What is the Best Social Media Platform for a Business


If you are running a site you surely want to know how to grow a business with social media. So what is the best social media platform for a business? Read here about my own first-hand experience.

I guess this about social media is a matter of preference and choice, so there is no way one can tell you what the best is for you. So I shall say a few words from my own experience and the rest is up to you.

When I started my online activity a number of years ago, I followed a series of lessons at a site hosting platform where I still keep my sites. This is a great place to learn how to build a site and grow your online business. So one part of the program was about social media and how to use social media to drive site traffic.

Now, I have never been good in this, in fact I have never had a social media account before this. Frankly, I am quite unsociable and feel this is not for me. But being a good student, I followed lessons and the tasks that I was supposed to do as a part of the course.

So I have started Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Flipboard. Do you still remember the mentioned Google Plus? Google abandoned this media several years ago, and recently they started Keen. So yes I did put a few “keens” even on this new social media thing which they built very similar to Pinterest. But so far, this has had no effects on my sites at all.

How about Flipboard? Do you even know about it? I used it when they started, and I had some dramatic increase in traffic for a couple of days, then nothing after that. Eventually, I abandoned it completely.

I also stopped using Instagram. They did not allow more than one link, and this is in your profile page only, I guess this is still the same. This makes no much sense to me.

What are my social media results?

Presently, I keep adding my stuff to several pages on Facebook, then on my account on Twitter, and on Pinterest. I totally dislike this activity, and this is probably why I have such bad results, more below. I know that this works for many but this is not for me, I have no time to hang around and to go from one FB group to another.

But indeed I have seen what others are doing, and some people are very successful with social media. One person at the mentioned platform recently blogged about a tool for adding pins to Pinterest. Apparently, the authors of the tool (this is about Tailwind) discovered that people in average pin 28 pins per day. Can you believe this? Now imagine, this may mean that some people pin 50 times per day. So this must be a full time job then. Where they find time and enough pins to do this? In fact, I commented there something of that type.

So here is what I have in one site, the traffic generated from Twitter and Facebook is next to none. But traffic from Pinterest is far better, though this holds for this site only. This is for one of the recent months:

My site's traffic sources.
My site’s traffic sources.

Don’t ask me why my performance on Bing and Yahoo is so poor, I have no answers. But as you realize, Pinterest is working exceptionally well for this site. Here is a table showing the results for social media only:

My social media traffic.
My social media traffic.

So the only thing that works is Pinterest, you have seen the number of sessions on my site in a month period from Pinterest. Note also that views of my pins on Pinterest are currently very high. Below you see this for the same site:

Monthly views on Pinterest on one site.
Monthly views on Pinterest on one site.

Although this site performs great on Pinterest, it is fair to say that not a big percentage of Pinterest viewers really come to my site.

Am I an expert for Pinterest traffic?

Now, this all should tell you that I know what I am doing and that I am an expert for Pinterest traffic generation, right? But the problem is, I do not know why it works as it works.

You see, I have several other separate accounts on Pinterest, for my different sites, and none is even close to this. In fact, all of them combined are far below the numbers you see above. However, even in these sites, Pinterest is far better than the other social media platforms.

What exactly I do on Pinterest

I publish a new post in my site and then add a few pins in its Pinterest page, I have many different groups of pins there. So, how many pins do I add for each new post? It can be anywhere between 1 and 5, and this is it. Sometimes I do create specific pins by following their rules regarding the size, but most of the time this is just a product picture from my site, and this can be any size.

Note, I do the same on all mentioned accounts, but the results are completely different. So it will remain a mystery to me why this is so.

Is following people on Pinterest essential?

In the same successful site, I “follow” only 15 people, but I am followed by 1500, not bad. I guess I pressed “follow” somewhere in the beginning and this was all.

I do not really participate in anything there. Hey, I am not bragging, what I am doing is not an example to follow. I am just describing what is happening.

Final thoughts

So what is the best social media platform for a business? You have seen how it is at my side, but I am not a great example. All in all, my results may be summarized as follows:

i) Pinterest works great for one of my sites, and in other sites it is better than the other social media.

ii) All other social media effects on my sites’ traffic are completely negligible, and for me this is just a waste of time. Note that this does not have to be the same for you. So try them all and see what works.

I know this may be different, I have seen people reporting about good traffic generated from social media. But my story is a bit different, and no doubt it is me to blame. I rely on organic traffic and this will unlikely to change any time soon. I am reasonably good at SEO.

One comment is worth adding, Pinterest is hardly a social media. My understanding is that this is a sort of a search engine. But you have seen in the pictures above that Google puts it together with the other social media.

How is this at your side? Let me know, there is a comment box below. Thank you for reading.


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