1. curlyflash says:

    Hi Jovo, I am new to the wordpress world. I just did not realize the importance of tags. After reading through your blog, I see that they are very important indeed and will go back to my own blog and start tagging. We can all use more traffic to our websites and by tagging the pages it will improve our ranking in the Search Engines for the keywords that I feel are relevant to my post, picture or page. Thank you for making things so clear on your website. It has been a good help to me.

  2. Great article Jovo. It’s good to know that tags can make such big difference in ranking.

    1. Thank you Erik. I have seen examples which show their importance, so I decided to use them as described in the text.

  3. Hi Jovo
    Great article. I didn’t know that tags were that important to ranking of sites. I have not been using them myself since I though they could not add value to tanking of my posts.
    The plugin you’ve talked about seems to be a good one and also looks like it could really simplify the process.

    1. Hi Boniface, thank you. I was behaving the same way as you. But as you have seen in the text, some successful people in Wealthy Affiliate community have been using them. So do not overlook them.

  4. Thank you for this post Jovo. Your insight is always right on!

    I have used tags in WordPress but I admit to being a little sloppy about it. I have not done proper keyword research when adding tags. This article woke me up about that and I will do a better job in the future.

    Do you enter tags in the All in One SEO section below the editor or do you leave those blank? I have never been sure just how to use that section so any tips would be appreciated.

    Great job with a very helpful post.

    1. Hi Tom, many thanks for the comment. Regarding your question, it seems you are asking about meta keywords or meta tags. No I do not use them ever, this is redundant because Google is explicit about it, they do not consider them at all. Some themes (perhaps all) allow you to actually remove this option, so this tells you how unimportant it is.

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