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stay on google first page - a picture showing first place rankIn order to give an answer on the question how to stay on Google first page, I shall assume that you know how to get there, and that you are indeed there already. Nevertheless, just a few words on getting there.

Everybody will tell you that the content is the king and that this is the most important factor which will bring your post or page to the top position on Google. This is only partly so.

Imagine you have a small site, a limited number of pages/posts, but you also have some huge authority site in your niche with hundreds of texts if not thousands. You can hardly compete with them even if you write top-class texts. You understand, they have such texts too.

[J. K. Mertz, Romanze]

So then this comes to search engine optimization (SEO). This is your chance. There are great examples of such huge authority sites where SEO rules are not used at all. Take Wikipedia as the best possible example. They have thousands of pages, thousands of contributors. But this is partly problem for such sites. Such huge number of contributors implies that they do not apply SEO rules, and you must use this fact. This will bring you to the top positions on Google.

So what am I saying here? Yes, you can outrank them by: a) following strict SEO rules, and b) by writing good texts. You do not believe? Well, see my another post where I show my own examples where I outrank Wikipedia and some other big authority sites quite easily.

Below I give a few factors which will help you maintaining and strengthening your page position.

1. Using long tail keyword with a strong core keyword

stay on google first page - a tiger with the tailThis is related to how you have arrived to the Google first page. I assume that you have used some long tail keyword strategy. But let me explain terminology which might look strange to you.

So you are surely familiar with long-tail-keywords (LTK). If not, please see my separate text on this subject. LTK is the easiest way to get ranked on the Google top page. But typically LTK do not bring much traffic. An example of that kind could be the LTK like ‘how to improve page rank’. But it has a core-keyword (CK) like ‘page rank’ or even ‘improve page rank’, though the latter I like to call ‘short-tail-keyword’ (STK).

Now the point of all this is the following. The LTK will (hopefully) bring you to the first page on Google. Every step of your page’s progress to the top position, based on the LTK action, is felt in general, so even ranking with respect to CK or STK might slightly improve. So in time, more and more traffic will come from searches based on CK or STK, and your position on the top page on Google will become more and more firm.

In a separate text I explained this as a train with two engines, the front one and the back one. l also compared it with the movement of a caterpillar. In the end you might end up on the top page of Google, ranked by all 3 keywords mentioned here, LTK, STK, and CK.

One perfect example of that kind is my page Climbing Breithorn Zermat. I was able to follow every step of this two-engine process in this particular example. In the moment of writing the present text, this particular page is on the first position on Google for LTK ‘Climbing Breithorn Zermat’, but it is on the first page as well for ‘Climbing Breithorn’ and ‘Breithorn Zermat’. It is on the first Google page even for the word ‘Breithorn’ alone. I should add that traffic for ‘Breithorn’ is 55, while for ‘Climbing Breithorn’ is 11. Now you see the point of importance of a good core-keyword. For some other keywords, the difference of traffic can be far more drastic.

So right now, I am pretty sure my page will remain top-ranked on Google for quite some time. I am also sure I can help it additionally by having some regular stream of comments, see the next item below.

2. Having comments coming to your site

stay on google first page - a schematic picture for a comment• Comments generally bring new text to your post or page. This is liked by Google and the rank is improved and/or preserved.  I have examples of comments in my site about mountains with 250 words. My reply was of the similar size, which increased the size of the page by almost 50% for a single comment and reply. You may see such an example in my page about Marmolada mountain, and in the page about climbing Zugspitze.

• With (new) comments you get new keywords at your page/post. Why this is important? The answer is simple; your text is ranked by many keywords apart from the basic keyword which you have chosen for your text. You can see this if you go to Webmaster Tool (Search Console), details are described in my another page.

The funny thing explained there is that in such comments people use some keywords which I normally would not use. For example, in my page about climbing Mount Fuji, Webmaster Tool gives me a list of keywords for which my page was ranked, which includes even the phrase ‘hiking Mount Fuji’. This is surely not used by me for a mountain which is close to 4000 meters high.

• Having comments gives impression of an authority text. This may increase chances of having the text bookmarked, which is definitely good for ranking.

But having comments on regular basis is not easy to achieve. To have this you might consider joining Wealthy Affiliate. The reason: this is a great hosting platform with thousands of members, and it provides a nice feature (among many) of exchanging comments with other members, for free. These are not trivial comments of the type ‘hey great text, keep up’, etc. There are rules, comments must be at least 50 words, they must be relevant and to the point. See here more about it.

So imagine, having only a few comments and your replies may double the size of your post or page. This can only be beneficial for your ranking. Additional feature is that you can schedule the stream of comments, and this will keep your top ranking.

I have one perfect example on how comments work, described in a blog at Wealthy Affiliate. I had a post on the top position on Google page 2. So I requested comments through the described Comment Thread at Wealthy Affiliate, and received 5 comments. Naturally, I wrote replies to all of them, so the size of the post considerably changed.

Then I submitted the post to Fetch-as-Google in Webmaster Tool (Search Console), and it was re-indexed. I then checked incognito its ranking on Google and realized it was on the page 1, position 8 on Google. As you see 5 comments moved it to the first page.

The text which you are reading right now has reached the Google first page the third day after it was published. When I published it, it appeared on the third page on Google and it was moving up. I received a few comments and this was enough to propel it to the top Google page.

3. Engaging in social media

If you have your site(s), then you surely know the importance of the social media for the ranking and traffic. When you publish a new post you add it to such media like Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. So you will get some ‘likes’ and this is all fine and I am sure you are doing this.

But you might like to re-post your url at these media at some later time, say 6 months or 12 months later. This will bring you more traffic and more ‘likes’.

4. Make evergreen content

stay on google first page - a picture of evergreen branchesWhen you publish a text, regardless how good it can be, already after a year or two it will look obsolete to people. I know for sure that in many cases it is not really obsolete,  but that is the usual perception of people searching the Internet.

This is one of the reasons why the absolute majority of my texts in my sites are pages and not posts. Remember, posts  have date. You may find much more about evergreen texts here.

Now, you do not have to rush and change all your posts into pages. But if you really want to do so, then I can suggest you a plugin called pTypeConverter, which will do the job for you easily. When you are done you can simply deactivate it.

But you know well that posts have advantage with respect to pages in the sense that you can put them wherever you want within the site. You can put them at several places in the same time, with the same url. You can also add tags for comments, and this option is missing for pages, so they can be additionally ranked by tags.

So you might like to keep your posts as posts, instead of converting them into pages, but you may remove the date if you wish. There is yet another plugin for this, called Date Exclusion SEO. In the given link you will find the training on how it works and how you can install it.

5. Re-visit your posts and pages and improve them

It is always possible to make improvements. But do not overdo it. Yet, there are times when you are not inspired to write new texts, we all pass through such moments. Use them to improve the existing ones. In the process you might also get some new ideas about new texts.

Remember, you can change everything except the url of the post/page.

To summarize, this text explains how to stay on Google first page after you have arrived there. I hope you find it useful. I shall be happy to read your comments and thoughts, so please leave them in the box below. You can always contact me if you need help.

More about SEO and ranking you may read here:



  1. Bradley Boschma says:

    I like the fact that you are advertising on your site for online law school. I am an ALU graduate. Thanks for the information about how to keep my site at the top of google…I just have to get there first. I especially liked your idea to engage social media into my website, which I have not been doing. Thanks for the good advice.


  2. Hello Jovo! Great read and info!

    I have been struggling recently with burnout because I can’t seem to get my website monetized. Granted most of my content is “geek” news related (i.e. games, tv, entertainment). There has to be something though that can send my affiliate sales up.

    You article has given me some ideas of what I need to do in the future. A few changes that definitely need to be changed, some things that need to be removed, and things that need to be added.

    I appreciate the write up! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come to some sort of conclusion to my issue.

  3. Thanks for the information Jovo. I am new at this so I am looking for all the help I can get. I had not heard of long tail keywords before. Understaning how to get ranked on google as well as staying there seems a bit overwhelming. How long did it take you before you got the AH HA moment?

    1. There was not such a moment, it was just a slow process of learning after starting literally form zero. So I do understand how you may feel.

  4. Great words to live by on how to stay on the top of Google page one. Something important to keep in mind is that as time goes on, updating your current page and or post will help Google to see that your site is currently updated on all it’s content. By showing that Google has something to crawl for consistently you can continue to hold the rank for those keywords that you worked so hard for.

    CEO & Project Manager
    Nickel SEO

    1. Hi Benjamin, you are right of course. Though it may be difficult to update texts when you have some 200 posts as I have in my another site.

  5. Oscar Schult says:

    Thanks for your article Jovo.
    I conclude from your writing that a good starting point for an article would be to look for competition on the core keyword and build around it later. That surely makes it a bit harder but I hope gives better results. Am I right?

    1. Hi Oscar, it is important to start with a long tail keyword, which in the same time has a good core keyword that will start pushing at later stage by itself. So there is nothing harder, you are focused on long tail keyword as usual. The rest will come naturally.

  6. Merceadez says:

    Thanks for writing this article. It was very informative. I learned a lot about what long tailed key words were from you. Now I know how to incorporate them with seo, social media, and comments from my readers to help me stay on the front page of google. I now know that I have to create many pages that don’t look old to my readers.

    1. Thank you Merceadez for the comment. It makes me happy that you find it useful. Best luck.

  7. Hi Jovo… I’m so glad I found your page… what a lot of SO helpful information! I’m making sure I bookmark your site as I’ve still got a lot to learn.

    Thank you for spelling it all out in such an easy to understand fashion. You’ve mentioned things here that I had no idea about even though I’ve been doing the best I can. It’s great I can now add some of these other points into my strategy. Wonderful.

    1. Hi Marylin, thanks a lot. The text is just my thinking about this issue. Could not find anything on the Internet on how to stay on Google first page, although there are tons of material on how to get there.

  8. I foudn myself clicking on a lot of your links to your other articles while reading this. There is a lot of information ehre that can help me with my own website. It can be overwhelming at first, but hopefully if I stick with it, then I’ll start to get the hang of it better.

    1. Hi Devin, you are most welcome, and thank you for visiting my site. Best luck.

  9. Jovo,
    Having several post that are on page one of Google, I needed this information on how to stay on the first page.
    The comments section of Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. It brings in all the comments that you work toward, and 99 percent are relevant to the content of the page or post it is attached to.
    I will start using the re-posting on social sites for my older post to bring them back to life.

    1. Hi John, thank you. Great to have your posts top-ranked on Google. I have many as well and sometimes some of them slip to the second page, that is what prompted me to start thinking on how to keep them on the first page on Google.

  10. John Rico says:

    Hi there!
    Great post! Honestly I am not yet on the first page and my goal is to get there. However knowing how to stay in google first page is also important since every now and then new sites are being published.
    I have a question, I am just starting my website, how long should it take for me to reach the first page? Do you have any recommendation on what should I do to get there?


    1. Hi John, thank you for the comment. Regarding your question, nobody could give you an answer on how long it would take to get to Google page 1. The only recommendation from me is to follow SEO rules. See my page on how to improve page rank and other pages mentioned in the text.

  11. Hi Jovo.
    The task of writing pages or posts is actually not one of the difficult that we can find on the road as is the fact that your site remains in the first pages of google; It is something that at least 90% we have traveled this path. But the five tips that you raise that caught my attention is the comments that I have not given importance to this day; Thanks for the info and I will discuss in the near future.

    1. Thank you Renan. Great that you find the text useful. Yes, think about comments, they can help a lot in keeping you on the top.

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