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WordPress Links Widget - wp logoThere may be situations when you want to have links in your WordPress sidebar, either ordinary or affiliate links. For this you will have to create a WordPress links widget which will contain a list of your links. You do not need any plugin for this.

The process consists of two parts:

  • Editing your lists of links in the usual way within a separate page or post.
  • Adding the code of such a list of links into your WordPress text widget.

a) Editing a list of links in a post

1. Go to your dashboard and open a new page or post, you may give it any name. You will not publish it, but you may keep it for future if you want to make changes in the list of links which you are going to make now.

I have made a list using the usual itemization from the WordPress editor, and here is how it looks like in Visual mode:

WordPress Links Widget - making list in a post

As a demonstration only, I have added links to the first and the third item in the list, that is why they are in red. This is all rather straightforward.

2. Now I switch to the Text mode in the WordPress editor and I see this text which corresponds to the one on the picture above:

WordPress Links Widget - taking code from Text mode

In this particular case, as you may see, these are ordinary links, but they may be your  affiliate links as well. This is my code which I shall need in the text widget. All what is left to do is just to copy the code.

b) Adding the code of the list of links into sidebar WordPress text widget.

3. Now I go to Appearance, and then Widgets as you may see below on the left. Next, I add one empty ‘Text widget’ to the list of widgets on the right.

Just my thinking- widget menu

Text widget menu







4. After having one new Text widget in the sidebar, positioned where I want it to be, I can open it and type in some title. You may see it below, I made the title ‘Important Links’.

Now I paste the code prepared above, so the widget looks like this:

Prepared widget with the code

I do not need those extra sentences ‘Some text if needed’, so I remove them and keep the list items only.

Sidebar in the final shape
5. All what is left to do is to save it and exit. The result which appears in the sidebar in my site you may see here on the right.

So this was a rather simple way of making a WordPress Links Widget. The result is a nice list  in your sidebar with some (or all) elements in the list being links, either affiliate or ordinary.

Within this site I give a lot of details related to WordPress, like these page about images and the one on how to insert link in the post. If you like to read on how to start an online business, read my first text ever, written when I was building my first site at Wealthy Affiliate.

Please leave some comments in the box below, I shall be happy to read and to answer any question.



  1. I have just begun building my first website with WordPress. I have found this tool to be quite easy to use. It offers a lot and you can make great looking sites with this.

    I am always finding new ways to improve the look of my site to make it look more inviting and appealing to my readers. And this looks like something that I can use. In the past I have been concerned with editing the code, as I do not want to ‘break’ my site. You have made this look easy and I will have to brainstorm how I can utilise this for my site. I will bookmark this post for future reference. Thank you for a detailed post.

    1. Most welcome Owain, it makes me happy realizing that the text has been useful to you. I am always writing about stuff I use myself in my sites, so this is always first-hand experience. All the best to you.

  2. I found your widgets link information on this page really useful. I found the screenshots particularly helpful and I was able to follow the directions you’ve provided because of these – thanks for sharing.

    I’m wondering if I use too many affiliate links on the widgets, will this affect my Google ranking?


    1. Hi Nusrat, Google does crawl everything what is on your page. But if you provide a useful information for visitors then links should not be a problem.

  3. Hello, I did exactly these steps on my website but my homepage sidebar doesnt get updated. I created a text widget that say “Latest Post” and add a clickable photo and placed it on my sidebar. It doesnt show the latest text widget on my homepage but other pages and posts on my site shows the updated text widget. Do you have any suggestion how to fix it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Pitin, I am afraid cannot say much without more information.

  4. Hi I appreciate your article on widgets in a wordpress site.
    The screen shots are very helpful. I also like the look of your site. It is clean and easy to read. There are no distractions. Do you think there can be too many widgets in the sidebar? Some might think it would be too spammy

    1. Hi Loretta, thank you for the comment. Yes there can be too many widgets but strictly speaking I do not think that search engines care about it. They care about good information.

  5. G.C.Horton says:

    Very clever way to make a list widget in the sidebar of a wordpress site. Very clean looking too.

    Thanks for laying the process out so clearly. You’re very good at teaching the ways of WordPress.

    Do you always include a list of links in your sidebar? Why would you recommend it?

    Thanks for a great tutorial.

    1. Hi Gary, thank you for the comment. I did this after seeing several people at Wealthy Affiliate asking about this feature. So I even wrote a short training about it. It can be useful but I do not have it right now in my sites.

  6. Nice tutorial on how to add widgets. This is the same method I use to go about it on my wordpress site as well, so I can attest to it’s effectiveness.

    The screen shots you use in this post are a really helpful visual when learning how to do this. Thanks!

    1. You are welcome Jess, thank you for kind words, this means a lot to me.

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