Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal 2015


Do not miss Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal 2015! Join now.

First try Wealthy Affiliate in the next 7 days. It is free to join any time and you can have 2 sites built for free whenever you want and to stay as a free member as long as you want. But this is a special occasion: if you join as a premium member for Black Friday 2015 you will get huge discount, and something more, see below!




What is the point? Why to do this?

See some facts:

•Premium membership is normally $564 in total per year if you pay monthly ($47 per month). If you pay yearly you save a lot and you pay $359.

•But there is usually a special offer for Black Friday. See how it was last year 2014:

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday offer last year 2014.
Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday offer last year 2014.

•This is the best possible deal that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

•If you take advantage of this, then your yearly membership amount will be locked in regardless how long you stay as a premium member. This is thus a permanent best deal for you. If you do not believe see the notice I just received for my own yearly renewal:


So you realize: yes, I myself used the Black Friday deal in the past and I have this permanent best deal in place.

• This is less than $0.82 a day. So what do you really get for this? No point of repeating it here. You can have a look into my post about Wealthy Affiliate, and also here in my first post ever where I described how I started myself.


Join Wealthy Affiliate now and have my special bonus. So what is this about? Two things:

  1. I shall set up your Pinterest account for you. Many people have experienced difficulties in setting the account with Pinterest and you will need some help. Pinterest continues to be one of the most popular social networks and it is growing. This is a powerful tool for increasing traffic to your site. You will need it.
  2. You will have my help in choosing right keywords for your first 10 posts and pages. Is this a big deal? Trust me it is. You can be Shakespeare in writing, but without a good keyword your beautiful text will remain in the darkness of Google pages. In my site about mountains I have around 45 posts and pages on Google top page right now, so you will want to have my help.|

If you do not know anything about building a site, do not worry, you will learn it easily. But building it is very simplified at Wealthy Affiliate, see this video, it takes 30 second to have its basic structure:


Now when you have seen this, you may want to build it? Do it now, it is free. Just put the name of your site in the tab below. Yes, you will be asked to register, nevertheless it is free, no credit card number will be asked and this will remains so, no upsells:

Here is the latest news: the Black Friday official offer from Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Do not miss this opportunity.

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