What Is EasyAzon Plugin And Why You Should Avoid It


I have been using EasyAzon for some 10 months or so, and have had plenty of time to see how it works. So what is EasyAzon plugin? In this text, you will find out that it may be best to avoid it. Keep reading.

Stop sign.

Why I was using EasyAzon

My main reasons for trying this plugin, which I paid more than $50 as far as I remember, were to have redirect option to local Amazon stores and to show updated prices for products I was reviewing. I must say that I had a few sales through several Amazon stores, like the German and UK branches, so the plugin in principle worked.

Yet, practically all of my buyers were from the USA, so in practical terms it was useless, but I am not blaming the plugin for this. The prices were indeed shown updated, so this option also worked. But…

What the problem was

I used the plugin in the following three ways:

  1. Text Links.
  2. Info Blocks.
  3. EasyAzon Images.
After several months, I realized that the options 2 and 3 would not appear in posts. This was a shock, and it was even more so when I realized that sometimes even the Text Links were sometimes missing. So my products reviews were without any affiliate link.

Typically, this was happening when the connection was slow, but from my experience, there were no clear rules. Sometimes the Text Link would appear and sometimes not. My impression was that this was becoming more and more frequent.

To realize what I am talking about, please see the following image with the piece of the code for an Info Block (the option 2 mentioned above):

The piece of code for the Info Block.
The piece of code for the Info Block.

I was using Info Blocks to have the price shown to visitors, and I was adding it mostly in the Specifications section because of a lot of free white space on the right-side of the page. But see the result:

The Info Block is missing.
The Info Block is missing.

So the Info Block was missing. The situation with EasyAzon Images was even worse. I used to have blocks of several of them, typically 4 (in one row) or 8 (in two rows). But they would rarely appear, if ever.

So I contacted EasyAzon. In reply I got instructions to clear cache and to try again. I did, no effect, and then I replied if I had to ask the same my visitors to do in order to see my beautiful EasyAzon links.

Later, I asked again, and in reply from Dec. 2nd, 2016, they wrote that the issue was forwarded to developers. I have never heard from them after that.

A few more things to add

♦ I am pretty sure that pages and posts in my sites were loading far slower whenever they contained any of the items 1-3 mentioned above. So I am sure that this was affecting the number of visitors to my site. They would simply give up and try another snippet on their search result page on the screen. Do not have any direct proof for this of course.

So, I went through all my posts and pages and removed Info Blocks and EasyAzon Images, keeping only text links because they were enough for the purpose if showing the price (when you hover over such a link). However, I could still see the difference in the load time for posts with EasyAzon’s Text Links and without them.

♦ After removing EasyAzon Images, I used Amazon Native Shopping Ads instead. They would always appear in posts, no matter of connection speed.

♦ I used to use direct links to Amazon.com (for US visitors) together with EasyAzon Text Links, side by side. This was after I became aware of the problems with EasyAzone. When the latter would not appear, the direct Amazon.com links were always there.

What next

Well, I am now going through my 3 sites removing all EasyAzon links. This means far above 400 posts. One thing is certain: this plugin will never again be in any of my sites. In my view, this is a harmful tool.


Do you remember the starting question: what is EasyAzon? I do think this is supposed to be a very useful plugin, and partly it worked in my sites. I had prices updated and clearly visible for my visitors (when the plugin worked). I have no personal reasons to write against this product as I am not promoting anything as an alternative to it. I am only very disappointed. Earlier I blogged about it at Wealthy Affiliate and my blog is available here.

What I am presenting here is my own experience. If EasyAzon plugin is working for you, this is great, I have no issues with this. All I can say is: keep an eye on it and make sure it works, otherwise remove it as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading. If you think this text might be useful to others, please share it. In the case of questions and comments, please use the comment box below. Have a nice day



  1. Kristi Ambrose says:

    Hi there

    I also used the plug in and I also have a few issues with it – personally.

    I started using the plugin because I follow a few of Chris’s blogs and it sounded like a really good plugin to have. I mean it DOES save you time, even though the plugin doesn’t offer all of the options it should (like multi choosing of images instead of one image at a time).

    However, I did have a few issues with the plug in itself and the company.

    1- The support is awful. At first when I was having issues with how to work the plugin I tried to contact support and kept getting 404 errors. Hm. That’s weird.

    2- When I did finally get to support using an alternate link, well, they aren’t too helpful at all. Sometimes they become defensive when you question them about something. This is not a good business practice. Don’t make your customers feel stupid, EVER, for asking a question.

    3- Most importantly; Before I started using Easy Azon I was making $150 a month. Not too great, but hey, it was something and something to build on. The SECOND I started to use Easy Azon, not only did I notice a decrease in sales, but traffic. I was averaging 40,000 unique visitors a month. My traffic went way down to 30,000 unique views – in just a month. In that month of trying Easy Azon I also made $35 one month and in February $0. That alone, was enough for me, to realize something was awry. I won’t say that they were stealing sales. But, something was and is definitely wrong with the plugin.

    4- I mentioned I wanted a refund and it clearly states on their website its a 60 day refund. But the support lady insisted it was 30 days. Uh. No.

    Because of ALL of these reasons, I decided to get a refund (which I am told I will get) and remove Easy Azon.

    But, after deactivating the service, I noticed what you noticed – all the links and images I got from the plug in are now invalid links. The images show the Easy Azon coding and the links show a different link format too.

    I always say when it comes to a company, that “maybe in the future Ill try it again” but this is definitely on my list of “never try again” list.

    I would rather take an additional 10-15 minutes to create links manually, than ever use or be associated with Easy Azon again.

  2. I am fuming to be experiencing the same thing with the awful plugin Easyazon.

    I have just made some changes to review blog posts from months ago, only to discover to my dismay 80% of the Easyazon inserted images with affiliate links have just vanished!!

    I am about to email and ask for my money back from the plugin. This piece of shi* plugin has now cost me hours in time, and no doubt countless amount of lost potential revenue.

    My advise is to avoid this badly coded plugin like the plague.

    1. Sorry to hear this. Yes I believe you, I was so disappointed with it that I even did not ask for money back, assuming they would find ways to avoid it. There must be many cases like ours. I know for at least one more case. It will never be in my site again.

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