Wealthy Affiliate Secret Exposed


Image with words 'online'.In this text you have Wealthy Affiliate secret exposed, and with this I mean that I am able to describe why this hosting platform has been so truly successful.

It turns out that this is all about rather elementary human psychology. Alfred Adler describes this as will to power, and he  developed the concept introduced by Nietzsche. You can describe this also by human natural desire for competition. But let me present this in simple terms.

The reason for writing about this is the following. There was a question recently within Wealthy Affiliate community about why people really choose Wealthy Affiliate web hosting. Members were asked to give only one major reason.

So indeed this was an interesting question, and after some thinking I myself have made up my mind about it, but not easily indeed. The reason being: after such a long period at WA, there are so many good sides of this site hosting platform to consider.

See below what my answer is and why you also might want to join Wealthy Affiliate.

[Bach – Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder (Matthäus-Passion)]

Community support

To understand my answer to the starting question about why people choose Wealthy Affiliate web hosting, you may have a look into my WA profile page:

My profile page at Wealthy Affiliate.
My profile page at Wealthy Affiliate.

As you may see, up to the moment of writing this text, I have published 101 blog at Wealthy Affiliate, and I have asked questions 93 times.

We are coming to the point. See the part of the list of my 93 questions, these are some of my most recent ones:

Some of my own questions asked within Wealthy Affiliate community.
Some of my own questions asked within Wealthy Affiliate community.

The numbers on the right show the amount of responses to my questions. This is the point, and this is the secret of Wealthy Affiliate. You are not alone. Somebody is always there to help. No one of my many questions has ever remained unanswered.

Why is everybody so helpful? Wealthy Affiliate exposed.

So is Wealthy Affiliate the largest Samaritan community on the Earth? Not really, it is about something else.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate obviously know human nature well. They have introduced something very clever: ranking of members.

People love to see themselves ranked high, regardless what this is about. Remember what I have said above, will to power, desire for competition. But this is all natural (read Adler for more). We all know how it works in sport, it is about competition.

See below the top of the list, top 10 members who have the rank of ‘ambassadors’ (there are 25 of them in total), the owners of WA are on the positions 1 and 2:


Top 10 Wealthy Affiliate ambassadors.
Top 10 Wealthy Affiliate members in the rank of ambassadors.


The Wealthy Affiliate system is organized in such a way that when you help somebody this is registered in the system and you get credits.

What does this mean? Well, people ask questions, others help and get some credits for this. There is also system of ‘likes’. So you guess, by getting ‘likes’ you improve your status.

But this is not all. Members are allowed to write

  • blogs (you have seen my number of blogs),
  • trainings, and
  • tutorials.

As you can imagine, this all brings credits and likes, your rank becomes higher. Very simple and clever. Besides, you get some small amount of money if you write a training or tutorial.

Above all new blogs and training written by members add value and new material to the WA platform. Here is one training of my own at Wealthy Affiliate, and here you may see one of my many blogs.

There are thousands of active members at Wealthy Affiliate, at all levels of experience. Many need help, and WA owners would need an army of personnel to support the members. But as you see there is no need for that. Answers to my questions shown above are from other WA members. But it is fair to say, I have answers from Kyle as well (one of the WA owners).

So, members support each others. This means far less work for Wealthy Affiliate owners themselves. All self-sustainable and efficient.

The fact is that some members want to help others because they were helped themselves. So as you see there is also a genuine desire to give something back.

This is why no other platform can compete with Wealthy Affiliate. The service you get here is excellent, the membership price very reasonable, no up-sells ever. A great site hosting platform, the best in fact.

When we become a bit more experienced in online activity, it is easy to forget how most of us feel lost when we start it for the first time. I described those feelings in my first post ever, which you can find within this site. It has left unchanged, I did not want to improve it, this is my first text and I wanted it to be as it was.

I am not a beginner any longer, but there are many details all the time where you need help. This is why my answer is: it is the help of the community which makes Wealthy Affiliate a truly unique place and this is the answer to the starting question mentioned above.

Regardless what you may think about motives which drive members to offer you help, this is a genuine help. I know it well, this is my own first-hand experience.

This is why you should choose Wealthy Affiliate web hosting if you ever decide to build a site and start an online business. To find out more about Wealthy Affiliate, please read my review

Do you want to try? Put the name of your domain here below and will have your site instantly. This is free and this is not a joke, you can have 2 sites for free, but you can become a premium member later if you wish so:

Why do they give something like that for free? This is again psychology in practice. They offer much more if you join as a premium member, and they know you will join, sooner or later. You do not have to, you can remain a free member forever. But I do not think that many remain in this status.

So, I hope you find this text useful. Is Wealthy Affiliate secret exposed enough in this text? Did you realize how this all works? If so try it yourself and please share this text with others.

If you have some question, or you want to leave me some comment, please use the comment box below, I shall be happy to read it. You can contact me at WA whenever you want. Thank you.




  1. Great review. Wealthy Affiliates is one of the best community marketing platforms out there but you would be hard pushed fi find a negative review about the program they offer due to the fact that everyone using it is bias in some way. Every review hopes to inspire others to sign us so they can earn a commision. Its not entirely bad though seeing as they do offer some great support.

    1. Thank you Mark, as I understand you are also a member of Wealthy Affiliate so you know the situation from inside. I realize you are able to see it correctly. Indeed I agree, this is a great place to build an online business but I have tried to describe how it truly works.

  2. Hi Jovo,

    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a few months now and I am considering using their hosting for my latest site.

    Just wanted to say I couldn’t agree more about the support, the way the community is set up really does encourage you to contribute and help others. I’ve tried a few different affiliate marketing training type & resource products over the past year but I am happiest with Wealthy Affiliate by far!

    1. Thank you Nate, great to hear from another Wealthy Affiliate member. So you have enjoyed the support of community as myself. All the best to you.

  3. Wealthy affiliate truely is a revolutionary way to build a sustainable online business where you can work from the comfort of yourown home. I really enjoyd reading this article as your writing is very personable and you realy draw out the main points of why wealthy affiliate is different to many work from home opportunities

    1. Thank you jazzy323, much appreciated. It is all about personal experience of course.

  4. Your Website Availability says:

    Thanks for this informative text.

    I myself have been involved with Wealthy Affiliate and can actually second what you rare talking about.

    I have tried to find sources for making an income online before and to be honest I was exhausted from searching all corners of the web for the best ways forward, hosting being one of them.

    What I like here is that you get everything in one packet with no requirement to go off searching for other material. Hosting, training and tuition is all rolled into one nice package which makes building a business much easier.

    Great website and thanks again for the information.


    1. Hi Chris, so you are also a Wealthy Affiliate member, then you know well what I am talking about. Thanks s lot.

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