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If you type the phrase what is keyword research tool in Google search bar, you will get a number of snippets, and one of them is from Wikipedia. You will read there that Google offers a free keyword search planner which allows you ‘to do some basic keyword analysis’. Indeed, what you get there is basic. To do some more advanced keyword search you need a real keyword research tool. I use two of them:

Below, I am going to say a few words about why having such tools is essential for any online business.

What is keyword research in SEO?

First to say that SEO here stands for search engine optimization. An answer to the question in this section title you will find in the same Wikipedia link. So, keyword research is a practice which you apply to get information about actual search terms which people use when they try to find something in search engines.

Why is this information important to you?

Well, if you know which search terms people use, you will be able to adjust and optimize your text in such a way that search engines show your snippet to the person who searches for a certain search term. This is what the mentioned search engine optimization means in practice.

With a good search engine optimization you will be able to rank well in Google and people will be able to get to your texts. Keyword research is an important part of SEO. But, to be successful in finding good keywords for your texts, you need a good keyword research tool. Now you see how all these things are interconnected and important.

In writing this article I was using the two keyword research tools mentioned above. It looked bad when I started looking for a proper keyword. With the phrase which is presently in the title, I get 3110000 (indeed, more than 3 million) results form Google. This looks completely hopeless, but in fact this is not your true competition in Google.

When I go to the bottom of the screen and check the actual last page that Google gives, I realize that I have ‘only’ 242 results listed there. Note, these data change all the time, just to know if you decide to check from your side. So this is still a lot, but those are not all sites with the exactly the same key-phrase.

Using those keyword research tools I was able to find out that there were only some 17 sites with the exact keyword (key-phrase). Now, this looks promising, and this is why I have decided to choose it. This number 17 describes what is known as competing pages.

Some existing keyword search tool

  1. Jaaxy (30 free searches).
  2. Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate (only for premium members).
  3. WordStream keyword tool (30 free searches).
  4. FreshKey.
  5. Soovle.
  6. Ubersuggest.
  7. Google Keyword Planner.
  8. Competitor Source Code.
  9. YouTube Keyword Tool.
  10. Long Tail PRO.
  11. Bing Keyword Research tool.
  12. Ninja Search Combination Tool.
  13. WordPot.
  14. WordTracker.
  15. Keyword Discovery.
  16. MajesticSEO.
  17. SEO Book Keyword Tools.
  18. KeywordSpy.
  19. KeywordEye.
  20. SEMRush.
  21. SpuFu.
  22. KGen.
  23. SEOprofiler.
  24. Keyword Archer.

As you realize, the list is long and most likely far from incomplete. I am not going to speak about all of them, this is not the topic here. Some of these tools are free and some are not. But in fact the majority are rather useless for a proper keyword research.

To get an idea about some of these tools, and to see essential differences between them, you may try a key-phrase in some of them. So if you go to WordStream and use the title of this post you get this:

No results from WordStream Keyword Tool.
No results from WordStream Keyword Tool.

By the way, the same ‘zero’ outcome I get from the tool 14 in the list, the WordTracker, try it and you will realize this. No surprise, these are not true keyword tools which you might need to do a proper job.

Example using Jaaxy and WA Keyword Tool

But see now what I get from Jaaxy for the same phrase:

Results obtained from Jaaxy for the same key-phrase.
Results obtained from Jaaxy for the same key-phrase.

In fact, what you see in the picture is just a small part of the data I obtained from Jaaxy. There is far more to that.

Here is what I get from the Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate, you see my search phrase, the same as in the searches above:

Results obtained from Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool.
Results obtained from Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool.

Obviously, the results form Jaaxy and WA Keyword Tool are the same for the given key-phrase. Both tools are enormously useful and powerful. As I said above, I use them, and presently I have 60 posts and pages from my site about mountains ranked on the top page in Google, and 165 out of 181 are ranked in the top 3 pages in Google. See more details in this picture:

Ranking of my posts and pages from the site Mountains for Everybody.
Ranking of my posts and pages from the site Mountains for Everybody.

So these two tools work really well for me. Now, the WA Keyword Tool is not free, but if you become a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, you get this wonderful tool included in the package. Just follow the given link to find out more.

I can of course explain the meaning of all these terms which these tools give. But for the WA Keyword Tool you may have a look in my another post, so no need to repeat the description here.

Regarding the picture obtained from Jaaxy, Avg is monthly searches for the given key-phrase, Traffic is an estimate for daily traffic you can expect for the given key-phrase if you rank on the top page in Google. Trust me, with such a great tool this becomes truly easy. QSR denotes ‘quoted search results’, i.e., the number of competing pages for exactly the same key-phrase. QKI is the keyword quality indicator, green is great, red is to avoid.

Obviously, there is much more, like Site rank which you may see in the Jaaxy toolbar above, but I am not going to describe all details here.

In fact I have a better idea: try it yourself. You have 30 free searches, so choose some keyword or key-phrase which interests you and see what it gives. It will ask you to register, but this is just a short formality. So here it is, try it now.

Apart from the 30 free searches, you have two possible paid options with Jaaxy, PRO is $19 per month, and Enterprise is $49 per month. There is no much point speaking in detail about this all here. I think you should try it first and see yourself what this powerful tool can give you


So to summarize, after reading this text you should have some idea about what a keyword research tool is, why it should be used, and which keyword tool is the best for you. I have presented two of the existing tools which serve me very good. Jaaxy is free to try, so do not miss your chance, try it now.

I hope this text has been useful to you. If this is so, please share it with others on your favorite social media.

If you have any question you can contact me through my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate, or through the comment section below. I shall be happy to read some comments from you and to answer any question. Thank you for reading this text.



  1. Garth Wright says:

    Keyword research tools sound extremely helpful!

    SEO seems a little less complicated with the help of these tools, and when you can gauge how much competition you have, you can targert easier keywords that can still get a substantial amount of traffic!

    I particularly like jaaxy keyword tools because they implement the alphabet soup tactic that’s saved me alot of research!

  2. Hi Jovo

    Thank you for the giving out information on keyword tool. That is a very long list of key word tools. Am surprised Jaaxy come tops. Why? Because is gives more comprehensive key word research than any other keyword tool.

    The pricing is also fair and give you the best alternative for you. I encourage everyone to try it.

    1. Hi Jonathan, you are obviously familiar with the Jaaxy keyword tool. Yes, I agree with what you are saying, this is the best tool available on the market. Thank you.

  3. Jovo – We just launched a brand new keyword research tool at nozzle.io. I’m looking for some experts like you to review the software. Would you be interested in getting free access for a review?

    1. Hi Derek, this sounds like an interesting offer. Keyword tools are essential and I would love to have a look. What are my obligations?

  4. Afees Alli says:

    Hey awesome website. You are the first person that I have come across that mad a website about SEO tools. Thanks for the information on your site. I tried using a couple of the ones you have on you list, but honestly I still think that jaaxy is the best.

    1. Hi Afees. I was writing these texts in order not to forget. Many of them were a part of my own learning. So I thought they might be useful to others. All the best to you.

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