry-prerichbillionaire says:

    Thanks for alerting me to the this issue Jovo.

    I just checked my google web masters page and luckily no errors from shareaholic (touch wood). I’ll keep an eye on it though just in case errors do develop in future. As I can see how this can just spoil all the work you put into developing your site.

    All the best,


  2. Geek Hibrid says:

    I know this is a dated post, but is Shareaholic still around? The way this sounds, they shouldn’t be in business.

    1. They are still in business. I guess this is because people are not aware of what they are doing. This was my attempt to let people know.

  3. Hi there! I just finished reading your article about Shareaholic and was quite surprised at that news! This is really bad and really quite a shock. It makes me wonder why a business like Shareaholic would do something so stupid?

    These guys could have quite easily made a small fortune with the thousands of installs that their plugin has. Instead I guess they got greedy and thought they could fly under the radar with a bit of link hijacking!

    Well, they’ve just shattered their reputation. Not to mention the potential damage caused to the sites that trusted this plugin!

    Thanks for sharing. I will pass this post on socially.

    1. Hi Andrew, could not agree more. It took several weeks to clean the site from the effects of the Shareaholic plugin. I warned people from Wealthy Affiliate a few times, and many discovered the same damages at their sites.

  4. Wow man! Reading this just made me get the chills. I always thought this was a great plugin but just shows you what I know. I currently have Shareaholic on my sites and will be removing it immediately.
    Is there any other social plugin that you would recommend that would be similar to Shareaholic?

    1. Hi Xander, check if you have the same issue like me. I know that many did have. So remove it. I am using Social Media Feather now, it works well.

  5. Hi I appreciate your article on
    shareaholic word press plugin. I would like to know what plug do you suggest to use to be able to share content socially? I am using sociable plug on my website. Is that safe enough? I saw that is being used by many people.

    1. Hi Loretta, thank you for the comment. I wrote about Shareaholic WordPress plugin also in my blog at Wealthy Affiliate. People should not use it, there many more. I am using Social media Feather now. I am sure Sociable is a normal plugin, I know that many at Wealthy Affiliate are using it.

  6. Hi Jovo,

    Thanks for helping out the WordPress Community. I’ve never chosen to use Shareaholic and at this point don’t use social plugins, but rather use what I have built into my child theme.

    Great help for those out there looking for useful social plugins.

    CEO & Project Manager
    Nickel SEO

    1. Hi Benjamin, many thanks. So you are managing without that plugin, this is surely good.

  7. Thanks for the info on Shareaholic WordPress plugin, I have noticed a few people mentioning and was just wondering if I should try – after I’ve read your article, definitely not! Sounds like a nightmare de-installing it once it’s in your site. You’ve got a lot of nice tips in your site how to build a site, so thanks for that too!

  8. Just wondering, how did you hear of this plugin? Was it a recommendation or did you just happen to find it? However, thumbs up and “good looking out” for others that is…I appreciate your share, concerning the shareholic wordpress plugin. You know most, including myself are always on watch for things that will improve the progress of our websites. However, doing the proper health checks for our websites is totally another thing. It is so easy for me to omit these types of checks. Just when you think everything is functioning as should, let the truth be told, one will never know for sure unless they check to confirm. You have done just that with this particular plugin and given a valuable word of warning. Again, “good looking out” and thanks.

    1. Shareaholic is a very popular social media plugin and many people at Wealthy Affiliate are using it. This is part of WordPress. Problem si many people are not aware of the problem and they have it just like me. Many others have reported the same problems.

  9. Christian says:

    Whoa! This is bad news. Thanks for sharing it. I wonder if this type of behavior could lead to google removing your site from its results. I was just reading an article about that this morning.

    So it seems with this type of malicious activity you could wind up getting put on the chopping block by no fault of your own other than using a plugin.

    Is there a way to report such activity to WP?

    1. Hi Christian, this is a bad news indeed, with no solution so far. I have removed that social media plugin called Shareaholic but my blocked resources are still there. I have no idea what to do.

  10. Thanks for this warning about Shareaholic WordPress plugin. I’m not familiar with the plugin and don’t use it myself, but I definitely won’t use it in the future either. Sorry you’re having so much trouble with it, that sounds awful and like it’s going to take a lot of work to fix. Good luck to you!

    1. Hi Jillian, you are lucky not to know about Shareaholic. this is a social media plugin. It has caused some permanent damages to my sites and I am still not able to solve the issue although the plugin has been removed.

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