Wealthy Affiliate Review – What Is It About


Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

My first encounter with Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

Some time ago, I had a rather unclear idea in my mind about making a website in order to write about things I like. So I was searching the Internet for the information. Tons of material is available out there, and frankly speaking I was getting more and more confused. But this all changed when I entered Wealthy Affiliate (WA) site, which looked different. Here I describe my experience and give a Wealthy Affiliate review. This is a first-hand information about WA.

Only at WA, for the first time, I found a complete course for beginners, and it was free, with clear and simple instructions on how to start building a site. So I signed and started the first series of 10 free lectures.Wealthy Affiliate review Believe it or not, already in the lecture 4, I had the basic structure of my site in front of me. This is now already a fully-grown site as you can see yourself.

This was my beginning, and here I give my opinion about WA, based on facts which can easily be checked.

You have seen my site, and you realize that I am building also this one, which is in front of you. If I was able to do this, then you should be able as well.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

I started as a complete beginner. Of course, I was already able to use computer, but I knew absolutely nothing about building sites and starting a business online. So, if you are a beginner as I was, take my word, this is the right place to begin with.

However, in the same time this is a huge community with thousands of people with a lot of diversity regarding experience, interests, and walks of life. So as you advance through the courses as a premium member, you will have a permanent support from real experts. You will realize, somebody is always present and ready to help, as I described in my very first post ever written, which is in this site here.

Wealthy Affiliate is a huge platform with a lot of activity. Members are from every corner of the world, and you will always have many of them at hand to ask for help if/when you are in problems. Just see how the front page of WA looks like, there is a chat line always available (see on the right), and questions are asked and answered 24/7.


Wealthy Affiliate review

What they really offer?

You may join as a starter or premium member. As a starter member you will have the following for free:

  • Two free websites within siterubix.com platform (yoursite.siterubix.com).
  • 10 lessons from Certification Courses, level 1.
  • 10 lessons from Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp, level 1.
  • Starting keyword research tool.
  • 24/7 support and help of thousands WA members.

Here is a bit more about what you may expect, and you may see some basic differences between the starter and premium memberships:


Wealthy Affiliate review

This is table taken from WA, I only wish to stress that the last item is not completely true. It is not one to one coaching, it is about following courses. But there is help available by members at any moment, and sometimes (but quite rarely) by WA owners.

Below, as an example, I give the structure of the first-level lessons from Certification Courses, which you will have as a starter member for free :

Wealthy Affiliate review

As a premium member you will pass through all Certification Courses, 50 lectures within 5 levels. Once you start you will see how steadily you transform from a beginner to an expert. Here is the list:

Just My Thinking

See below also what you get in the Level 2 from the Certification Courses:

Wealthy Affiliate review

These all courses are aimed at teaching you how to effectively build your own site and to start a business online, within the niche you choose yourself.

But this is just a small part of what is offered. There is a lot more and this includes:

  • tons of additional material (textual and video tutorials)
  • a powerful keyword search tool
  • permanent and top-class support, both from the WA owners and other WA members.


Weathy Affiliate Bootcamp

If you decide to build your activity by promoting WA, you have a unique opportunity to go through 7 levels of WA Affiliate Bootcamp, with 10 lessons each. The first level of 10 lectures is again for free as mentioned above. See below what these starting free lessons from Affiliate Bootcamp include:

Wealthy Affiliate review

This starting free level continues through premium membership and it includes higher levels, and here is the complete structure

Wealthy Affiliate review


Promoting WA is like participating in any other affiliate program, but there are some big differences.

  • First, as you realize from what is described above, you will be trained how to do this effectively, and you will have a lot of tool at hand, all existing WA video and textual material is available to you.
  • It is far more lucrative than any other affiliate program. See below some estimates of your possible monthly income:

Wealthy Affiliate review

Essential features of WA – nowhere else to be found


Wealthy Affiliate review


Regarding the item ‘Can you contact the owners’ which you see here, I would like to stress the following. As you see the answer is yes, but this is not jet another empty phrase. This is indeed how it works at Wealthy Affiliate, see some examples below:

  • You can send a direct personal message to the owners, and you can receive personal message from them. See one example in the picture here, the owner of Wealthy Affiliate sending me private message:

wealthy affiliate - a private message from Kyle

  • You can meet them in the chat session which you may see in one of the pictures above.
  • There is a platform for asking questions at Wealthy Affiliate, where you can get answers within minutes. And in a number of occasions I have been in situation to get an answer directly from the owner, Kyle. See one example of it, I asked something expecting some help from other WA members, and I got an answer directly from Kyle:


wealthy affiliate - Kyle answering my question


I think these examples show how it works. You are never left without help at Wealthy Affiliate.


As I said above, as a starter member you do not pay anything. For premium membership see here again what you get and what you pay for it:

Wealthy Affiliate review

fig110 Mar. 01 13.34

The price $0.98 per day which you see here is if you pay yearly. You save a lot in this case because this amounts to $359 only (as compared to 564 if you are on monthly basis), which is then less than $30 per month. 

Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate

There are many reasons why you should join Wealthy Affiliate if you are serious about your online activity, and some of them I have presented above. Apart form the mentioned access to Jaaxy, with 30 free searches as a starter member, as a premium member you will have an unlimited access to the Keyword Tool.

This is the tool I use on daily basis. With it I have manged to have 44 percent of my pages and posts in my site about mountains on Google first page. Read more about this excellent tool in a separate page here within the site.

Hidden Assets

I have already mentioned support you will have 24/7, both from technical stuff from Wealthy Affiliate and from other members. To really understand this, you should realize that this platform is global, on planetary level. Thousands of people are always there, available online either through Chat-platform or through Activity-platform.

You will have a permanent support, and you will never be alone when you need help. This is something that cannot be paid by any money, and you will need it. My impressions regarding this support I have partly described in my first text here within this site. Have a look you might understand how I felt when I was starting at WA and in the online business.

I just checked in my own profile page at WA, I have asked no less than 70 questions, see the picture here,

wealthy affiliate - my profile page with my number of questions and published more than 60 blogs within Wealthy Affiliate, practically all aimed at learning and exchanging experience with other members. I have participated literally by thousands comments in discussions with the WA community. Now, I am just one member of a huge platform with thousands (better to say tens of thousands) of members. So imagine the amount of activity and exchange of information that is taking place at WA on daily basis.

See one recent example – I needed help with banners, so I asked question:

wealthy affiliate review - example of a question by meWithin a few minutes I received an answer form a WA member, look how exact it was:

wealthy affiliate review - answer to my questionYou realize how efficient this community is. This is the place where you want to be if you are serious about site building and Internet marketing.

Hosting your site at Wealthy Affiliate

Do not be fooled with low prices for hosting that you can see at various places on the Internet. There are good reasons for such low prices. But, without exceptions, these hosting sites offer also various much more expensive options, and these you should check in detail and compare with what you get at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a piece of one article of Kyle, one of the founders of WA, where he makes a comparison. Have a look and then you will see what Wealthy Affiliate offers to you, some of benefits of hosting at WA are summarized in the following  picture:

wealthy affiliate - some features regarding hosting at WA

But there is much more to it, as you may see from this list:

wealthy affiliate - additional information regarding hosting at WA

I have my two sites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, the one you are visiting right now  and another one about mountains. I can only say that I plan to stay and use all the benefits they offer. I pay my membership, which includes hosting of course, on yearly basis, and  this is then below $30 per month. And I am in the process of learning all the time. So do some research and compare with other hosting sites.

Final opinion

This was my Wealthy Affiliate review, from my own experience. I can now only suggest you to go through those links provided here and decide yourself. Perhaps the best is to start with this first of the free lessons:

Wealthy Affiliate review

I only wish to stress again that what is mentioned as free in the text here, is indeed free. There is nothing behind it, no additional and unexpected up-sells. Try it and you will see.

In any case, I shall be happy to see your comments below.

So to summarize, here is what you might like to do:

  1. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me through my WA profile page here.
  2. You may register (for free) at Wealthy Affiliate if you follow this link.
  3. Once you have registered you may immediately start with free courses in the two separate groups, Certification Courses level 1, and Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp level 1.
  4. In the process you will build your site for free, this is just the part of training and you will build it yourself in a couple of days if you wish. I did it myself the same way.
  5. You may remain a free starter member as long as you want.
  6. But there is a BONUS if you decide to upgrade to Premium. Of course this is not free, but if you upgrade within 7 days you get a huge discount of 59% for the first month. This means you will pay only $19 for the first month. This is long enough to discover all what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and you will have a clear picture about your future plans.But remember within this 1 month you will have already one or two sites fully developed, with quite a number of posts and pages published. However if you do not want to rush, then join and stay for free as long as you need to decide. Once you decide to go Premium, do it on yearly basis, you will save a lot as I showed in the text above, no less than $205. This is how I did it myself.

Here is a YouTube video which you might like to see with a quick tutorial on how to build your site, by Kyle, the founder of Wealthy Affiliate himself. Have a look, it may change the rest of your life:





  1. I have recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and am loving it. At the moment though I am building up my site with quality posts. I am also working on getting a following at WA and on the social media sites. Right now I want to concentrate on one site. That way I know that I am doing my best to reach my financial goals and work at home.

    I do wonder though about the affiliate boot camp. Do you recommend that I first build up my site and then do the affiliate course? I don’t at the moment have time to do both and think in my best interest to just do the one for now. It does see, though quite appealing with the referrals. I did wonder whether it would be a good idea to put WA affiliate links onto my niche site. I would have to be subtle about it, but I could get sales through that.

    1. Hi Owain, I have passed all courses at Wealthy Affiliate, but I did Certification Courses first, and I did it two times.

      As for your question, when I started I was building two sites parallel, one on mountaineering and the other is the one which you are visiting now. So it is the matter of priorities, cannot say what is better.

      If you niche site is very different from the WA activity, then I think it is not a good idea to add links to WA.

  2. Tomas Bishop says:

    I just wanted to express my opinion by saying I was completely lost only a couple of months ago.

    I was chasing after get rich quick program that I thought would make me money, but only scammed me out of my time and money. I thought I was the problem for my lack of success.

    I just didn’t know what I was doing . I needed guidance and not the next hot business promising me big money with a click of a button. Wealthy Affiliate provided me guidance. I actually learned things instead of being sold a piece of software that apparently would spit put cash at will just by me turning it on… You know what I’m talking about. Wealthy Affiliate never hyped me up and had me thinking I was going to be the next millionaire. They just promised me knowledge. Profitable knowledge on how to create a website that makes money.. the choice is yours. I’d give wealthy affiliate a try, it’s free anyway.

    1. Hi Tomas, yes I can fully understand what you are saying, passed through the same process as you. As you rightly say, it is free to try. Many thanks.

  3. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start learning how to make money with website. I am too a Wealthy Affiliate member and I can say that for sure that it help me a lot, especially when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate and knew nothing at all. Everything at Wealthy Affiliate is taught step-by-step with video tutorials in simple layman terms. With great teaching, there is also great support and your questions will get answered quickly.

    1. Hi Steve, you describe Wealthy Affiliate very accurately, I could not agree more. Thank you so much for visiting my site.

  4. This is an extremely thorough review and really leaves no stone unturned. When you joined WA, did you head to bootcamp or start the regular training first? I’m a WA member and personally wanted to learn how to set up my own site first unrelated to WA and start making money that way before anything else. I then did move to bootcamp after, but then you get the added challenge of having too much to do. It is a great thing that you can contact the owners directly — it seems a rare thing that that happens normally in other membership sites.

    1. Hi Netp, thank you for the comment. Regarding your question, I passed certification courses, and then bootcamp but only partly.

  5. Jovo, this is the most incredible review i have seen on WA. I have been a member for a couple of years now. Though I have taken it slow i am progressing and your site has re-energized me. Great site and review.
    Thank you,


  6. What a fantastic and thorough review! I’m already a member but this is the exact information I was looking for when doing my initial research. The platform is indeed fantastic and will continue to get even better because Kyle and Carson (Co-owners) truly cares!

    I was skeptical when I signed up. I didn’t think it was possible to get this much help but it really is!

    You have highlighted many fantastic features of Wealthy Affiliate. Thank You!!

    1. Great to see your comment Melody. Yet another satisfied Wealthy Affiliate member, I am not surprised as this is the best place to start an online business. Thank you.

  7. Dave Sweney says:

    Thanks for the very detailed post on the Wealthy Affiliate educational site. From your ‘top to bottom’ review, It appears that the site covers every possible aspect of the basic and advanced process of getting an online marketing business up and running!

    You have convinced me, from what you have provided, that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to proceed!

    This is why I agree and add that Weathy Affiliate is the best solution…

    I have tried other programs and always been disappointed. I could mention the sites by name, but will not, because I do not want to mislead your readers/visitors. They would be wasting their time and money.

    For me, also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it was and is the best choice, hands down!

    As a fellow online marketer, I particularly like the chance to learn from other members that Wealthy Affiliate offers to members.

    It is like having your own personal mentor, because there are so many problems that come up as you go along, and you can get solutions on Wealthy Affiliate, and fast, as you point out…

    I would like to end this up with a few questions…

    (1) Do you feel that an online marketer can make enough money through affiliate marketing alone to be able to drop their normal 9-5 job?

    (2) If so, how long might it take, from yuor experience, if one works diligently at it daily?

    (3) Is it possible to build your online business through affiliate marketing and another aspect of online marketing, i.e. eBooks, selling educational courses, selling other disgital products concurrently, or is that too much?

    I know that a certain amount of success depends on the effort and effectiveness of the program you set up, but all this does take time…I am interested in ramping up the online aspect of creating wealth as quickly as possible…

    Thanks again for your excellent article and thanks in advance for your feedback!

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Dave, such a great comment from your side. Regarding your questions, here is what I can say from what I know now. (1) The answer is yes, I know people at Wealthy Affiliate who make a substantial income and who are able to drop the usual job. One particular example you can see here. (2) From the examples I know, one could speak about a couple of years. I am not yet there. (3) I am sure all these lines mentioned in your comment can be done in the same time, either on a single site or on several different sites. I know people who are able to run tens of sites, literally. I am the 2 now, the third is in the phase of developing.

  8. Hi Jovo,

    A very thorough review from you. This online platform must be very interesting as there are so many features you can use on a daily base.

    As you have mentioned in your review I think the community and the direct support from the founder Kyle are essential to building up a successful online business. After that, you need to focus on training in order to build up a broad know how. That really helps you being successful in your chosen niche.

    Keep up the great work Jovo.


    1. Hi Don, thank you. Indeed Wealthy Affiliate platform offers a lot and I am learning every day. So this is not just a site hosting platform, there is much more to that.

  9. Wooi I wonder where on earth you can get such an interesting online platform where you are only required to unlock your membership fee for only $19 as a starter membership and start to make online money with only $47 as a recurring membership fee. You mean you build your business with only $47 which is equivalent to Lunch for other people. People can even spend more than $47 for snacks, but here only $47 and you are done. Very interesting and great.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Divican, in fact when I signed for a premium membership I did it for a year, so I payed considerably less then the amount one pays when do this monthly. This is good to bear in mind.

  10. Wooi I wonder to start an online business with only $19 as my first unlocking amount awesome indeed. Oh where on Earth again will someone find an online empowering people like such. And from that only $47 as a recurring amount and I get all the tools required to set my online business. Free websites and trainings for only $19 thank God.
    Many Thanks goes to the co-founders of wealthy affiliate as early mentioned Kyle and Carson and I hope this community has awesome members who are able to assist and moreover ready to assist. I will never forget this wonderful blog.
    In conclusion Wealthy affiliate is the only online platform where you can succeed.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Yes indeed Divican, as you rightly said, Wealthy Affiliate was a great place for me as an absolute beginner. I have two full size sites running and I am still learning at this wonderful platform.

  11. How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate now Jovo? Have you managed to make an income yet?
    Just interested to know. I joined WA last week and I went Premium within a day. My only problem I am having now is where to find the time to suck up all the training and information! I am absolutely loving it. 2 websites up and running already and have an idea for another one. However I think I should just slow down and get through more training and focus on the 2 I have. The temptation is just too much to go wild.

    1. Hi Lynne, many thanks for visiting my site. So you have been at Wealthy Affiliate for one week and already two sites! This is amazing. I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for 6 months. I was ready for a long race as my site on mountains is not a particularly profitable niche, but this is my passion.

  12. Robert Lawrence says:

    This is a great post.

    I couldn’t agree more with you about what you said about who its for.

    Wealthy Affiliate works great because it is for both beginners and experienced marketers.

    There is every range of experienced people there so its truly for anyone.

    When I started I knew nothing about building a website and nothing about marketing. Now I’m very confident and earning a second income.

    Great review.


    1. Many thanks Robert, so you have passed through the same steps at Wealthy Affiliate and you know how great environment this is. I also started as an absolute beginner and I am confident I shall make something of it.

  13. Well this seems like a breath of fresh air – I’ve been looking into various marketing courses but I couldn’t believe the price involved with some of them.
    Are you sure this education is 100% free?
    Are all the tools I need included in the package?
    Will I have access to the websites instantly?
    Cheers for your help

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for the comment. Indeed all what is mentioned as free at Wealthy Affiliate is free, there is nothing hidden. Two starting set of courses, each containing 10 lessons are free and up to two websites, which you may build in a few hours. Signing for premium is voluntary and it really opens all possibilities for successful internet marketing.

  14. Hi Jovo,

    Your site is awesome. Very well written and professional. If I was not already a WA member I would sign up with you. Thank you..

    1. Many thanks William, great to read your comment. Jovo

  15. Anastasia says:

    Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself I know that is the best training program for newbies or for experts. They teach you everything you want to know about marketing. Great article Jovo. Wish you all the best

  16. That’s basically it. By following what Jovo review, step by step, and putting the effort in (no short cuts to success people), you can replicated his strategy with any niche.

    keep up your work.

    1. Thanks Robert, as you rightly say, good strategy and some hard work, recipe for success. Jovo

      1. Jovo, awesome! I look forward to hearing much more from you.

        1. Many thanks Robert, grateful for visiting my site. Jovo

  17. Hey Jovo,

    Nice site!
    I use to be a member of the WA, they have a good training program overall. If you interested in adding another income stream please get in touch with me. Available in 60+ countries worldwide.
    Good luck!

    1. Many thanks Jim, indeed WA is a great place. I started from zero. Jovo

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